Great Northeastern War XXXV

TRM will be in attendance TRH will be in attendance

Hosted by Province of Malagentia - Hebron, ME

Event date: July 13th, 2023 - July 16th, 2023

Event Last Modified: June 22nd, 2023

Event details

Time for The Great Northeastern War's 35th occurrence! 

It began 35 years ago, on a small farm in Malagentia beside a gentle brook – the first of what would become known as the Great North Eastern War. 
From Finche’s Farm to the seaside fields of horses to the Pines of Hebron, GNEW (Or GNE, to some) has changed environs, but its place in the heart of the Eastern Kingdom has never shifted. 

For this year’s gathering for matters martial, artistic and communal, we will celebrate with this theme:  35 years of GNE(W) – A Rich Heritage!
What are your favorite memories from GNEW, old or recent? Did you survive the mudpits? Was there a bardic circle that inspired you? A battle to end all battles, the most “no kidding, there I was” battle ever? Did your children chase sheep with abandon, or did you shoot at ferocious fish on the archery ranges?
Each area of GNE – Fencing, Heavy, Thrown Weapons, Info Point, Youth Activities, A&S and Archery – will embrace a theme from the mists of GNEW’s past.  We will invite you to share your favorite memories with us in writing at Info Point.

This year, we will remember the things that make us happy, that inspire songs and that bring us together over and over again – and we will celebrate them all at GNEW!

This year GNEW and the Provence of Malagentia will be hosting the EK's Thrown Weapons Tournament:

Throwers of the East, what has been hinted at for the last month has now been made official.  This year's Thrown Weapons Champions will be held on one of the biggest stages in the East Kingdom, The Great Northeastern War in Malagentia!  Every year this event hosts Their Majesties and over 1000 members of the populace.  In a month's time we will get to showcase our skill, talent, honor, and accessibly to the people of the East as Their Majesties will chose Their Champions to stand with them at Pennsic 50 and throughout the next year.  Exact timing of the tournament during GNE will be forthcoming.  So sharpen your knives, polish your axes, make your spears ready, and practice your skills.  The East is watching, who will rise above all challengers to claim the title of Champion.

Great Northeastern War – July 13-16, Hebron, Maine. 
If you have memories to share or questions, you can email or reach out to Steward Angeline Perreault and Deputy Steward Meara MacNeil (mka Erin Cabana).

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Please note that, per the site owners, pets are no longer allowed at Great Northeastern War.  Service animals are, of course, still welcome. 

Site Opens: 12:00pm Thursday
Site Closes: 12:00pm Sunday

Event Location

Hebron Pines RV & Golf
400 Buckfield Rd
Hebron, ME  04238
Google Map


(Google maps has GNEW as a marker - put “GNEW” into the search box, click search, select the result in Maine, and it will find the location for you.)

From all points North and South:

Take your best route to Exit 75 (Auburn) off of I-95, Maine Turnpike.

Take exit 75 toward US-202/ME-4/ME-100/Auburn/Lewiston, 0.4 mi
Use the left lane to turn left onto ME-100 N/ME-4 N/US-202 E/Washington St N, 0.3 mi
Turn left onto E Hardscrabble Rd, 1.0 mi
Turn right onto Hotel Rd, 1.7 mi
Continue onto Manley Rd, 0.8 mi
Turn left onto ME-11 S/ME-121 S/Minot Ave, 4.1 mi
Turn right onto ME-119 N, 6.3 mi
Continue onto ME-124 N, 2.4 mi

Hebron Pines Campground will be on your left.

From Bethel, Berlin, Montpelier, Burlington, Montreal, and similar points West:

Please consult a map to find your best route to pick up Route 26 South west of the towns of Norway and Oxford, Maine.  For most folks coming in from Northern New Hampshire and Vermont, you’ll want to cross the Maine/NH border on Route 2 and pick up Route 26 South in Bethel, Maine, but there are other possible routes as well, depending on your starting point.

Follow Route 26 South through the Western Maine towns of Bryant Pond, Paris, Norway, and into the town of Oxford.  About two miles after you pass through the business district of the town of Oxford, you’ll come to traffic lights which mark the entrance to a Wal-Mart (on your right).  Pass straight through the lights, continuing South on Route 26.  1.8 miles after the Wal-Mart, you’ll pass the Oxford Plains Fun Park on your right, closely followed by Oxford Plains Speedway on your left.  About 1.7 miles after the speedway, turn left onto Route 121 North (a Citgo station marks the corner of this intersection, on your left).  Follow Route 121 North, into the town of Mechanic Falls.  After 4.4 miles, you will arrive at a 4-way intersection with a traffic light.

Turn left at the light (keeping the Cumberland Farms on your left) onto Route 124 North.  Follow Route 124 North into the town of Minot.  4.4 miles from the light you will come to a strange intersection, which is marked as the junction of Routes 124 and 119.  Turn right at the Yield sign and then immediately left at the T intersection (heading away from the church), staying on Route 124 North.

Continue a further 2.3 miles on Route 124 North, into the town of Hebron.  Hebron Pines Campground is clearly marked, on your left.

Registration Fees

Gate Fees (all prices in USD and are per person):
- Weekend (Thursday/Friday Arrival):  $40
- Weekend (Thursday/Friday Arrival) Member:  $35
- Saturday/Sunday Only:  $25.00
- Saturday/Sunday Only Member:  $20.00
- Youth (age 6-17) Weekend:  $20.00
- Youth (age 6-17) Saturday Only:  $10.00
- Child (age 0-5):  $0

Due to fees from the site, we do not have a family cap.

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No feast at this event.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Maine, Inc - Province of Malagentia

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Angelline Corbett
mka Angeline Perrault
207 730 2540

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