Falling Leaves 2022

Hosted by Barony of Carolingia - Westford, MA

Event date: September 10th, 2022 - September 11th, 2022

Event Last Modified: September 7th, 2022

Event details

We hope you can join us for Falling Leaves 2022!  Come hang out with friends and try or watch some of the activities the SCA has to offer.  There will be equestrian, archery, fencing, heavy list, thrown weapons, and i Sebastiani!  Bring a favorite A&S project from your past to toss your hat into the ring to become Carolingia A&S Champion!  The project does not need to be new, just something you made in the past and want to share.  More details will be forthcoming. 

This will not be a camping event unfortunately as no fires of any kind are allowed on site.  The event will open at 10:00am and close at 6:30pm Saturday and Sunday. 


9:30 am - Site Opens
Equestrian activities, Heavy List, Fencing, Archery range, and Thrown Weapons range open at 10:00 am and are active at the Marshal in Charge's discretion.
TBD - Carolingia A&S Competition
10:00 am - Heavy List field open for auths, pickups, etc.
10:00 am - 3:00 pm - Throwing for fun and royal rounds
10:00 am - 3:00 pm - Archery range open for shooting
10:00 am - 5:00 pm - Fencing will be open for pickups
11:00 am - Fencing prize tournament
12:00 pm - Heavy List Tournament
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm - Thrown Weapons Tourney, stop by any time to complete the challenge
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm - Music, ensemble playing just for fun
Afternoon - Fencing Melee with field and woods scenarios
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm - Thrown Weapons under 8ish stuffy prize throw (range closed to non competitors)
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm - i Sebastiani performance
4:30 pm - Heavy List Field closes
5:00 pm - Baronial Court
7:00 pm - Site Closes
9:30 am - Site Opens
Heavy List, Fencing, Archery range, and Thrown Weapons range open at 10:00 am and are active at the Marshal in Charge's discretion.
10:00 am - 12:00 pm - Thrown Weapons under 8ish stuffy prize throw (range closed to non competitors)
10:00 am - 4:30 pm - Archery range open for shooting
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm - Thrown Weapons throwing for fun and royal rounds
1:00 pm - Heavy List practice
6:30 pm - Event Closes – Hard Out, everyone and everything must be off site

Tournaments and Competitions: 
Thrown Weapons Tourney - 12 to 3pm Saturday, stop by any time to complete the challenge.  You do not need to be there at the start, and it should take no more than 15 minutes of throwing to complete.  There will be categories for first time throwers, beginner, and experienced.  Winners will be announced in court.

Thrown Weapons Under 8ish stuffy prize throw:  throw fake axes and knives to try to hit stuffed animals.  If you can hit it, you can take it home with you.  Everyone will win!  One prize per child per day.  No thrower too young, upper age is a guideline not a hard rule.  Special needs kids of all ages welcome.

Fencing will be open for pickups 10am-5pm both days.  On Saturday at 11am there will be a prize tournament, and in the afternoon there will be melees with field and woods scenarios.  If there is sufficient interest we will have more melee on Sunday

Heavy List Tourney will start at noon.  The format will be as follows: 
- Bear pit-style tournament. 
- Each fighter gets one life per 'standard' weapons form (Weapon and Shield; Two Weapon; Polearm; Great Sword; Spear).  Once you are defeated with that weapons form, you cannot use it again. 
- Each combatant can choose what order they want to fight with each weapons form. 
- If you are not authorized in a particular form, we will have time to do authorizations before the tournament.  Talk to me ahead of time if you have concerns about this...  I don't want this to exclude anyone, and we'll modify the rules if needed. 
- Likewise, I will have extra weapons and some 'bear claw' style gauntlets with hockey gloves if you don't have the equipment to fight with all weapons forms.
- If that format runs too quickly, we'll declare a winner, and allow people to start again.  Alternatively, I'll bring the carnival wheel, and we can spin for random matchups. 
- When we get bored of that format, we'll open up for general pickups or small melees if we have enough people. 
-The field will stay open until 30 minutes before Court. 

Site Opens: 9:30 AM
Site Closes: 6:30 PM

Event Website


Event Location

4H Middlesex Fair
55 S Chelmsford Road
Westford, MA  01886
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Take your best route to get to I-495 and take exit 83 towards Westford, head southeast from the exit ramp on Boston Road to turn left onto 110/Littleford Rd.  Turn right onto S Chelmsford Rd, and the site will be on the right after 1.8 miles.


Registration Fees

Saturday Registration for Falling Leaves (The cost is for entrance on Saturday): 
Adults NONMEMBER (18+):  $25
Adults SCA Member (18+):  $20
Youth (6-17):  free
Child (0-5):  free

Sunday - Donations accepted, no fees being charged. 
The suggested donation is $5 or $10 for those who did not attend the event Saturday.  There is no obligation to give a donation to gain entrance. 

Payment at the door will be accepted via cash or check only. 

Boxed lunch for Saturday:  $5
To get a box lunch reserve one on the PayPal preregistration survey and fill out this survey https://secure.journeysurveys.com/answer/1585

Lunch will not be available after pre-registration deadline. 

Lunch will consist of your choice of protein, your choice of cheese, and your choice of starch, plus minted peas, raisins, dried apricots, pickle, olives, marinated vegetables, fresh carrots and celery, choice of fresh fruit at the event, and a bit of apple jelly candy for dessert.  There will be water and syrup of lemons available to drink. 

Protein choices are roast beef, chicken thigh, ham, beef barida, pork loin, hard boiled egg or vegetarian (nuts/seeds).  Cheese choices are cheddar, Colby Jack, Monterey Jack, muenster, mozzarella ('string cheese') or no choice.  Starch choice is bread or rice. 

Make Checks Payable to: SCA MA Inc.  Barony of Carolingia

Contact Information

Event Steward:

SCA Name:  Katla of Viborg
Mundane Name:  Aimee Harper
Email:  215028@members.eastkingdom.org

SCA Name:  Patience Faircloth
Mundane Name:  Sarah Pritsker
Email:  247200@members.eastkingdom.org

Send Reservations to:

Deadline to pre-register is September 3rd.

Through PayPal:  https://surveys.eastkingdom.org/index.php/895872

If you pre-register via the online link, you will receive an invoice within 24 hours via PayPal.  Click on the Payment button and pay either using your PayPal account, credit card or e-check.

Or by mail to:
Ginger Fitzsimmons
279 W Wyoming Ave
Melrose, MA 02176

Other Contact Information:

Merchants please contact Katla of Viborg at 215028@members.eastkingdom.org to reserve a space at the event. 

Archery Marshal in Charge:
Peter the Red - archery-marshal@carolingia.eastkingdom.org

Equestrian Marshal in Charge:
Lillian Stanhope

Fencing Marshal in Charge:
Zohane Faber - fence-marshal@carolingia.eastkingdom.org

Heavy List Marshal in Charge:
Valerian of Somerset - knight-marshal@carolingia.eastkingdom.org

Thrown Weapons Marshal in Charge: 
Alanna of Skye - alannaofskye@yahoo.com