100 Minutes War and East Kingdom Novice Day

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Hosted by Shire of Rusted Woodlands - Sparta, NJ

Event date: November 20th, 2021

Event Last Modified: November 17th, 2021

Event details

100 Minutes War XXXI and East Kingdom Novice Day Event

As winter's woeful song begins to sweep across the woodlands once again, our thoughts turn to friends, a warm fire and War!!!  The Shire of Rusted Woodlands is delighted to invite the valiant warriors of The East Kingdom and her cousins to test their mettle once again at 100 Minutes War. 

This year we also welcome our East Kingdom Novices for the celebration of East Kingdom Novice Day Tournament before the start of the 100 Minutes War. 

***Although we strive to plan and produce the best possible event and experience for our local and expanded family, we cannot promise that the pandemic will not touch our event.  We will be increasing our volunteer staff, in order to keep up on our cleanliness.  Masks are absolutely required in the Hall and ground, this is not only our preference but it is now Kingdom Mandate.  If you are actively fighting you may remove your mask when your helmet is on.  We ask that all patrons social distance.  Hand sanitizer stations will be put up throughout the event space.  Given the growing concern with the Covid 19 virus, we support and are implementing the the Kingdom decision to have either your Covid Vaccination Card or an official negative test (within 72 hours) either digitally or on paper before being able to Troll in.  Your information will NOT be recorded in any way.  We do ask of you are feeling unwell, to please stay home.  ***

East Kingdom Novice Day

The East Kingdom Novice Day tournament will begin at 9:00 AM sharp and will end when we have a winner.  This year we are welcoming Rapier and Heavy armored combatants with under three years of active fighting experience.  Combatants will have to have valid authorizations in the form they wish to fight in.  All contenders absolutely must be present and armored by 9:00 AM.  There will be clearly marked signs as to where. 

East Kingdom Novice Day will also be hosting an Arts and Sciences competition withing the main hall.  There will be a clearly marked table.  These submissions will be judged by peers and populace together, in order to show off the work in the best way.  The East Kingdom is very proud of all our competing Novices. 

Schedule for East Kingdom Novice Day Tournament and competition. 

8:30-9:00 Check in and inspection
9:15 Tournament Commences for Rapier and Heavy.
Tournament ends when a clear winner is chosen. 

All Arts and Sciences should be handed in to the receiving table within the main hall by 10:00 AM.  The table will be marked. 

Winners will be called into court and given a scroll. 

The 100 Minutes War

Due to the popularity of this event, we do ask that all combatants be armored and ready to fight at the scheduled time.

Armored Combat Schedule
10:00AM:  Inspection and Authorizations. 
11:30AM:  Captains Tournament
12:00 -3:00:  100 Minutes War

Fencing Schedule
10:00AM:  Inspection and Authorizations.
11:00AM-3:00:  Tournament

Youth Fighting Schedule
10:30AM:  Check in
11:30AM:  Youth Tournament

Archery Range Schedule.
11:00AM:  Range Open
4:00PM:  Range Closes

Heavy List Activities:
Marshal in Charge:  Sir Arne Ulrickson

As is tradition, a speed tourney will be held to decide the day's captains.
Combatants will enjoy the standard 100 minute resurrection melee with each kill being tallied for points.

This year, we aim to maximize your fighting time and minimize your walk time from the resurrection point, back to the action!  Stay tuned for specific instructions and battleground information!

Fencing Activities:
Marshal in charge:  Ciaran ua Meic Thire

Fencers!  Come and.  Join us!  We will have our snowball tourney to pick teams and then it's into the woods!  Protect your ambassador and find your enemies, but keep your eyes peeled!  Snow may be on the ground but there is a lava tunnel nearby and the lava-otters may make an appearance!  Will they be friend? Will they be foe? Not even they know!

Youth Fighting Activities:
Marshal in charge:  TBA

Come join us for a Youth Combat tournament.  Specific games and competitions will be dependent on the number of youth combatants present.

Archery Activities: 
Marshal in Charge:  TBA

There will be a small tournament and if interest is shown, Royal Rounds.  The tournament can be shot at any time during the day but the range will close at 4:00PM.

Thrown Weapons Activities:
Marshal in Charge:  TBA

It takes every Lord, Lady, Gentle and Child to fight a war!  No previous War experience required.  This will be a fun learning environment with Marshals available to teach beginners how to throw weapons.  Loaner items will be available, but will be limited due to the need to sanitize items after each use. 

Court will start between 4:30-5:00
We have a particularly wonderful court scheduled this War, in a brand new, well lit 250 person Pavilion, weather dependant we may move court to the main hall.  We do ask that everyone dress appropriately.  This event has been known to be chilly, if not cold at night.  For the continued comfort and safety of our beloved guests, all court will be held outside or in a well ventilated area.  Please bring what you will to make sure you are comfortable during our proceedings. 

Site Opens:  8:30 AM
Site Closes:  7:00 PM

We will need to make sure we can contact trace everyone who attends our event.  Please fill out our pre-registration form by November 17th, 2021.  There is currently no attendee cap at this event.

Due to changes that we've been inspired to make, in order to keep our event safe and organized we've created a Pre-authorization link.  Please fill out the form attached. 


All event admissions will be paid at Troll, day of.  Please bring exact funds, change will be limited. 

This is the fee schedule. 

Adult members:  $20
Adult non-members:  $25
Youth (ages 6-17):  $10
Children (ages 5 & under):  free

Food will be offered.  Times and fare to be announced. 

***Please be advised that the presentation an official vaccination card or an official negative test ( taken with in 72 hours of your arrival to site) is a necessity before being admitted to troll.  The negative test can be presented on paper or on an electronic device.  Vaccination Card needs to be legible and in good condition.  Your legal name must match the name printed on the vaccination card.  If you cannot produce either of these things upon entry to site you will not be admitted to the event***

Weather is very unpredictable in November.  We do ask that you keep an eye on the weather reports and dress appropriately.  Court location is to be announced, weather dependant. 

Kingdom and her cousins to test mettle once again, at the 100 Minutes War.

Site Opens: 8:30
Site Closes: 7:00PM

Event Location

Camp Sacagawea
844 White Lake Road
Sparta, NJ  07871
Google Map


From the North take 23 south, to 94 south and turn left onto White Lake Road.

From the West take 80 east to 517 north to 15 North and turn right onto White Lake Road. 

From the South take Route 1 North, to 287 North, to 15 North and Turn right on to White Lake Road.

Registration Fees

Please pre-register at the following site.  All fees will be collected at Troll.  Please have your payment ready at the gate. 


Individually wrapped BBQed Sausages, Burgers and Vegetarian options will be offered.  As well as soups.  Times are TBA. 

Please pre-register all by November 15th, 2021.

Make Checks Payable to: The Shire of Rusted Woodlands

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Autocrat:  Sir Tanaka Raiko:

Deputy:  Lady Eyjá of the Isles

Deputy:  Lord Syrian Dobbs

Send Reservations to:


Other Contact Information:

Merchants will be open, we do however have a 50 person limited space with in the hall.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.  Please conduct your business and please bring chairs and anything you may need be comfortable at an outdoor event, in November, in North New Jersey.  We thank you for your understanding and patience.