East Kingdom Crown Tourney

TRM will be in attendance

Hosted by Barony of Carolingia - Topsfield, MA

Event date: November 4th, 2023

Event Last Modified: November 3rd, 2023

Event details

The Barony of Carolingia is pleased to welcome the populace of the Great East Kingdom to the Crown Tournament of Matthias Grunwald and Æsa feilinn.  Join us for a day of fighting and pageantry, as the next heirs for the kingdom are chosen. 

The site is an indoor turf arena, so November weather will not be a concern.  Note that the site has bleachers for spectators, and has asked that we limit the use of chairs directly on the turf to avoid damage to the surface.  If you aren't fighting, please plan on watching from the bleachers, or standing on the field. 
Note that the bleachers are wheelchair accessible via a ramp, and there is space to park a wheelchair or mobility scooter on the lower level.  We also plan to have limited space on the field (using carpets to protect the turf) for people who are mobility impaired and will have trouble getting into the bleachers.  If this is you, feel free to bring a chair and sit in that location.  Please do not plan on using this space unless you need it, so we have enough space for those who do. 

The list of combatants for the tournament can be found here:  https://seneschal.eastkingdom.org/fall-crown-tournament-list/?fbclid=IwAR3R7MjRNU_aO4b6AmpyvRpaCqF6BqBv1rAE-4a91ZKbnjPBHQW-_RxdrQQ

Details on the tournament format can be found in the linked Google Doc.  Note that the pools will be two-handed weapons only, such as greatsword, polearm, and spears.  Combatants will fight everyone else in their pool.  Weapon forms do not have to match and combatants can mix/match between fights as desired.  More information here:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MfTWW2y48B0-5J1TMHLPmWmAjUJ7JSJu94b7oE2ElbU/edit?usp=sharing

Note that the site does not allow outside food inside the arena due to town Board of Health restrictions.  They will be operating a snack bar with typical sports stadium food available for purchase, such as pizza, hot dogs, candy, and sodas.  They accept electronic payments through Venmo, but suggest bringing cash as a backup because 'Internet coverage can be spotty when there are a lot of people.' They are OK with 'tailgating' if you want to bring your own food and eat it outside.  Fighters may bring appropriate snacks and drinks to consume while competing.  Likewise, no alcohol may be consumed within the facility or visibly in the parking lot, and there is no smoking in the facility.  They ask that food, sodas, etc.  be kept off the turf to protect the field, even if purchased from them. 

Merchants are welcome and there will be no additional fee.  There is space off the main field for merchants to set up.  Please let us know if you plan to merchant at the event. 

The schedule for the day is as follows: 

9am:  Site opens for staff and setup
9:30am:  Gate opens
10:45am:  Lineup for Procession
11:00am:  Procession and reading of the rules
12:00pm - 4pm:  Tournament
5pm - 6:30ish:  Court
8pm:  Site closes

Note that in addition to the Tournament, we will have youth activities, and an A&S Display being coordinated by Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot. 

Interactive A&S Display
There will be space provided for artisans to bring a project and sit with it to answer questions and discuss their topic with all who are interested!

We are not requiring sign ups for this display, it will be first come first served for the three 4' tables we have available.  If you wish to bring your own table, please contact me so I can make sure there is room.  I can be reached via email at aaradyn.ghyoot @ gmail.  com.  You will need to bring a chair. 

If you would like to display and specifically want feedback on your project, I will have available cards that you can display with your work letting the populace know of your wishes.  I respectfully ask that those who wish to give feedback to the artisans displaying respect the use of the Feedback Card.  Some artisans just want to show their work, others may be looking for critique.  We need to respect our artisans' wishes.  Unfinished projects are welcome!

Youth Activities
Youth Point at Crown Tourney will be open 10-3 during the event.  Feel free to drop by.  Please know that parents / guardians are expected to stay with their youth to help maintain the 2-deep leadership.

Activities will include
11 AM Dragon fight with pool noodles

Ongoing activities:
-Help us paint a new Youth Point banner
-jewelry making and wire work activities
- scavenger hunt with prizes
- jousting game
- coloring and paper crafts
- pipe cleaner crafts

Site Opens: 9:30 am
Site Closes: 8pm

Event Location

D&R Indoor Sports Arena at the Topsfield Fairgrounds
207 Boston Street
Topsfield, MA  01983
Google Map

The event site is accessible per the East Kingdom Accessibility Porter's Checklist.


Take your best route to the Topsfield Fairgrounds. 

The site manager said to enter through the gate marked Lot A, then head toward the Arena where D&R has their own parking lot.  We will have SCA signs up to guide you to the right place. 

When you get to the lot, you can pull up near the entrance to drop off gear if needed.  When you park, please park tightly in their lot.  They should have plenty of space to accommodate us if we do, and we'll avoid being charged to overflow into neighboring facilities. 

Note that when you come to gate, there will be an express line for fighters, consorts, and marshal / MoL staff who are preregistered.  Fighters, there will be a designated space for you to leave your gear, chairs, food and drink, etc.  just off the field. 

Registration Fees

$25 per adult with a $5 member discount
No charge for children under 17

Online reservations are now closed. 

Day-of registrations are fine.  Cash and checks will be accepted at gate. 

Make Checks Payable to: SCA MA INC.  Barony of Carolingia

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Valerian of Somerset (John Voloudakis)

Send Reservations to:

Pre-Registration is available via PayPal.  Mail-in reservations will not be accepted. 

Other Contact Information:

Merchant Coordinator
Kara Irini Bint Todori (Irini)