Tyger Clerk of the Signet

The Tyger Clerk of the Signet is the head of the East Kingdom College of Scribes.

All official Kingdom-level award scrolls that are decided by the Crown are coordinated through the Signet office. The Signet assigns the scroll to a volunteer artist (or group of artists) who have registered with the College of Scribes. The scrolls are then delivered to the Crown by the scribe(s) and presented by the Crown to the recipients.

In addition to coordinating the production of scrolls and keeping related records, the Tyger Clerk promotes the development of calligraphers, illuminators, and wordsmiths in the East Kingdom.

The Signet Office organizes classes and gatherings. It also publishes resources for scribes such as the East Kingdom Scribes Handbook. There are Regional Signet Deputies who help foster the scribal communities in their respective regions and connect scribes to each other. The Signet Office also has a New Scribes Deputy who is dedicated to helping new scribes become confident and contributing East Kingdom scribes.

The Tyger Clerk does not handle scrolls for Baronial or other local awards, though it does endeavor to support the scribes who do those projects as well.

College of Scribes Website: https://signet.eastkingdom.org