Hosted by Shire of Caer Adamant - Newark, DE

Event date: October 1st, 2022

Event Last Modified: November 29th, 2022

Event details

*Cancelled due to hurricane weather*
As Summer spends the last of its warmth and light, and we move to Fall Havests and Hunts, so do we welcome you to accompany us to cool glades to gather and make merry for the first time in many years.

Come join us for Caer Adamant's 10th annual Fallen Stag Tournament, an idyllic time to see friends, enjoy the potluck feast, and vie for prizes!!

Our long awaited Shire Champion tournaments will be held for both Rapier and Rattan!  Bragging rights and prizes will abound.
Rapier tournament to begin at 12:30p, with Rattan to follow.  Formats to be determined by the previous years Champions.

As the Shire will be providing bread, water, and servers for the potluck dayboard, we encourage all attendees to bring a dish to share with the group.
Baron Adolphus will be judging the contributed foods based on the following categories:
Best medieval dish
Best tasting dish
Best subtlety dish
Winners get fabulous prizes. 

Please bring your pop-ups, camp chairs, and tables!

Caer Adamant will be holding a silent auction, with proceeds to be donated to the shire's resources.  If you have an item you would like to donate for the auction feel free to bring it along and let us know when you check in.  Collections and registry sheets will be available at Troll.  NOTE:  We are unable to accept credit cards as payments for the winning bids, please bring cash or checks. 

Did you think we forgot about A&S?

A&S Display & Exchange
Be part of a display of craftsmanship from the Known World!  Bring your completed item, so that you may share, inspire, and enrich our Society.  You will have the opportunity to talk about your item to others and in this way perhaps discover a new passion; make a new contact, and have fun!  The Exchange is not a competition, each participant will recieve a number that corollates to one of the items up for exchange.  Then each participant will draw a number and they will recieve the item whose number they have drawn.  We anticipate having a pop-up outside with a 6’ table (bring your own seating).  We welcome all with interest in the pursuit of Medieval Arts and Sciences. 

And the kids...  even the adult kids...  have to do something for the kids!  We have games...  Kubb to test your throwing skills, and one called Blind Squire that involves bells, blindfolds, socks, and running away.  Some fantastic fun for participants and spectators alike.

There will also be a Feast Gear Exchange tent set up near Troll for people to Exchange clean unwanted feast gear they no longer use, so that others may enjoy the items.  Needed items for exchange or donation are baskets, plates, bowls, cups or mugs, table clothes and napkins, and serving dishes.  New people may utilize this opportunity to build your first feast gear set. 

If you have pre-event questions or would like to volunteer to help set up or fill a position please reach out to Baroness Laurena Mouchot and Freodhoric at 223622@members.eastkingdom.org
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Saturday, October 1, 2022 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Glasgow Regional Park, 2275 Pulaski Hwy, Pavilion #3, Newark, DE 19702.  The site, a public park, is very dry.  Restrooms, located in the pavilion, will be open.

Continuing Shire tradition, this event is requesting donations of canned food to be given to the DE Food Bank.  (CHECK YOUR DATES!  THE FOOD BANK CANNOT ACCEPT EXPIRED FOOD)  Entry to the tournament is gained by the donation of one grocery bag of unexpired, nonperishable food items.

All are invited to contribute to and partake of the Potluck Dayboard.  Food will be served by limited persons according to guidelines.  Water and bread will be provided by the Shire.  This is a dry site.

This is a donation event!  We do require Troll in for both membership and proof of vaccination/negative PCR test.  Volonteers are always welcome! 

Site Opens: 10:00 am
Site Closes: 6:00 pm

Event Location

Glasgow Park Pavillion 3
2275 Pulaski Hwy
Pavillion 3
Newark, DE  19702
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The event site is accessible per the East Kingdom Accessibility Porter's Checklist.


The link to the site map: 

Pavilion 3 is located near to parking lot D with over flow parking available at lot E just inside the East Entrance to the park

Registration Fees

Donations of canned food to be given to the DE Food Bank.  (CHECK YOUR DATES!  THE FOOD BANK CANNOT ACCEPT EXPIRED FOOD)  Entry to the tournament is gained by the donation of one grocery bag of unexpired, nonperishable food items.

No reservation needed. 


Make Checks Payable to: Shire of Caer Adamant

Contact Information

Event Steward:

You may contact Autocrat Baroness Laurena Mouchot aka Lorraine Padgett
And CoAutocrat Freodhoric aka Fred Miller
At 223622@members.eastkingdom.org

Send Reservations to:

Laurena Mouchot or Freodhoric at 223622@members.eastkingdom.org

Other Contact Information:

Merchants are welcome...  no fee for set up.