War of the Pearls II

Hosted by Barony of the Bridge - Charlestown, RI

Event date: June 16th, 2023 - June 19th, 2023

Event Last Modified: June 7th, 2023

Event details

Paypal link active until Friday June 9th.  https://surveys.eastkingdom.org/index.php/687532

Welcome back !!!

Who will Bridge go to war with this year?? Psst Psst - Rumor has it that this year we will go to war against the Barony of Bergental.  Why you may ask?? We need higher ground.  The water is rising around our Barony and our bridges are flooding, so to Bergental we go!  The Barony of Bergental has beautiful hills and we will have the river for access to the sea for trade and commerce.

This will be a long weekend camping war, involving armored combat, fencing, heraldry (fully heralded heavy tournament!), dancing, bardic, archery, brewing, shopping and much much more.

Upon entering the site you will receive a generic site token at gate (registration). 

Starting Friday at noon the two Baronies will vie for your loyalty.  Once a Barony has won your allegiance they will trade you a white or black pearl for your generic token.  From this point on you will be fighting, fencing, arching, throwing, singing, dumb sh**ing, shopping, A&Sing and so much more for your chosen Barony!

The site is wet

Fire:  Ground fires are allowed, the site owners ask if you make a fire ring you bring the rocks to the woods when you are done.

There will be a main event camp fire every night in the middle of the main square.

The activities there will be:

Armored Combat:  Bridge battle (I mean, we are Bridge) and subsequent Bridge Battle practice. 
Heraldic Torch Light tournament and Unbelted vs Chivalry tournament.

Fencing:  Singles tournaments, Uncollared vs Masters of Defense tournament and a 3 person team melee tournament.

Archery:  Need to get ranked? We will have the range open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so that you can get your East Kingdom ranking at one event!

Thrown Weapons:  Same schedule as archery but with axes, knives, spears and so much more.

Games:  There will be many games led by the Head Fool on Saturday night and Fizzball practice on Sunday.  There will also be a weekend
long game of assassins.

Arts and Sciences:  Want to show off your work, there will be a display for that and the populace will vote for their favorite.

Dancing:  You can dance of you want to, but we suggest you don't leave your friends behind.

Shopping:  Merchants will be selling stuff, come buy it!

Athena's Thimble will be having a Solar on Saturday 3-4pm.  Location - either at Gate or the Baronial pavilon.

War Points
The following is a list of activities that will receive points toward winning the war:

Fencing Singles Tournament- Tournament will consist of people finding and fighting a list of other combatants provided by the MOL.

Heraldic Torchlight Tournament (Heavy)- This will be a double elimination tourney with a round robin entry round if there are more than 16 combatants.  All combatants will be fully heralded for the double elimination section of the tournament.  Only one list will be fighting at a time so that all may see every fight.  Come and watch and see who the new hot sticks are.  Fighters you have the right to bring their own herald, if you cannot afford a herald, one will be
appointed for you before the fighting begins.  If you have a shield for the tree with your arms please bring it, otherwise you or an appointed herald will paint it for you.  Heralds Prepare to wow the populace with you most flowery, not necessarily 100% correct theatrical introductions (think Chaucer in a Knight’s tale).

Fencing Melee Tournament - Double elimination tournament of 3 person teams.

Heavy Bridge Battle- A Pennsic style bridge battle will be conducted for a war point.  Following the war point battle a bridge battle practice will take place.

Commerce - Its all about the merchants, details will be in the site book

Dumb Shi* After Dark- Well, its a bunch a dumb shi* games that will happen after dark.  This may be where the dripping wet part of the event comes into play.

A&S Populace Choice- An A&S display will be out and each participant will compete for their chosen barony.  The populace will vote for their favorite.

Archery- Archery will be happening Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  This is your chance to get three scores in one event.  Each archer’s highest royal round for each day will be counted for their side.  The barony with the highest total when the range closes on Sunday will receive the war point.

Thrown Weapons- This is exactly the same description as archery, but with thrown weapons instead.

Fencing Baronial Champions Duel - The Baronial champion from each side will compete in a best out of three fight for the war point.

Heavy Baronial Champions Duel- Same as fencing but with wooden sticks

Brewing Baronial Champion/competition victor Duel- During the Heraldic Torchlight Tourney each Barony's chosen brewed beverage will be presented for the baronesses or their chosen drinker to judge.

Bardic Baronial Champions Duel - Prior to the Semi-Finals of the Heraldic Torchlight Tournament each barony’s chosen Bard will perform for their Barony's honor.  The Baronesses will choose their favorite.

Dance - Whichever Barony has more people dancing for their honor will win this point.  Note.  There is a tent with open area (grass) to dance, but its BYOM (Bring you own music/musicians)

Assassination - The winner of assassination will also win a point for their Barony.


Noon:  Site opens
4pm:  Archery and thrown weapons ranges open
After Noon-late:  Baronial Welcomes
Dusk:  Archery and thrown weapons ranges close

9am:  Opening Court, archery and thrown weapons ranges open
11am-6pm:  Bridge Battle, Bridge Battle practice, baronial heavy champs duel, fencing singles tournament, fencing 3-person team tournament
Dusk:  Archery and thrown weapons ranges close
Dusk:  Heraldic torchlight tournament
After Heraldic Torchlight Tournament:  Dumb Shi* After Dark

9am:  Archery and thrown weapons ranges open
11am-2pm:  Unbelt vs Chivalry tournament, Uncollareds vs Masters of Defense tournament, fencing baronial champs duel, archery baronial champs duel,
thrown weapons baronial champs duel
4pm:  Closing Court
6ish:  Fizzball Practice
Dusk:  Archery and thrown weapons ranges close

Site Amenities:
This is a working farm and we are using their fields.

Buildings/grounds:  There are no buildings, but there will be covered areas for court and dancing.  The event site walking paths are over grass or gravel, there are no paved paths on site.

Bathroom Facilities:  There are no flushing toilets, but there will be plenty of Port-A-Johns.

Power:  There is no power.

Water:  Non potable Water will be provided from a water wagon.  There will be a hand washing station and a slop sink for washing dishes. 

We suggest you bring your own drinking water (one gallon per person per day is suggested).

Food:  There will be no feast at this event.  The baronies may choose to bribe the populace with food, but there is no guarantee food will be provided.  The closest grocery store is 15min from site.

Alcohol:  Alcohol is allowed.

Smoking:  This is an outdoor event, smoking and vaping are allowed.  Please be respectful of those around you.

Dogs:  Only service dogs will be allowed.

Our War Mongers are starting to make plans to bribe, err encourage folks to their side.  Bridge's WM are planning on a Welcoming Tavern.
If you would like to make something to add to their fare, please reach out to Lady Áine inghean Uí Tuathail or Lord Vargus Ulfr .

If folks have a little time to spare to help out at gate, please sign up through this link and Thank you in advance.

Site Opens:  Friday June 16, 2023 at 12pm
Site Closes:  Monday June 19, 2023 at 4pm

Site Opens: Friday June 16, 2023 at 12pm
Site Closes: Monday June 19, 2023 at 4pm

Event Website


Event Location

Riverside Farm
80 Burdickville Rd
Charlestown, RI  02813
Google Map


From the North
Take your best route to Rt 95 South. 
Take exit 4 toward Hopkinton
Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Alton/Woodville/Chariho
Turn left onto Woodville Alton Rd, go 3.6 miles
Turn left onto Collins Rd
then first right onto Alton Bradford Rd (Rt 91) , go 1.6 miles
Turn left onto Burdickville Rd, go 0.7 miles
Farm is on the left

Pull into First driveway and drive around the back the house, you will see the encampment to your right.  You are allowed to drive down to gate, then go unload and if staying for the weekend park up the hill from gate and along the vineyard. 

if day tripping, you may park over by the tournament field.

From the South
Take your best route to Rt 95 North
Take exit 93 for CT-216 toward CT-184/Clarks Falls
Turn right onto CT-216 S/Clarks Falls Rd, , go 1.1 miles
Turn left onto Main St/Nooseneck Hill Rd , go about 260ft
Turn right onto RI-216 S , go 2.3 miles
Turn left onto RI-91 E , 0.7 miles
Turn right onto Burdickville Rd , go 0.7 miles
Farm is on the left

Pull into First driveway and drive around the back the house, you will see the encampment to your right.  You are allowed to drive down to gate, then go unload and if staying for the weekend park up the hill from gate and along the vineyard. 

if day tripping, you may park over by the tournament field.

Registration Fees

Pay-Pal Link https://surveys.eastkingdom.org/index.php/687532
A PayPal invoice will be generated within 24 hours of the online preregistration information being submitted.  Online preregistration is not complete until the PayPal invoice has been paid."

PayPal Prereg will end June 9, 2023

Pre-registration is not required but encouraged.  Walk in's are always welcome.  Please bring cash or personal check.

$30 Day Adult Member
$40 Weekend Adult Member
$35 Day Adult Non-Member
$45 Weekend Adult Non-Member

Children 17 and under are free.


Make Checks Payable to: SCA RI Inc.

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Amy Waggener
Amia Turner

Send Reservations to:

Amy Waggener
45 Waite Ave
Cranston, RI 02905