The Royal Court of the East Kingdom

The East Kingdom is guided by its royalty, selected in a semiannual tournament.

Their Royal Majesties:

Sovereign - Ioannes Serpentius (Email)

Consort - Ro Honig von Sommerfeldt (Email)

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The Royal Court

  • The Royal Chief of Staff - Baroness Amarie de St. Denis(Email)
  • The Royal Event Coordinator - Countess Fortune Sancte Keyne(Email)
  • The Royal Webminister - Lady Astrid Eiriksdottir(Email)

The Sovereign Champions

  • Sovereign's Archery Champion - Julian Ridley
  • Sovereign's Arts & Sciences Champion - Jan Janowicz Bogdanski
  • Sovereign's Bard - David Anthony, The Foxy Bard
  • Sovereign's Equestrian Champion - Viscountess Gwenllian Rhiannon of Dragon Keep
  • Sovereign's Rapier Champion - Master Donovan Shinnock
  • Sovereign's Champion of Arms - Sir Arne Ulrichsson
  • Sovereign's Thrown Weapon Champion - The Honorable Lady Safiya al-Naghira

The Consort Champions

  • Consort's Archery Champion - Master Aleksei Dmitriev
  • Consort's Arts & Sciences Champion - Lady Sugawara no Naeme
  • Consort's Bard - Lady Agnes Marie de Calais
  • Consort's Equestrian Champion - Lady Cathain Reiter
  • Consort's Rapier Champion - Don Robert of Anglespur
  • Consort's Champion of Arms - The Honorable Lord Dimitrios Alexandrous
  • Consort's Thrown Weapon Champion - Lord Durin Bastian