Vineland Raids: Champion of Champions Competition

Hosted by Barony of Smoking Rocks - Yarmouth Port, MA

Event date: June 23rd, 2023 - June 25th, 2023

Event Last Modified: June 16th, 2023

Event details

Who is the Champion of Champions? Let’s find out.

Come join us in the Barony of Smoking Rocks, where we will test the skill of the Baronial Champions from across the East Kingdom to see who can claim the title of Champion of Champions.

We will hold Rattan, Rapier, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Bardic and A&S competitions for all Baronial and other local group champions to see who wins bragging rights to this grand title.  Then!  Once all is complete, which barony will be able to claim that they have the greatest champions of all!?

Competition formats:

Arts and Sciences:
The Barony of Smoking Rocks is calling all artisans.  You are all invited to bring your creations to the Raids.  Bring your best, your first, your latest, your favorite, the most comical piece, or the one that didn’t go so well.  Bring what you wish to present and celebrate!  Documentation is not needed but a short description will be appropriated.  There will be a panel of Judges so display your best to impress.  During this Raids, the Baron and Baroness will be searching for a new A&S Champion for Smoking Rocks.  You do not need to be of the Barony to compete for the title of Champion. 

Speaking of Champions, if you are the A&S Champion for your Barony or Shire, the Baron and Baroness invite you to compete for the title of Champion of Champions.  Their insert fancy title here ask that you bring a new display along with documentation that is one page minimum.  Bring your best work to impress the panel of judges.  Not only will you be able to get bragging rights in the A&S community but you can be part of your Barony/Shire claim to all of the East Kingdom, that they have the greatest of all champions.

Overall Championship tournament
The tournament will start with full introductions of the fencing champions.  The champions will be announced with full pomp and circumstance played up to the full extent to add to the atmosphere of the event – banners, heralds, accomplishments, etc.
The tournament will follow a single elimination format.  No fencing spears may be used.  No dagger fights.
After introductions Smoking Rocks will present their champion first.  The challenger to Smoking Rocks will be selected from a hat chosen by one of the other participants groups representative(s).
The bout will then be fought best 2 out of 3 passes bringing their best weapons form.  Double kills will be refought twice.  If there is no winner, then both fencers will be considered dead and out of the tournament.
The next pairing will then be selected from the hat and the passes fought as described above.  This method for pairings will continue until all of the representatives in the tournament have been paired.  If there is one group left over, they will fight a destructive bye. 
After the first round, pairings will be made to attempt to have the combatants face different opponents for the subsequent rounds. 
For the final round the last two combatants will face off in a best 3 out of 5 bringing their best forms.  Double kills will be refought until there is a winner.

Jack of all Trades – Master of all, one, some or none
This tournament will feature 5 individual tournaments that will feed into a double elimination.  Each “mini” tournament will feature one of five fencing weapons forms which will be:
Single Rapier
Rapier and Dagger
Rapier and parry (rigid or non rigid and not a dagger).
Each of the “mini” tournaments will be run using Atlantian speed format (combatants pair off in two lines).  If there is someone left over they will automatically move on to the next round.  Once paired the combatants will go and fight best 2 out of 3.  Losers are out of that weapons form “mini” tournament.  Winners will move on and be repaired for the next round.  Pairing will continue until there are 4 combatants left.  These 4 will move on to the next round.  This format will be used for each of the 5 “mini” tournaments.  A combatant may enter as many of the “mini” tournaments as they so choose.  There will be advantages for winning more than one of the “mini” tournaments that will transfer into the next round.
If a combatant enters more than one round and advances out of that “mini” tournament, this will remove the opportunity for others to advance.  For example, a combatant enters single and advances, then enters case and also advances.  This means that for the next round instead of 10 combatants advancing there will only be 9.
The second round of the tournament will be a double elimination style.  Bouts will be fought 2 out of 3 fights with combatants having to use one of the weapon styles in which they qualified.  For example, if a combatant only entered and qualified with single, they can only fight in round 2 with single rapier.  If they qualified single and single and dagger, then they can choose to fight either form.  Also, if a combatant qualified with more than one form, they would get the following extra “lives” in the second round
1 qualifying win – 0 extra lives. 
2 qualifying wins – 1 extra life.
3 or 4 qualifying wins – 2 extra lives
5 qualifying wins – 3 extra lives
The extra lives can be used in the double elimination portion to stay in the tournament.  A combatant can use these extra lives to erase a loss in any of the rounds except the finals in the best 2 out of 3 passes.  For example, a combatant loses 2 fights, if they have an extra life available, they can cash that in and erase one of those losses and the passes will continue as if the combatant had only lost once.  These extra lives can be used whenever the combatant wants throughout the round until their extra lives are used up.  Byes will simply move on to the next round in either bracket.
Finals.  The finals will be best 3 out of 5.  Combatants will rotate weapons forms through all of the forms outlined above or that they are authorized in.  Forms cannot be repeated.  Forms do not have to match.  Doubles will be refought until there is a winner.
Fencing Spear Tournament (if time allows)
Fencing spears will be used.  Any length can be used up to the maximum allowed of 9’.  Lengths do not have to match for the bouts.  Secondary weapons or shields are not permitted.  Spears will be available to borrow.
This will be an Atlantian speed tournament where the combatants will pair off in a line and go off and fight the best 2 out of 3 bouts.  It will be double elimination.  Doubles will be refought once.  If there is no winner, both are considered dead and are either out or move to the loser list.  Finals will be best 3 out of 5.

Heavy Arms: 
The day will begin with the presentation of worthies to the seated champion sponsors at the baronial pavilion.  The tourney will consist of 3 round robin pools for all attendees, mixing both declared Baronial/Shire or Household champions with the general fighters.  The first round will be choice and the top 4 winners (2 general and 2 declared champions) are listed for the final round.  The pools will be reset, and the second round will consist of a round robin with a different form from the first round, with the top four picked.  Again, the pools will be reset, and fighters will choose a third yet unchosen weapon for this round.  Once again the top four will be picked with pool being evened, out by those placing next for any worthies that have won their pools more than once!  The Final fighters will then enter into a single elimination tourney.  The final two champions will fight a best of three final with weapons chosen by the gallery of Sponsors.  There will be a prize for the top Chosen champion and general winner.
After a break we will adjourn to the woods where these top two finishers will muster a force from the pool of fighters and take on the challenge of a one hour woods battle for greater glory!!

All are welcome to participate in a roving range of 6 targets including:  a longish range one, a short distance one, and s couple precision targets.  There will be a final shoot off between the 4 highest scores of those entered into the Champion of Champions category.

Thrown Weapons:
Each entrant in the Thrown Weapons competition will complete one Royal Round.  Contestant with the highest score wins.

Children's Activities:
with consist of Butter Making, Mask Making, Banner Making, Medieval Twister, Jesters Marottes, Balancing butterflies, and Pigs bladder balloons.  These activities will be divided between the 10:00 am to noon time slot, and the 1:00 to 3:00 time slot.
Do you have a teenager looking for something fun to do while they are there? Smoking Rocks is looking for a few good teens to help out with children's activities.  They can help either in the morning or the afternoon.

Classes on Saturday:
10:00 Starting at the Forester's Camp Walk on the Wild Side (Starting at the Forester's Camp):  Did you know that most of the weeds in your yard are not only edible but highly nutritious? Join us for an easy-paced wild edibles & medicinals walk.  We'll saunter around the area and identify native and naturalized plants that we can eat or use to treat illnesses and emergencies.  Wear comfortable walking shoes, and bring an inquiring mind.
11:00 Introduction to smocking (In the Mess Hall)
3:00 Introduction to hand sewing drop in hour (in the pavilion) -"Never held a sewing needle? Not sure how to knot it and get started? Join Lady Ella de Caleys for an Intro to Hand-Sewing.  Drop in to learn how to sew a simple drawstring bag."

1st - Bread, honey butter, cheese spread , golden apples and muscle stew. 
2nd - Roasted chicken, salmon pie, glazed carrots, garbanzo and spinach, peaches and cream. 
3rd- Roast pork with apples, barley in veg stock, onion and cheese tart, apple-currant and pear compote.

Check in:  3:00 – 10:00
Merchants open 3:00-6:00
Baronial fencing championships - 5:00 at the Pavilion

Gate opens – 7:00-3:00
A&S entry registration – 9:00-11:00 in the Mess Hall
Heavy Arms inspections- 10:00
Thrown Weapons champions tourney – 10:00
Children's Activities - 10:00 at the Pavilion
Heavy Arms champions tourney – 11:00
Archery inspections – 12:30
Archery Champions tourney – 1:00
Children's Activities - 1:00 at the Pavilion
Fencing inspections – 1:30
Fencing champions Tourney – 2:00
Woods Battle - 3:00
Court – 4:00 at the Pavilion
Feast – 6:00 at the Pavilion
Bardic – dark at the amphitheater
Final score and presentation of pennon

Site closes at noon.

Site Opens: 3:00pm
Site Closes: 12:00 Noon

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Event Location

Camp Greenough
227 Pine Street
Yarmouth Port, MA  02675
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From the Sagamore Bridge take route 6 East.
Take exit 75 toward Union St.
Turn left onto Station Ave.
Turn Left onto White Rock Rd.
Turn Left onto Pine St.
Turn Right into Camp.

Registration Fees

Weekend Adult nonmembers (18 years and older):  $25
Weekend Adult Members (18 years and older):  $20
Weekend Youth (14 years to 17 years old):  $15
Weekend Family Cap:  $85
Day Adult Nonmemer (18 years and older):  $20
Day Adult Member (18 years and older):  $15
Day Youth (14 years to 17 years old):  $10
Day Children (13 years and younger):  free
Day Family Cap $60

Adult (18 years and older):  $12
Youth (10 years to 17 years):  $10
Children (10 years and younger):  Free

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Paypal registration end date:  6/18/23

A PayPal invoice will be generated within 24 hours of the online preregistration information being submitted.  Online preregistration is not complete until the PayPal invoice has been paid.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA MA, INC Barony of Smoking Rocks

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Mistress Nest verch Tangwistel
MKA Tanya Sanders

Send Reservations to:

Liz Gerald
PO Box 1605
Onset, MA 02558

Other Contact Information:

Merchant Coordinator
Yosef Alaric

There are 32 bunks available in the bunk house for no additional charge.  To request a bunk space please preregister, and then contact Baroness Sabina at