The Royal Court of the East Kingdom

The East Kingdom is guided by its royalty, selected in a semiannual tournament.

Their Royal Majesties:

Sovereign - Magnus Tindal (Email)

Consort - G. Emerson True (Email)

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The Royal Court

  • The Royal Chief of Staff - Countess Chatricam Meghanta(Email)
  • The Royal Event Coordinator - Molly Schofield(Email)
  • The Royal Webminister - Lady Áine inghean uí O'Tuathail(Email)
  • The Royal Heirs' Chief of Staff - Vitalia la Soliel(Email)
  • The Royal Heirs' Event Coordinator - Vienna de la Mer(Email)

The Sovereign Champions

  • Sovereign's Archery Champion - Eanraig the Bonesetter
  • Sovereign's Arts & Sciences Champion - Baroness Cellach Dhonn Inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh
  • Sovereign's Bard - Taliesin Peregrinator
  • Sovereign's Equestrian Champion - Lady Angelique de Conte
  • Sovereign's Rapier Champion - Millicent Rowan
  • Sovereign's Champion of Arms - Sir Arne Ulrichson
  • Sovereign's Thrown Weapon Champion - Master Llewellyn Walsh

The Consort Champions

  • Consort's Archery Champion - Peter the Red
  • Consort's Arts & Sciences Champion - Syr Culann mac Cianain
  • Consort's Bard - Sir Estgar æt Hrofeceastre
  • Consort's Equestrian Champion - Elisabeth Crandall
  • Consort's Rapier Champion - Don Gerhardt von Hohensee
  • Consort's Champion of Arms - Baron Fearghus mac Cailin
  • Consort's Thrown Weapon Champion - The Honorable Lord Thrainn Steinsson