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Important Notes for Calendar Approval

Once an event is submitted, the calendar system emails your branch seneschal at, asking them to review the submission and approve it for inclusion into the East Kingdom Event Calendar. When the Seneschal clicks on the ‘approve’ button, the Event is visible on the calendar immediately.

If your event has not been published yet, contact your group’s seneschal. DO NOT resubmit your event to the calendar. This will create a duplicate entry and will not get the event to show up any faster.

The calendar system also sends an email to the contact address provided by the submitter, which allows you to update the event details in the future.

For additional information about submitting your event, please contact

*For a full explanation of this process, please click here.

Type of Announcement:


The event steward's legal name, SCA name, phone and e-mail address are required for an announcement to be published in Pikestaff for the month in which the event is occurring. Event Stewards who do not wish to display this information on the website can send the information directly to the Editor for inclusion in Pikestaff only.

A valid email address for the event steward is required for the update and password reset systems to work correctly.

Event Basics

Event start date: This item is required
Event end date:
Country: This item is required

Event Details

This is the main event announcement. You may be as descriptive as you like. Please do not press "Enter" or "Return" at the end of each line, only at the end of each paragraph.

Be sure to enter your real email address, as without a valid email address the update and password reset systems will not work.

Event AcknowledgementsThis item is required

If you have any questions, please e-mail the Calendar Team.

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