ad servitium somnium- a service schola

Hosted by Shire of Hartshorn-dale - Anywhere, PA

Event date: March 27th, 2021

Event Last Modified: March 24th, 2021

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Join us for a day for learning how to be of service.  Be that at a Local, Kingdom or Society level.  We will be hosting classes focused on service in the SCA.  Class list and schedule will be updated as they are available.
We have had many offers from those that wish to share their knowledge and wisdom.  We thank you for this.

There will be the opportunity for teachers to record their classes.  This is up to the individual teachers and the persons attending a class that will be recorded will be notified prior to recording beginning.

Garb is encouraged for this event but by no means a requirement.

** To make your experience in break out rooms for this event it is encouraged that you check your Zoom software to make sure that it is updated**

Event Zoom Information:
Meeting ID:  594 248 0293
Passcode:  Hartshorn

Schedule for the event:
10-10:15 am Introduction and welcome to teachers and attendees

Autocrat 101- Everything and Anything that you need to know about holding and running events on any scale.  The panel has extensive knowledge and
experience with running events both small and grand.  This 2 hour class will be followed by an open AMA of the panelists until 2:15 pm
The teaching panel includes:  Anne de Basillon, Fia Kareman, Collin Munro, Owyn Greenwood, Ellesbeth Donfry and Alison Wodehall.


Serving your local group as an officer:  Sayyida (Lady) Yasamin al-Sardaniyya, Called Jaz Exchequer, Barony of Buckland Cross.  Learn more about the local
level of officers and why they are more important than you might think.

Serve it Forth:  Food as service in the SCA.  Baron Mael Eoin,Companion of the order of the Pelican.  He has served in many areas within the SCA.
One of the joys at many of our events is sharing food and drink with those around us.  While striving for
authenticity is admirable, we're going to look at differences between food as A&S and food as service, highlight some of the common hurdles we
encounter as cooks and share tips and tricks for successful dayboards, feasts and other shared meals.  Hopefully we can lower the bar some for newer
cooks, share tips experienced and inexperienced cooks alike can use and talk through challenges we've experienced.


** Time Change*** Reservations and running of the gate at events:  Eleanor Catlyng.  Learn more about running gate at events.  What is needed for the
process to run smoothly

** Cancelled***Site selection and budgeting for events :  Mistress Brownwen Rose of Greyling.  How to properly budget for an event while not breaking
the bank.

Levels of service in the society :  Mistress Brunissende Dragonette de Broceliande.  There are many levels of service within our society and none is
too small.

Smooth(er), Low(er)-Drama Officer Transitions.  Taught by Hlæfdige (Baroness) Eadgyth æt Stæningum, OP has been chronicler, TW marshal, rides
coordinator, event registrar and/or gatekeeper, autocrat, &c.  for the Barony of Carolingia; and is currently the EK Deputy Earl Marshal - Thrown
Weapons, and the EK Clerk of Laws. 
Some advance planning and preparation can facilitate hand-offs of local group offices.  This will be a diiscussion of lessons learned...with a notes

The Royal Household:  What does it mean to serve? Mistress Ellesbeth Donofrey
I have had the honor of serving multiple Royal Households in a range of capacities from Queen’s Guard to Chief of Staff.  A reign has many moving
parts, which require volunteers to help our Royalty bring the magic to events and the SCA at large.  Being part of a Royal household is work, think of
it as being a roadie on tour.  So, when does the work really begin? How is a Royal Household created and staffed? What happens behind the curtain?
Join me as we take an in depth look at what a Royal household is and isn’t.  We’ll have open time for questions.


De-mystifying Kingdom Offices:  Mistress Medhbh inghean ui Cheallaigh.  Join the East Kingdom Seneschal along with other greater Kingdom officers to
discuss what their roles are and what being a Kingdom officer really means.


Ask Me Anything with East Kingdom Peers/Royalty

Site Opens: 10am
Site Closes: 4pm

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Lady Milissent deHaithewaite (Colleen Heath)
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Co Autocrat:  Brendan Weir

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