Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins: Journey to the East!

Hosted by Barony of Carillion - Manalapan , NJ

Event date: October 6th, 2023 - October 8th, 2023

Event Last Modified: September 30th, 2023

Event details

Join Tang Sanzang, Sun Wukong, Sandy, and Bajie and Carillion as we journey across the West all the way to the East Kingdom!  Sun Wukong has taken human form and is up to some mischief again!  Travel around the site (without your dragon prince horse) and see if you can complete the challenge of the Guardian Beasts!

Archery:  Good luck keeping Sun Wukong (aka the Monkey King) out of trouble as you continue your journey to enlightenment!  Journey through the wooded path and counter Sun Wukong's mischief in this 13 station shoot!  Baroness Ellynor Redpath has engineered some chaos for you to take on so come out and see if you are clever enough and prove your aim and resolve!
-The head-to-head/finals round(s) of Carillion's Archery Champion shoot will happen at 3:00pm, those eligible will be notified.  Those who are interested in competing for the title must finish the shoot by 2:30pm
-Due to being rained out at River Wars, Iron Bog's Archery Champion shoot will start at 12:00pm (noon).  This will be a 5 stage shoot based on an Eastern Euro folktale called the Frog Princess run by Iron Bog's current champion.  This will be occurring in the field on the other side of the pool from the thrown weapons range

Armored Combat:  Fight with honor and fight with skill and become the next Armored Champion of Carillion.  Tournament details will be announced before the tournament

-Baronesses Challenge:  As with the coming of the new year, this is the last event before the new reign begins so bring good fortune to their reign with something incorporating the color red!
-Autocrat's Challenge:  Sun Wukong started his life as a stone monkey that came to life.  Show us your art that started as one thing but became something very different!
-A&S Champion's Challenge:  As we turn our eyes to the east and fall, thoughts need to be put into words.  To better express ourselves I issue a haiku challenge.  3 lines of verse, each line the following number of syllables 5, 7,5.  Subjects can be about the event, barony, traditional nature, funny, fun, serious.  Be creative and have fun. 

Bardic:  The next bardic champion is to be picked!  Will you show the grace of your flowing words like the vermilion bird? The powerful boom of the white tiger's roar? It is your decision!

Combat Archery:  Ever wanted to try combat archery or siege but didn't want to get hit? Come out and try it with our very own Kennari Hrafn Breidskeggr, Combat Archery Lt General for Pennsic 50 and the crazy kilted siege engineer, Montgomery Josh the Hilariously Awesome!  Targets will be down range and will not hit back (or move) so come out and give it a try!  Bow, siege engine, etc will be provided, armor is not needed.

Rapier Combat:  Fight with the guile of the Sun Wukong in cheating time and stealing distance to become the next Rapier Champion of Carillion.  The tournament format will be dependent on how many fencers compete.

Thrown Weapons:  Throw straight and true!  Count your rotations and you could be the next Thrown Champion of Carillion!  Plus, in the spirit of GGGs past, we will also have some peaches that the monkey king disguised as pumpkins that need some destroying!  Loaner gear will be available if you do not want to get pumpkin guts on your weapons!

Children's activities:  Please join Lady Mairghread for an epic journey to the west.
We will first encounter a dragon we must retrieve the staff to get your token, next we have to retrieve a peach from the fairy protected tree and launch them at the great mother get token, you have angered the gods in doing this escape the falling fingers so you don't get captured do this and get your token, next we have to hit the spiders that have entrapped Triptaka collect 5 spiders that fall to get your token and move on, the fan princess need help to put out the lava use the fan to blow our the candle get token last step run back to start.

SCHEDULE (Saturday)
9:00am- Troll Opens
10:00am- GGG archery shoot opens
11:00am- Inspections and Authorizations for Rapier and Armored
11:30am- Baronial Thrown Weapons Competition begins
12:00pm- Baronial Rapier Tournament begins
12:00-2:00pm- Iron Bog's Baronial Archery competition (taking place on other side of pool from thrown weapons range)
12:30pm- Baronial Armored Tournament begins
1:00-2:30pm Baronial Bardic Competition
3:00pm:  GGG archery shoot closes (those competing for Carillion's Archery Champion must be completed by 2:30pm)
3:00pm- Finals of Carillion Baronial Archery Competition
4:30pm- Court Begins
PLEASE NOTE:  Schedule will be adhered to as closely as possible, tournaments plan to start on time, not on "SCAdian time"

Guardian Beast Challenge Prizes will be given out in or immediately after court only, all stamps must be collected before court begins

Guardian Beast Challenge:  The Four Guardians watch over from the stars in each of the cardinal directions:  the Black Tortoise of the North locked in its eternal battle with the serpent, the White Tiger of the West standing tall and proud as the king of beasts, the Vermilion Bird of the South basking in its own elegance, and the Blue Dragon of the East watching over the vast seas.  But there is also a fifth, the Yellow Qilin who stands above and connects them all together. 

When you arrive at troll, you may pick up a card marked with each direction.  Complete the challenge and earn a stamp.  Each stamp may be earned in a different way!  How do you earn a stamp?

-The Black Tortoise watches from the north for threats from atop the wall shooting down on invaders.  Join the archers and take a shot at the celestial warriors at the top of the path (loaner bows and arrows will be available as well as a toy bow for those who wish to compete but are too small for pointed arrows).  Hit your target and earn your recognition from the north!

-The White Tiger stands proud with it's sharp claws for close quarters combat.  Compete in either the rapier or armored combat tournaments (even if you don't want the job).  Not a fencer or fighter? That's ok!  There is a spear challenge set up for those who are not authorized against a soldier unwavering and stiff as a board.  Strike him down and show the respect of the King of Beasts of the West

-Light and colors dance as the Vermilion Bird flies, so too shall you!  Enter the A&S tournament or the Bardic competition and show the world your own beautiful creations!  If you are not an artist and prefer to preen behind the scenes, fear not!  There will be a craft available that can be completed for a stamp as well.

-Keep your eyes ever vigilant and your aim true.  The Blue Dragon watches from the East for threats from the sea and will need throwers to assist them.  Throw on the thrown weapons range in competition or in general and they will give their approval.  For those too small to use sharp implements, a softer option (ie a dodgeball) will be provided to be thrown at a target. 

-But how to earn the stamp of the elusive Qilin? Their excellencies may know!  They alone will hold the stamp and they will give their mark to who they feel is worthy.  How will they determine worthiness? That is for them to know and you to find out!

Stamps may be earned until Court and prizes claimed immediately following court.  Those who collect any number of stamps will earn a prize and the prizes get better as the number of stamps collected increases so earn as many as you can!  Collect all five stamps and you may be going home with one of the guardian beasts themselves!

Site Opens: 5 PM Friday, 6Oct2023 (Gate will be open 5pm-8pm on Friday and will reopen at 9am on Saturday morning)
Site Closes: 12PM Sunday, 8Oct2023

Event Location

Quail Hill Scout Reservation
56 La Valley Dr
Manalapan , NJ  07726
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From the shore:  Take NJ Route 33 west from Freehold (U.S.  Route 9) six miles to County Route 527A (Iron Ore Rd.).  Turn right (north) and proceed 1/2 mile to LaValley Drive.  Turn right again and follow LaValley Drive 1/2 mile to the gate. 

From the NJ Turnpike:  Exit #8 from the turnpike to Route 33 east.  Proceed east 6 miles to Route 527A.  Take the jughandle and proceed north as described above


Registration Fees

Adult Member- Pre-Reg- $20, At Gate- $25
Adult Non-Member- Pre-Reg- $25, At Gate- $30
Children under 18 are free.
Dayboard is included in the site fee.

Tent camping is Free, cabin camping is $5

Paypal link:
PayPal registration will only be active until Oct 3, this is the latest the paypal registration can be kept open.

If you wish to pre-reg, please send an email to the email listed below with proof of SCA membership in form of digital copy of membership card or a picture of physical membership card WITH CURRENT EXPIRATION DATE CLEARLY VISIBLE.  Mailed checks need to be received by October 5th.  Only paid registration with check received by Oct 5 will be counted as pre-registered.  If the check is not received by Oct 5, patron will need to pay the at the door price at troll. 


There will not be a feast.  Dayboard is being prepared by Katya Gordon and Gwenhoivar of Lindley

Dayboard menu is as follows:
Pork Dumplings
Wonton Soup
Smashed Cucumber Salad
Chow Mein with Chicken
Beef & Chinese Broccoli with Rice
Pears with Rock Sugar

Make Checks Payable to: Make Checks Payable to:  SCA NJ Inc.  Barony of Carillion

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Ciaran ua Meic Thire (mka Mike Bannon),
Aidan na h-Innsi (mka Tom Jansen)- Co-autocrat/Camp-o-crat

Send Reservations to:

Aaron the Arrowsmith
(MKA Paul Lamhut)
77 Dock rd
Brick, NJ 08723

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