Mudthaw: From the Four Corners **UPDATED**

TRM will be in attendance TRH will be in attendance

Hosted by Barony of Settmour Swamp - Manville, NJ

Event date: March 29th, 2003

Event Last Modified: March 24th, 2003

Event details

The feast for Mudthaw is SOLD OUT as of 10:30 AM Monday, March 24th.  All those pre-registered should recieve Express Troll slips in the mail.  All on board reservations recieved in the mail after today will be put on a waiting list for the feast.  You may check with the troll when you arrive to find out your place on the list.  If you have a question about your reservation, please contact the Autocrat at

A day of Feasting, Fighting and Revelry with entertainment and diversion from the four corners of the known world.

9:00 AM Site Opens
10:00 AM Fencing List Opens
10:00 AM Heavy Weapons List Opens/Armour Inspection Begins
10:00 AM A&S Area opens for display
10:00 AM Youth Fighter List Opens/Armour Inspections
11:00 AM Fencing List Closes
11:30 AM Heavy Weapons List Closes
11:30 AM Fencing Tourney Begins
11:30 AM Youth Fighter List Closes
12:00 PM Heavy Weapons Tourney Begins
12:00 PM Youth Fighter Tourney begins
2:00 PM Queen's Tea
4:00 PM Please pick up A&S Items
6:00 PM Troll Closes
6:00 PM Bardic Challenge (During Feast)
8:00 PM Revel
10:00 PM Site Closes

Marshall in Charge- Lord Jeremiah McCoul (James Hitesman 908-229-3158/ 49 Cedar Rd.  Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889)

There will be a standard double elimination tourney beginning at noon.  Armour inspection begins at 10:30 AM and the list will close promptly 11:30 AM.  All those who are interested in helping marshall the tourney should please contact the Marshall in charge.

Marshall in Charge- Xavier Matejka (Steven Mateyka

Due to spatial constraints, the tourney this year will be in a Round Robin style format.  The number of fencers will determine the number of pools.  New fencers are encouraged to fence in the tourney or at least come and do pickups.  This format is great for new fencers.  You get to meet new people and fight them!  Plus, its a lot of fun!  Every one in the list will hopefully have a chance to fence everyone else in the list.  The list will open at 10:00 AM and close at 11:00 AM.  The tourney will begin at 11:30 AM.

Marshall in Charge for Youth Fighting:  Draguin atte Maeldun
(908) 732-7393

We will also be having a youth fighter's list at Mudthaw this year.  This will be run by Draguin atte Maeldun and will begin at 12:00 with inspections beginning at 10:00 adn the list closing at 11:30.  Come and see some of the Kings and warlords of tomorrow. 
Note to all participants and parents:  Every child under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian with them who will remain on site throughout the day.  Minor's waivers and Youth Combat Informed Consent waivers will need to be signed for each child participating and we request that you supervise your children the ENTIRE time they are participating in these activities.

This year, a list card will be required to enlist in any of the tournaments mentioned above.  This list card can be aquired either by pre-registering for the event or at the troll when you arrive.  You will be unable to enter a list without this List Card.  If you wish to pre-register for the event, simply include your intention to fight along with the other information requested.  You will then receive a list card in the mail along with your express troll form.  This will allow you to proceed immediately to the express troll for check-in, and off to the field you go!  If you do not wish to pre-register please arrive in time to troll in, receive your list card and prepare for the tourney.

There will be a Bardic Challenge during the feast as entertainment for their Majesties, their Highnesses and the general populace.  Works from the four corners of the known world are encouraged but this will be a competition for Original Works Only.  The winner will be decided by Queen Isabella.

If you would like to enter please send the theme/words/music for your piece along with a small piece of documentaion in with your reservation.  If you would like to perform during the day as well, contact the Baronial Bard at

There will be an Arts and Sciences display with a theme of the Four Corners of the Knowne World--Northern Europe, Southern Europe and North Africa, Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Western Europe.  Please feel free to bring one item from any one, or all four, of the corners of the world if you wish.  Our gracious Baroness, Mistress Paigan Crawford, will confer honor on the item from each corner she finds most exceptional.Artisans and Scientists are encouraged to write one to three paragraphs explaining the origin, function and construction of your items.Everyone is encouraged to bring tokens to bestow on the items you find
most exceptional.  Setup will begin at 10:00am and items should be picked up before court.

Everyone is invited to the Queen's Tea.  Artisans and Scientists are encouraged to come stand next to their items and explain them to those attending the Queen's Tea.
For more information about this display, please contact Mesterinde Anarra Karlsdottir (Terry Neill,

Site Opens: 9 AM
Site Closes: 10 PM

Event Location

Manville VFW Post 2290
600 Washington Avenue
Manville, NJ  08835-1857
Google Map


Take your best route to I-287 in New Jersey (Rts 80, 78 or 22 to I-287
South, or NJ Turnpike to exit 10, or Garden State Parkway to exit 129,
follow signs for Route 440 south/I-287 North).

From Route 287:  Take exit 12 (Manville/Weston Canal Road).  At the bottom of
the exit ramp, turn left.  Go approximately 3 miles, the road will turn to
the right and cross over a small bridge.  At the T-intersection, turn right
onto South Main Street (Route 533 north).  Go through one light; at the
second light, turn left onto Camplain Road.  At South Sixth Avenue turn
right.  **Go to the end of the street, and turn left onto Washington Street.
VFW Post #2290 is immediately on the right.  Please park to the left of the

Alternate directions from the south:  take Route 206 into Hillsborough.
Travel north past Amwell Road (Route 514), and the K-Mart Plaza.  Go through
the light at Valley Road, and turn right at the next traffic light onto
Camplain Road.  *Take Camplain Road to South Sixth Avenue, and turn left.
Follow from ** above.

You can also travel south from the Somerville Circle (Routes 206/202/22/28).
Go past the Days Inn, past the Days Inn, and at the traffic light turn left
onto Camplain Road.  Follow from * above.

Registration Fees

The fees will be $10 per person over the age of 18.  This will include a complementary Day Board provided by Lady Brigid.

For Children between the ages of 3 and 17 the fee will be $6 per person.  There will be an additional $3 fee for Adult Non-Members; proof of membership will be required at the door.  Proof of membership consists of your Membership card OR a recent pikestaff with your name on the subscription.

Babes under the age of 3 will not be charged an entrance fee for the event, but as always, waivers MUST be signed for ANY child under the age of 18.  A parent or legal guardian MUST accompany children under the age of 18.

Large families with children under the age of 18 will pay no more than the fee for 3 Adult fares with Feast.
Reservations will be received until March 15th 2003.

The Feast will be $8 per person over the age of 18 and $6 for children between the ages of 3 and 17.

On Board $18 Per Adult
Off-Board $10 Per Adult
($3 Surcharge for Non-Members)
On Board $12 Per Child
Off-Board $6 Per Child
Babes-3 Free
Maximum Family Contribution $54
Non-Member Fee $3 per person

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc / Barony of Settmour Swamp

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Elizabeth Green
1608 W.  Front Street
Lincroft, NJ 07738
(732) 300 0303

Robyn Bauman -
Gabrielle & Harel Rosen

Send Reservations to:

Please send mundane name, address, phone number and membership number for everyone in your party to:

Mudthaw 2003
C/O Elizabeth Green
1608 W.  Front Street
Lincroft, NJ 07738

Don't forget to include fighters pass requests!!

You will receive express troll slips in the mail along with fighters passes along with any other information you will need.  Please don't forget to bring your express troll forms and List cards with you to the event

Other Contact Information:

Arts and Sciences:
Marshall of Fence