Lyndhaven A&S Championship

Hosted by Shire of Lyndhaven - Richmond Corner, NB

Event date: March 9th, 2024

Event Last Modified: February 8th, 2024

Event details

A&S competition for the Shire if Lyndhaven Championship.  If you are participating in the competition please email Lady Inga Thorgansdottir at with your intent to enter and how much space you will need. 

If you would like to teach a class please email

The Shire of Lyndhaven Triad A&S Championship
Lords and Ladies,
We, Lady Inga Thorgansdottir, Shire of Lyndhaven A&S Champion and Úna of Lyndhaven, A&S Minister for the Shire of Lyndhaven invite you to participate in the Shire of Lyndhaven’s Triad A&S competition, to take place during the first month of the coming New Year.
Who this is for:
Unlike the people’s choice competition at Middleground this event is for the experienced artisan or new artisan who would like a challenge.  Members of the Order of the Laurel and their apprentices are highly encouraged to enter.
The rules for the competition are as follows:
1.  Your entry must include three distinct items, or one item made with three distinct and different processes.  For example:
• A woven belt, necklace, and a leather bag that a persona might have owned.
• A garment made with your own hand-dyed and hand-woven textiles.
• A box that was build, painted, and carved by yourself.
2.  The items must be related in some way.  For example:
• Items may be the same style of item but taken from 3 deferent eras.
• Three items that a person may have had as accessories.
3.  One of these processes must be a new or newer skill set that you are trying to develop.
4.  Documentation must accompany your entry.  Documentation should not be more than three pages, not including the cover page and the bibliography.  Please include the following:
• You SCA name
• A summary of the item(s) you made.
• Why you decided to make the item(s).
• The era or eras the items are from.
• The location the item(s) may have been found.
• The culture(s) or type of person would have used it and how they would have used it.
• How the object was made in period, and how you made yours.
o If you used non-period tools, supplies, or techniques, explain why.  (Cost, safety, accessibility, skill, etc.)
• What did you learn or discover during your creative process, or what challenge did you have to overcome?
• What was your new skill?
• Bibliography.  Include any books or websites you used.
o One of your sources should be a primary source.

Site Opens: 11 am
Site Closes: 8pm

Event Location

Haynes Community Centre / Richmond Corner Rec Centre
855 Route 555
Richmond Corner, NB  E7M 5B8
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Registration Fees

Pre-registration until March 2, 2024:

Adult:  $10
Youth:  $5
Babe in arms:  $0
Family Cap:  $40

NMS:  $5

At gate:

Adult:  $15
Youth:  $10
Babe in arms:  $0
Family Cap:  $50

NMS:  $5

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc.  Shire of Lyndhaven

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Ùna if Lyndhaven (Emily Donnelly)

Send Reservations to: