Iron Bog Investiture/East Kingdom Equestrian Championship and Baronial Rattan and Rapier Championships - 2nd UPDATE!

TRM will be in attendance TRH will be in attendance

Hosted by Barony of Iron Bog - Swedesboro, NJ

Event date: June 10th, 2023

Event Last Modified: May 27th, 2023

Event details

Greetings to the Good People of the East Kingdom.  Hear now the news from the Barony of Iron Bog.  Their Excellencies, Master Declan Gobha and the Honorable Lady Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin, Baron and Baronness of Iron Bog have decided to retire to their country estate and pass the baronial seat to their heirs Master Andre l'Epervier and the Honorable Lady Genevra d'Angoul√™me.  Thier Royal Majesties, Brennan IV and Caoilfhionn IV are holding the East Kingdom Equestrian Champion's Tournament. 

The Last Baronial Court of Baron Declan and Baroness Aibhilin will be held in the morning.  In the afternoon, there shall be the First Court of Baron Andre and Baroness Genevra.  Further, to celebrate this momentous occasion, the Barony of Iron Bog will host both their Baronial Rapier Championship and the Baronial Rattan Championship tournaments during the day.  Both fighting areas are under the Balloon Ring with a 100-foot ceiling.  So, weather should not be an issue.  Their Majesties' Royal Court shall be held after the day's tournaments. 

At the start of the rattan and rapier tournaments each combatant must inform the MOL if they intend to fight to be Iron Bog's Champion.  The tournament is open to all gentles who live in Iron Bog or any of the lands that touch Iron Bog's boarders.  You may ask for permission by Their In-coming Excellencies if you live beyond the sounding landed groups.  You are not required to fight to be champion if you do not want to and can still win the tournament.  The combatant who is fighting to be a champion that goes the farthest in each of the tournaments shall be come Iron's Bog's newest champions.

The Rattan Tournament will be up to (3) Bear Pits for 3-hours.  You are award (1) point for entering the list and (2) points for each win you have until you died.  Wounds are retained between each fight.  Double kills result in both combatants dying and (2) new combatants enter the lists.  There is a (5) win cap each time you enter the list.  At the end of the 3-hours, the top (4) combatants will go into a best out of (3) single elimination round.  The finalists will fight best out of (3).  The combatant with the lowest total points chooses the first-round choice of weapons, the other finalist picks the second-round choice of weapon, and each brings their best if there is a third round. 

The Rapier Tournament will be based on the number of fencers who attend the tournament to ensure maximum fighting for the day.

Site Opens: 9:00am
Site Closes: 9:00pm

Event Location

Gloucester Dream Park Equestrian Center
400 Rte. US 130
Swedesboro, NJ  08085
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The event site is accessible per the East Kingdom Accessibility Porter's Checklist.


The event is being held at the Dream Park Equestrian Center, 400 Route 130 South, Swedesboro, NJ.  The Main Indoor Ring is handicapped accessible and has air-conditioning.  So, the equestrian, rapier and rattan tournaments will go on regardless of the weather.  This site is just minutes south from the Commadore Barry Bridge in Swedesboro, NJ on US 130. 

Registration Fees

ADULTS:  $25.00 with Membership Discount to $20.00
CHILDREN:  Age 10 to 17 - $10.00
CHILDREN:  Newborn to Age 9 - $00.00
There is a $25 per night hookup fee for RVs.  Arriving on Friday and leaving on Sunday morning is considered 2 nights.  There is No Tent Camping allowed.  There is no charge for trailer parking in the designated lots. 
Reservations should be in by June 3, 2023, but walk ins will be allowed on the day of the event. 

Competitors with horses must pre-register.  There are indoor stalls available for $25.00 for one night and $40 for the weekend per horse stall.  Only one horse per stall.  Horse owners may arrive on Friday afternoon and leave Sunday morning.  This is considered a two-night stay.  There is a $7.00 for bedding for horses for the event.
There is an additional optional fee $8.00 per bale of hay.

Further, you MUST bring a copy of a negative coggins (current within one year) and owner/trainer contact information to be displayed on each horse's stall door or in the possession of the event staff.  The contact person information must include the owners name and telephone number.

There shall be a tasty day-board, but no feast.  The day-board shall consist of the following:
Caboches in potage-Cooked cabbage and leeks
Funges - Cooked mushrooms, with spices-mildly spicy
Mushroom and Cheese tarts
Tart on Ember Day - Onion Tart
Wastels Yfarced - Stuffed bread
Manchet Bread with regular butter and honey butter
Savory Toasted Cheese
Galantine Pie - Chicken and berries in pastry
Meatballs - from ground beef
Sambocade - Elderflower curd tart
Appulmoy - applesauce
Payn Ragoun - Candy Strips (Ginger candy)

Gluten free options will be available for the everything except the bread and stuffed bread

There is also a concession stand run by the site with more modern food available.  Local restaurants are within minutes' drive from the site. 

Make Checks Payable to: Society for Creative Anachronism, NJ, Inc.  Barony of Iron Bog

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Master Lawrence Thornguard, O.P.
aka Baron Larry
mka Joel M.  Doner
29 Fox Road, Pilesgrove, NJ 08098
Phone:  302-528-6834 (No calls after 10pm EDT)

Send Reservations to:

Checks should be sent to:
D.  Kat Troup
2400 McClellan Ave
Apt # E1019
Pennsauken, NJ 08109

Paypal registration is open through 05/31/23.  Please remember that reservations must be paid in order to be completed and registered.  The Paypal link is

Please include with your letter/check reservation, the legal name(s), Scadian name(s), membership number(s) if applicable, how many reservations are for adults and for minors, an e-mail address, or phone number where you can be reached if there is a problem with your reservation. 

If you are a competitor in the Equestrian Tournament and you are bringing horse(s), please include that information with your reservation.  Further, include a copy of a negative coggins (current within one year) and horse owner/trainer contact information.  The contact person information must include the owners name and telephone number.

Other Contact Information:

The landowner requires outside merchants and vendors to pay $50 and provide proof of liability insurance.  If you are interested in merchanting and are willing to pay the additional fees with proof of insurance, please contact the autocrat, Baron Larry