The Quest for Wit & Wisdom XXXVIII

Hosted by Barony of Settmour Swamp - Pittstown, NJ

Event date: May 26th, 2023 - May 29th, 2023

Event Last Modified: May 22nd, 2023

Event details

The time has come!  Let Don Quixote’s journey bring you to the Barony of Settmour Swamp on May 26!  The time is late 16th Century Spain.  An eccentric Spanish Lord by the name of Alonso Quijano has become obsessed with the Chivalric Romances of Old and decides to become a knight, sallying forth, to fight for all that is good and true.  He re-names himself Don Quixote de La Mancha and, with the aid of his trusty companion and valet Sancho Panzo, heads out into the world on his adventures.  His first stop on his journey this day is to a local Inn, where he becomes convinced the landlord is a king protecting a mighty castle.  Quixote asks a boon, that the inkeeper to offcially name Don Quioxte a knight.  In an effort to hurry Don Quioxte on his way, the innkeeper tasks the adventurer with discovering the six knightly virtues.  Only then will he be a true knight.  To complicate matters futher, Don Quixote has made off with the barber’s prized shaving basin, believing it to be the famed Helmet of Mambrino, and he will only give it up to those he deems worthy of it’s magnificence.

Thus begins the Quest for the Knightly virtues (And one shaving basin) , in which each team is tasked with discovering the 6 knightly Virtues, those of Courage, Wisdom, Honor, Generosity, Mercy and Humilty.  Once a team proves themselves worthy they will be able to complete their quest by finding and knighting Don Quixote and retrieving the “Helmet of Mambrino” which they can return to the poor barber!  Come prove that your team is the worthiest of all!

Baronial Championships:
This year the Quest for Wit and Wisdom again includes the opportunities to compete in order to represent our wise and witty Baron, Orlando Sforza and his talented and hardworking consort, Baroness Charis d’Accipiter.  The following Baronial Championships will be held on Saturday May 27:

●Heavy Weapons Champion:  The tournament Format will be as follows:
Don Quixote de la Mancha, a Spanish middle-aged gentleman who had a dream of bringing chivalry back to its original glory, starting from transforming himself into a knight.  His challenging quest started after reading multiple books on chivalry, romance and fantastic characters.  These sparked a purpose in his heart and marked the beginning of a journey.
So will your quest begin similarly.  To enter you will let us know what sparked your purpose.  Also bring a tribute to the Barony’s own Dulcinea, Baroness Charis or “Don”cinea, Baron Orlando.  (This can be anything, good words, a flower, a poem, a slightly used handkerchief, or any other small object.)
Like Don Quixote, our journeys can be full of adventure and the paths can be quite different.  To start, you may choose your own weapon form.  This will be either double elimination or round robin based on the number of people.  The top four will advance.  In case of a tie for fourth place, fighters will fight single one-handed sword.
Don Quixote was nothing without his squire and companion Sancho Panza.  For the semis, you will be fighting as the brave squire who would stand by his knight with nothing but a dagger.
Perhaps the most famous scene of Don Quixote is when he jousts windmills.  There is an elegant absurdity to this.  For the finals, you will fight with spears.
(Loaner spears, daggers, and gauntlets can be supplied for those who do not have them.) Winner must be willing to take on the responsibilities of the office.

●Arts & Sciences Champion:  The competition will be judged by the Baron and Baroness, with the guidance of a popular vote.

In honor of our Baron's fondness for flowery prose, artisans will be asked to describe their entry with the passion of Don Quixote encountering the object for the first time.  Whether bewilderment at the novelty or admiration of the craftsmanship Don Quixote would surely have a strong opinion of your work.

An artisan's row will precede official judging.  Judging with their Excellencies will be at 4pm on Saturday. 

●Rapier Champion:  Tentative Format will be: 
Round 1 (based on the opening scene of Ogniem i mieczem) Something of a bar fight.  Two fencers seated opposite each other, on lay-on they need to get out of their seats and fence.  "Extra points" (similar to not spilling your drink last year) for getting your opponent out of the door (which will be marked).
Weapons - bring your best

Round 2 (how many fencers are part of this will depend on the pool, and based on the siege of Zbara) will be essentially fencing in a tunnel.
Weapons - bring your best

Round 3 (what I'm perceiving to be finals, based on the climactic duel between Michał and Bohun) will be best of three with curved sword.
Weapons – curved sword

Winner must be willing to take on the responsibilities of the office.

●Archery Champion:  The time has come to take up the fight for all that is good and true, or at least help Don Quixote de La Mancha get a good start on his quest for discovering the 6 knightly virtues.  Though he “needs no help”, Don Quixote’s companion Sancho begs to differ.  Sancho fears he is not up to the challenge of protecting Don Quixote, and asks for assistance that only an archery champion like you can provide.  You are tasked with providing assistance from a distance in the many battles he will fight on his quest!

Format (Points based):  3 challenges await; two rounds of six arrows/ bolts, and one round timed.  Participants will rotate through all three challenges and total points win the day.  The tournament is open for all populace members to participate in, no matter rank or experience level or age group, but the Baronial Archery Championship will be chosen from the highest scoring participant willing and eligible to take on the responsibilities of the office.

●Thrown Weapons Champion:  Axes:
Windmill Challenge:
Help Don Quixote defeat the treacherous windmill giants.

Rescue Sancho:  Help save Sancho from the villainous bandits.

The Golden Helmet of Mambrino:  Don Quixote wishes to test the Invulnerability of the legendary helmet.

Tournament will run all day.  Tiebreaker if needed at the tournament time on the schedule.  Winner must be willing and able to take on the responsibility of Baronial TW Champion.

Tentative Weekend schedule:
Fri 5/26: 
4:00pm:  Site opens
Gate Friday:  4-8pm

Sat 5/27:
Gate open Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm
10:30am Archery and Thrown Weapons setup
11:00am Archery and Thrown Weapons open
11:00am Shopping opens
11:00am Heavy authorizations begin, be in armor at this time
11:30am Heavy weapons inspections open
12:00pm Kubb tournament begins
12:00pm Heavy weapons tourney begins
1:00pm Artisans' Row opens
1:00pm Arts & Sciences Competition opens
1:00pm Heraldic Consulting open under the pavilion
2:00pm Fencing Champions tourney begins
3:00pm Brewing Competition begins
3:30pm Archery Competition begins
4:00pm Arts & Sciences Champions Judging
4:30pm Thrown Weapons Competition begins
4:30pm Heraldic Consulting closes down
4:30pm Artisans' Row closes down
5:00pm Archery & Thrown Weapons close
6:00pm Shopping closes
6:30pm Feast begins

Sunday 5/28:
Gate 10:00am-3:00pm
8:30-11am Breakfast
11am-12pm Primitive Fire Starting class hosted by the Forester Guild (also a chance for those who are interested in the guild to ask questions)
11am-4pm Heraldic Consulting open under the pavilion
12:00-4:00pm Don Quixote’s Quest
5:00pm Baronial Court
6:30pm Pennsic Camp Planning meeting

Monday 5/29:
11:00 am Site closes

Site Rules:
● Pets:  Pets are permitted, and must be kept on a leash at all times.  Certain areas will be off limits to pets.
● Alcohol:  No alcoholic beverages may be brought on site.  There will be a site-run bar available, and open until 2:00am.  This policy will be strictly enforced by event staff.  Anyone in violation of this policy will be removed from the site.
● Pond:  There is a pond on site but is NOT for swimming.

Children are most welcome, but please supervise your children at all times.  Anyone under the age of eighteen must be accompanied to the event by a parent or legal guardian.  The SCA youth waiver policy will be enforced.


For those of you who do not camp, there are two near-by hotels in Clinton, New Jersey.
Hampton Inn Clinton (near the Walmart)
16 Frontage Drive
Clinton, NJ 08809
TEL:  +1-908-713-4800
111 West Main Street
Clinton, NJ 08809
A Walmart is approximately 3 miles from the site on Route 513.

Site Opens:  4:00 P.M.  Friday May 26
Site Closes:  11:00 A.M.  Monday May 29

Site Opens: 4:00 P.M.
Site Closes: 11:30 A.M.

Event Location

Clinton Elks Lodge 2434
211 Sidney Rd
Pittstown, NJ  08867
Google Map


Take your best route to Sidney Road in Pittstown.  It is readily accessible from I287, I78 and NJ22 and NJ202.

Registration Fees

PayPal Pre-registration:

A PayPal invoice will be generated within 24 hours of the online preregistration information being submitted.  Online preregistration is not complete until the PayPal invoice has been paid

The gate will be as contactless as possible.  Therefore we ask you to MAKE RESERVATIONS IN ADVANCE and paid either by check or EK PayPal online if at all possible. 
All online Reservations must be received prior to May 16th, 2022. 
WALK INS will be permitted on the days of the event but we request that you pre-register online if at all possible to limit contact and to make gate check in as efficient as possible. 
If you must walk-in then please bring a CHECK for your registration fees as no cash will be accepted.  Make Checks Payable to:  SCA of NJ Inc., Barony of Settmour Swamp

Registration fees:
Adult Member, Friday-Monday:  $35
Adult Non-member, Friday-Monday:  $40
Saturday or Sunday only, Member:  $25
Saturday or Sunday only, Non-member:  $30
Feast Saturday:  $12
Merchants' fee:  $5
Youths 17 and under:  Free

When you enter the site, the Quest staff will be checking for the following:
• Attendees aged 18 and up must also show government issued ID or proof of SCA membership.

You cannot enter the site until you gate in.  If you arrive after gate closes, you will need to wait until gate opens in the morning to enter the site.

Merchant Fee:  $5

Food & Drink:
The Elks Lodge has a full bar on site.  They happily supply beers that are pleasing to our group.  As a result, outside alcohol is prohibited and is in violation of our contract with the site.  Please do not bring your own alcohol!

A tasty and Mediterranean inspired feast will be offered on Saturday evening, May 27.  The purveyor of the feast will be Lady Hallðöra Svidbalki. 

The cost of the feast will be $12.00.  It will be available to 100 gentles.  FEAST IS NOW SOLD OUT

Feast (tentative menu):
First Remove:

Marqah Ḥabb al-Rummān wa al-Aruzz al-Maqlū (V)
Aromatic Soup with Pomegranate Seeds and Rice:  This soup will have a long-grained rice base with pomegranate seeds and spices including cumin, ginger, and sesame seeds.

Manti (V)
Little Canoe Dumplings with Spinach and Cheese filling:  These little canoe-shaped pies will be filled with spinach, feta, and onions.

Būrānīyah:  of Būrān
The Caliph’s Wife’s Eggplant and Lamb Stir-Fry:  This dish contains fried eggplant sauteed with chopped lamb, onions, coriander, ginger, and cinnamon.

Tatbīl al-Qanbīṭ (V)
Cauliflower with Tahini-Walnut Sauce:  This dish’s main feature is the sauce, which packs robust flavouring from tahini, walnuts, mustard, mint, and caraway which is then drizzled on the cooked cauliflower.  The star of the sauce though is aṭrāf al-ṭīb which is a 15th-century spice mix containing spikenard, betel leaf, bay leaf, nutmeg, mace, cardamom, cloves, rosebuds, ash tree fruit, long pepper, ginger, and black pepper.

Second Remove:

Dajāj ‘Amrūs
Grilled Chicken in Yogurt:  This dish contains thinly sliced chicken sauteed with
coriander and onion and cooked with a plain yogurt sauce.

‘Ujjah min Ghayr Bayḍ (V)
Spiced Chickpea Patties:  This dish is a perfect vegetarian, protein-packed, crunchy delight.  It contains smashed chickpeas mixed with onion, coriander, and pepper which are then fried.

Couscous (V)
Couscous will be cooked in vegetable stock and mixed with flavourful herbs.  This dish will serve as a base to put the other dishes on.

Tabboole (V)
Tabboole is a salad with a burghol grain base mixed with parsley, mint, and onion with a lemon juice and olive oil dressing.

Assorted Fruit Sherberts (V)

Dairy and vegan fruit sherberts with flavours like orange and lemon.


Sharāb Na′nā′ (V)
Zesty Mint Drink:  This simple drink is made with mint, basil, lemon, and sugar.  It serves as a refreshing mint tea/lemonade-like drink.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA of NJ Inc., Barony of Settmour Swamp

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Eva Vach Wyltt mka as April Villone.  Email:  This is my preferred method of contact.

Telephone:  201-803-1022 :  If you wish to speak on the phone, please email to arrange a set time to speak.  I work full time and am often in Teams/Zoom meetings and will not be able to pick up the phone.  So it is best to arrange a time so that I am available when you call. 

Send Reservations to:

Reservation checks may be sent to:
Lisa Smith
7 Hillside Ave
Mine Hill NJ 07803

All checks must be made payable to SCA NJ Inc./Barony of Settmour Swamp.  Please include modern name, SCA name and membership numbers, if applicable, and dates participating in the event.

The East Kingdom PayPal link to pay for this event is:

A PayPal invoice will be generated within 24 hours of the online preregistration information being submitted.  Online preregistration is not complete until the PayPal invoice has been paid.

Other Contact Information:

Volunteers are always welcome! 

The Director of the Quest is Lord Úlfarr Gylðir (  You can contact him at if you wish to assist with the quest.  There will be plenty of objects to build and move.

The Mistress of the feast is Lady Hallðöra Svidbalki.  You may contact her if you wish to assist in the kitchen. 
The Heads of Gate are Lady Aiden an' Bheithir (Jennifer Lenahan-Herdman on Facebook Messenger) and Lady Dyrfinna Hyldabrandsdottir (  You can contact them to volunteer for a gate shift.

The Mistress of Arts & Sciences is Lady Natal’ia Bolotnikova (  You can contact her regarding Artisan’s Row.
The Arts & Sciences competition will be run by Lord Bjarni a’ Bheithir (  You may contact him with any questions you may have. 
Merchants, after registering please contact Eva Vach Wyllt at to coordinate your needs.