Dragonship Haven and Beyond the Mountain's Champions Day

Hosted by Barony of Dragonship Haven - Meriden, CT

Event date: October 22nd, 2022

Event Last Modified: September 4th, 2022

Event details

This will be a day in which both the baronies of Beyond the Mountain and Dragonship Haven will come together to celebrate their martial champions and to host the tournaments in which they will chose their new ones.

Tournaments for Archery, Fencing, Heavy, and Thrown weapons will be held this day.  Dragonship Haven accepts champions from within the barony only and Beyond the Mountain accepts anyone who would like to be their champion whether they live in the barony or not.

General Schedule -
10:00am - Site opens for set up crew
10:30am - Site opens for populace - please let us get through Covid checking each other before you start to show up
11:00am - Thrown Weapons Champions Start
12:00pm - Fencing Champions Start
1:00pm - Lunch / Schmooze break
2:00pm - Heavy Weapons Champions Start
3:00pm - Archery Champions Start
4:00pm - Court
5:00pm - Clean Up
6:00pm - Site Closes

Champions Tourneys will rotate during the day so the Baronial Seats may witness them.  Pickups are allowed - please ensure a marshal is present.

Pot Luck - space will be provided for the ongoing pot luck in the kitchen.  The kitchen is not a play space or hangout for youth.  For more information on the potluck, places contact Isabella d'Allaines le Comte - information below.

Mini Barter Town - did you miss it at Pennsic? Now is your chance to barter away old items!  Contact is Jaji at chefjaji@yahoo.com.  Please bring a table or a blanket!  Set-up when you arrive and breakdown before 4pm.  There will be NO money exchange for items, only trade.  Items can be SCA or mundane.

Site Opens: 1030
Site Closes: 1730

Event Location

Vasa Park
398 Main Street
Meriden, CT  06451
Google Map


Putting 398 Main Street, Meriden in your GPS will puts you just down the street from the driveway. 
Keep going as the entrance is across the street from Dana Ln. 
Do not turn onto Douglas - the GPS lies. 
There will be an SCA sign at the entrance. 
Yes, it will look like you are turning into someone's driveway.
Please follow the road all the way in.

Registration Fees

This is a free event.


Make Checks Payable to: This is a free event

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Steward:  Aurora of Dragonship Haven / Heatherann Esden
Email:  160810@members.eastkingdom.org

Deputy Steward:  Temair ingen Muiredaich / Ann Straut

Send Reservations to:

This is a free event

Other Contact Information:

Mini Barter Town contact Qadagin-u Jajiradai (Jaji)
Contact him at chefjaji@yahoo.com

Pot luck Coordinator is Isabella d'Allaines le Comte
Contact her at theresabrk@gmail.com