John Barleycorn -Crown Province of Ostgardr Investiture and Fight for a Cause Tournament

TRM will be in attendance TRH will be in attendance

Hosted by Crown Province of Østgarðr - Kent, NY

Event date: September 2nd, 2022 - September 5th, 2022

Event Last Modified: August 31st, 2022

Event details

Good Gentles Pray Attend !!  Heed This Important Missive From My Lord John Barleycorn !!

Dear Gentles All, A Celebration of Epic Proportions is to be held in the Northern Lands of Ostgardr !! 
We welcome all to the upcoming Ostgardr Investiture Ceremony and Celebration!!
We will celebrate the Heirs Lady Sofya Gianetta di Trieste , OL and Lady Angelica di Nova Lipa , OSC Order of the Sea Lantern , Order of the Seahorse as they take their place as our New Vice Regents in Court and bid fond Adieu to IL-Kha'an Sudder Saran and IL-Khatun Lada Monguligin as they retire into the sunset with their herd of animals. 
I am also overjoyed to announce that I procured the Infamous ERR, Famous Lord Alasdair of Clan Campbell and his lovely Lady Rifka ba Shaul and Lord Brandr Aronsson along with the WIZARDRY of their OUTDOOR KITCHEN to tempt our palette with his well renowned "Highland Delight" as part of our Saturday Dayboard !!  On Sunday a delicious Dayboard will be prepared by Lord Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi and his talented kitchen crew. 

Important message regarding fire restrictions
As you are aware most of the country is going through severe weather conditions.  Our area is no exception.  Due to severe drought in Putnam County, our event site, a county park, has prohibited all open or shielded flames, including candles, lamps, or lanterns for light or heat, individual camp fires, or any wood, propane, coal or other burning matter based cooking or camp stoves, grills, or hibachi….  And, yes, this includes peat and dried dung. 
We regret that these cherished options are not available to us during this very dry time.  To provide some level of comfort, we will have coffee urns and hot water for beverages available each day until 10 PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday along with snacks for those camping.  We are also adding locations of local grocery stores to the event website, and will have menus available for restaurants that deliver for those not prepared with adequate provisions for evening and morning meals. 
The good news is that we are permitted one designated centrally located grand campfire, and hope that you will gather around its warmth and light prepared to share your music and stories. 
As with any rural treed campsite, we share it with local wildlife, so please avoid inviting Raccoons, Coyotes (yes, real Coyotes!), and Skunks (otherwise known as Camp Kitties) to your meals….and your trash stash.  Please promptly remove trash to the provided dumpster, and secure all edibles to closed (as in tightly sealed box or cooler, not a closed plastic bag) storage….the alternatives could, with animal intervention, be messy, smelly, and downright medieval. 

As with all Celebrations , We will have Martial Activities and Children's Activities and other surprises yet to come. 

First on the roster is the Ostgardr Provincial Archery Championship and Barleycorn Novelty Tournament.  (1-3:30)

Archers one and all, come join in this year's Barleycorn Archery Novelty Tournament.  Developed by the devious minds of the Provincial Archery Champion ,Marin il Gondolier, and the Archery Marshals of Ostgardr, this five shoot competition offers fun and challenge for archers both experienced and new.  All archers ,regardless of whence they come, are welcome to participate in the tournament.  For Archers who live within the Crown Province of Ostgardr, including it's Cantons ,you may opt to compete for the honor of being the next Provincial Champion.  You will enjoy the same novelty tourney as everyone else , But a separate roll shall be kept for determination of the Archery Champion.  In addition to meeting the residency requirements, those who wish to be Provincial Archery Champion must be willing to wear the Champion's Regalia, attend the Vice Regents in Court when at Events with the Vice Regents ,represent then Province with Courtesy and Honor when entering archery tournaments, and aid in the preparation and running of the Tournament to choose their successor.  The archery range will be open both before and after the Novelty Tournament for Gentles to practice or shoot royal rounds .  Loaner archery equipment is available. 

Second is Fencing...
This is an update of the fencing at Barleycorn this coming Saturday, Sept.  3rd.  There will be two tournaments with prizes:

The Targai Memorial Tournament will start as a round robin tournament and then move into a double elimination tournament.
All fencers are worth points:  Fencers authorized from 2019 or sooner are 1 point, up to Masters of Defense who are worth 7 points.  (Details will be reviewed at the event.)
Each fencer will roll a 6 sided die before each bout to determine their weapon form.  If a fencer rolls a form they are not authorized in they will default to single sword.
Combat is to first blood.  The first wounding/killing hit stops the bout.  The top two people from the list will advance to a double elimination tournament.  If there are multiple
lists, then the top fencer from each list will advance.  If necessary a "destructive" by will be fought.
The Provincial Fencing Championship will follow the Memorial tournament.  It will be conducted as a Round Robin, so bring your best.  Past provincial champs can only fight single sword.  The Semi finals best of 3 passes.  The Finals will be best of 5 passes, rotating forms.  Anyone can fence to become the Provincial Fencing Champion.

I am the Marshal in Charge for Saturday, though I am only running the Memorial Tournament.  Leo McCallum is the current Provincial Champion and he will be running the Championship.  Sir Tanaka is the Marshal in Charge for Sunday. 

Fellow Marshals are always welcome to help with authorizations and inspections.  The reduced armor rules will not be allowed on both days. 

The fencing list will open at 12:30.  The fencing WILL follow real world time, as we have a tight schedule.
Any questions, please contact me off list.
In Service,
Alexander MacLachlan

Third , Of Course, There is Fighting ...

Unto the Staff of this year's John Barleycorn Event and the populace at large, Lord Ervald the Optimistic does give Greetings and present these rules of the Tournaments to be held on Saturday at the Event
First will be the Viscount Sir Master Master Edward Zifran of Gendy the Bloody Bastard Baron of the Eastern Court Memorial Unbelted Challenge.  This Tournament is only open to UNBELTED Fighters.  There will be a written portion and a fighting portion.  The written portion will be a selection of questions Every Fighter Should Know If They Want To Be A Knight .A score of 60 or higher (out of 100) is REQUIRED to be considered for the Prize in the Fighting portion , though all unbelted fighters, regardless of score , will be able to fight in the fighting portion.  The Fighting Portion will consist of a Round-Robin Tournament.  Each win is worth two(2) points to the winner, each "double-kill" is worth one(1) point.  The Fighter with the most points at the end wins the Fighting Portion.  Only Fighters who score a 60 or above on the written exam will receive points.  There will be prizes given for Best Test Score , Most Wins fighting , and Overall High Score.
Concurrent with this Tournament will be a Round -Robin of all BELTED Fighters.  The Winner of this Tournament will Fight the Winners of both the written and the Fighting Portion ,in the order of their choosing.
When it is done, We will have a "Warlord Tourney".  Fighters will be paired randomly.  After each fight , the pair will become a two-person team, with the winner being the "Commander".  The pairs will be matched against each other randomly.  These bouts will result in Four -person teams, led by the "Commander" of the winning pair This will continue until Two teams have been built, who will fight the Final Round .In this way all the Fighters will get a variety of Tourney experiences in one day.  YIS, Ervald

Fourth, We have our Thrown Weapons Tournament

Niento merda, there I was working in the vineyard outside Lady Angelica's enotecha (wine store).We were bored and decided to have a contest.  Use an axe to cut the grapes off the vine.  BUT, you had to hit the right spot so you didn't damage the vine or the grapes.  Just then, we heard a noise inside and investigated.  Thieves were stealing her wine !!I quickly unsheathed my stiletto and threw, my blade striking true and not harming her precious wares.  I saw the last of these Tuscan Raiders running out of the store and stopped them clod by throwing my spear through the Buchetta-del-Vino (Wine Hole).
6 axes - cut the shoot on the mark + 5 points. 
= 3 points if off by 2 -4 inches, + 1 point if off by 4-6 inches.
6 knives - +5 points for hitting the Raider , - 2 points for hitting a bottle (0 is the lowest score) .
3 Spears - +5 points for getting it through the wine hole.
Tournament to be run by our current Thrown Weapons Champion Lady Raymonda The Second (she/her) with the assistance of Lord Ronan FitzRobert (he/him) .All may play, BUT, you must declare if you wish to compete for Baronial Champion.  To Contact Ronan -
RECENTY ADDED Please join ATHENA'S thimble for an embroidery panel at 1p.m.  If you're interested in learning more about embroidery or panelling a piece you've worked on .If you are paneling a piece, Please visit the AT website for a pannel form.  :

For those so inclined, We are happy to announce the John Barleycorn Memorial Brewing Competition 12 noon for drop off entries in competition.  1-4 judging.

Once again, We are delighted to host the John Barleycorn Memorial Brewing Competition !!  Master Richard the Poor of Ely will be in charge (as usual).
There will be Five Categories :
BEER:  Anything grain-based.
WINE:  Anything where the sugars come from fruit.
MEAD:  Anything honey-based.
OTHER:  Things that don't easily fit into the other categories.
OPEN:  A sort of "Anything Goes" category-"Periodness" not required.

For the first four categories ,Documentation is REQUIRED.  At the very least, the judges need to know what it is they are tasting.  In the "Open" category, while documentation or at least a recipe will be helpful, it will not be mandatory.  That bottle that's so old you don't remember how it was made? We'll give it a try!!  The "grapefruit melomel" you made just to see if you could? Challenge Accepted !!

Further Details will be made available as soon as we make them up ...

NOTE:  We can use judges!!  The only requirement is that you are old enough to drink.  The only restriction is that you can't judge in a category that you've entered.  If Master Richard has to judge everything on his own , expect the winning entries to be the ones where he got the Best Bribes...

Recently added to our Day's activities ; Please join Athena's Thimble for an embroidery panel at 1p.m.  ,if you're interested in learning more about embroidery or panelling a piece you've worked on .If you are pannelling a piece, please visit the AT website for a panel form :  https//

We have Youth activities ...

The Youth who have traveled from near and far to our beautiful Province will have the opportunity to participate in a few Activities and Classes of their own.  Opportunities to try out the Japanese game of Kemari,try out a few medieval tabletop games or even participate in a Scavenger Hunt will be available.  There will also be a class for children on Heraldry with an activity where they can design their own Heraldry and a Kumihimo Class where they can learn an A&S activity that will keep them busy during Court. 

We Also will have Youth Combat ...
Our Youth will have an opportunity to hone their skill ,Kids ages 6-17 are invited to join us on the Youth armored Combat Field.  We'll provide training, Assign kids to appropriate divisions for their age and size, and hold Tournaments to test skills and build a sense of Chivalric Honor and Fair Play.  Loaner gear will be available (in limited quantities), or bring your own--hockey or lacrosse - style helmets ,gloves, knee and elbow pads are generally serviceable, and properly-fitting groin protection is always useful.  More details TBA

Calling All bakers and Dessert Makers ! 
Queen Indrakshi has a sweet tooth and is seeking desserts to satisfy her craving at Barleycorn !!  Will our people "Rise" to the Challenge?
Every Entrant is a Winner ,but only One will be selected "Queen's Choice".  This title comes with Bragging Rights and a $50 Charity Donation made in the Selected Individual's Name , Courtesy of the New Viceregents , Lady Angelica and Lady Sofya .
What do you have to do to participate in this Fun and Delicious Challenge??
Email Lady Sofya at 206055 with your entry, ingredient list, recipe, and portion size.  Drop your Dessert off with our Dayboard Staff on your arrival Saturday, September 3rd .Entries do not have to be period, only Delicious!!  Multiple Entries are absolutely allowed and encouraged !!

The Queen will decide who will hold this Coveted Title at 3pm on Saturday , so get your entries in early!!

We are having activities on Sunday for those of you joining us for the weekend ...

Be it known far and wide ,
Their Gracious Majesties Ryouko'jin and Indrakshi wish to have a Tournament !  On Sunday, Sunday ,Sunday the 4th!  Come and "Fight for a Cause" !  BUT, don't come alone!  This is a Pair/Team Tournament.  One Heavy Fighter and One Fencer.  So pair up tygers ,and see who fights the fiercest for a noble cause.  See Their Majesties smile at the East Fighters !  See Sir Tanaka ,A sight to behold ,run this Tournament.  Tanaka.  Tanaka!  Tanaka!!!! 
All proceeds from it will go to a Charity of the Winning Team's Choice !  And the Winners will be named PEOPLE'S CHAMPIONS by Their Majesties !  Additionally each combatant will be asked to pay a small entrance fee if they are able to sweeten the final pot and there will be a donation bucket.  There will also be a Fundraiser Auction on Saturday the 3rd !  To raise the donations even higher !  So Be There!  Be There!  BE THEE THERE !
(read quickly) You do have to enter to fight and win.  Teams may come up with their own team names if they so choose.  Winners may choose a Charity from the given list or may submit a Charity of their choice at least 2 weeks before the Event, so the Charity may be verified.

For Those who prefer the "Thrill of the Hunt without Weapons" We Welcome you to our "Second Annual Bartertown At Barleycorn" run by the Lovely Lady Raymonda The Second.  Now that She will relinquish her Title of Thrown Weapons Champion and will need "Barter Therapy" .  Sunday set-up at 12:30 barter to begin at 1p.m.  All barter must end at 3 p.m.  before Court.  There will be NO money exchange for items, only trade.  Items must be SCA related.  Tables are limited, First Come ,First Serve.  All others must set up a blanket or personal table.
Personal note from the Head Decorator :  The only "Rule" is:  We are sharing space with other Decorated activities .There will be lots of Decor on loan to us, not up for trade.  Last year Decor went missing ,it saddens us that this oversite happened , we endeavor to correct ourselves this year.

This Celebration is EARLIER (Labor Day Weekend) than our Traditional Date and we are pleased to announce that THIS YEAR there will be CAMPING for those so inclined (for a small site fee)
We ask that STAFF and Campers ONLY show up on Friday for set -up (after 4 pm) and Daytripping ATTENDEES on Saturday (10 am)and Sunday (10 am) with ALL to depart on Monday by 12 Noon.
Please Note :  We do urge Everyone to Pre-Register for this Glorious Weekend Event !! 

Site Opens: 4 pm Friday STAFF and Campers ONLY (for Set-Up) /10 am Saturday/Sunday Daytripping ATTENDEES
Site Closes: 12 Noon Monday

Event Location

Putnam County Veterans Memorial Park
201 Gipsy trail road
Kent, NY  10512
Google Map

Registration Fees

Registration Fees :
Adult 2 day - $45 ($40 with membership)
Adult $45 - SATURDAY ONLY - $30 ($25 with membership)
Adult - SUNDAY ONLY - $30 ($25 with membership)
Minor (12-17) -2 day -$15
Minor (12-17) -SATURDAY ONLY $10
Minor (12-17) - SUNDAY ONLY $10
Child under 12 Free

Maximum Family (Weekend) :
$100 for two Adult Members for the weekend ,plus 2 or more youths
$105 for one Adult Member and one Adult Non-Member for the weekend plus 2 or more youths
$110 for two Adult Non-Members for the weekend ,plus 2 or more youths
$60 for one Adult Member for the weekend ,plus 2 or more youths
$65 for one Adult Non-Member for the weekend ,plus 2 or more youths

Maximum Family (One Day) :
$65 for two Adult Members for one day ,plus 2 or more youths
$70 for one Adult Member and one Adult Non-Member for one day ,plus 2 or more youths
$75 for two Adult Non-Members for one day ,plus 2 or more youths
$40 for one Adult Member for one day,plus 2 or more youths
$45 for one Adult Non-Member for one day ,plus 2 or more youths

Note, There will be a Site Fee $5 per tent/ per night Please add this to you registration.

Any questions regarding the Family Cap not listed Above or any other reservation questions,Please reach out to and /or

Please send SCA Name ,Proof of Membership number, Mundane Name ,Email address and Cell Phone number for Contact Tracing requirement.Covid Vaccination card/test results will be checked at troll
A Photo of each Member Card or print out is also highly encouraged to help speed you way through Troll.

Rolling Dayboard included for Saturday Attendees
Rolling Dayboard included for Sunday Attendees
Reservation Deadline August 20,2022
Event Refund Policy :  No Refunds will be issued if the Event does not make a profit.Refunds are available,but must be requested via email,text message or letter postmarked to the Event Steward and/or Reservations Clerk at least 48 hours BEFORE the Event.  If payment was made using PayPal ,PayPal Fees will be deducted from any refund issued.Extenuating Circumstances will be reviewed on a Case by Case Basis by the Event Steward. 

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NY INC.  OSTGARDR

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Lady Aurora ffolkes
Katherine DeSantis-Martin

Send Reservations to:

Please Note :At This Time We Have Started A Wait List; As We Are at Capacity and can no longer accept Paypal registration.  Please email Lord Francisco to be put on the Wait list at
PayPal Registration :
Note:  A PayPal invoice will be generated within 24 hours of the online pre-registration information being submitted .Online pre-registration is not complete until the PayPal invoice has been paid.
Send Mail In Registrations to Head Gate Keeper Lord Francisco de Braga
Francisco Duraes
20 Cromwell Dr.
Poughkeepsie ,N.Y.  12603

Other Contact Information:

There is Limited Electricity at this Site.  There are a few flush and Handicap Bathrooms with diapering in each.  We will have additional port-a-johns on site.  Bathrooms are NOT for changing.  We will have Changing areas set up.  There are 2 showers available.  We will have Coffee, Tea ,snacks and a microwave in the barn.  No Cooking fire of any kind as per the Site.  There will be 1 above ground fire pit in the evening TBA as per the Site.  There are Shaded Areas with picnic tables.  There will be an area for the Brewing Competition, Royalty Heralds, Vigil Village, etc.
Set on top of a hill, there is almost always a breeze.  In the event of rain ; there is an Indoor Structure. 

Site Rules

Do not tie anything to the trees or shrubs or damage them.
No smoking in the park.
The park does not allow pets.
Campfires and camp stoves are not permitted to be used on site.
The site is very discreetly damp.  Please use period containers only.
Do not park cars on the grass unless the area is specifically designated for parking.
You may drive up into the site beyond parking if you have an handicapped tag to unload, but then you will need to move your car to parking.
The event is being held outdoors.  All attendees should dress accordingly and consider the possibility of inclement weather when planning.
Bathrooms:  Bathrooms are located inside the barn, plus additional port-a-johns throughout the site
Showers:  There are 2 showers behind the barn that are available for attendees to use
Seating and Shade:  Please bring your own seating for Court.  There are several covered pavilions that will be available for shade.  There are also a number of picnic tables available for use.
Parking for the event is free on site.  There is a significant walk (approximately 650 ft.) from the parking area to the main tournament fields and main event area, and due to site road limitations, non-event staff vehicles are not allowed past the parking area without a handicapped tag.  Please plan for transporting your gear to the main area of the event.
The site is outdoors with significant slopes in some areas and some rough pathways.  If you have accessibility questions or concerns, please email the autocrat, Lady Aurora ffolkes at