East Kingdom Bardic Champions

Hosted by Barony of Concordia of the Snows - your town, NY

Event date: April 24th, 2021

Event Last Modified: December 13th, 2020

Event details

Greetings unto all the East Kingdom performers from the Royal Bardic Champions, Master Grim the Skald and Lord Drake Oranwood.  We are pleased to announce that the competition to choose our successors will be held on Saturday, April 24, 2021.  Details and schedule to follow.
The competition will be held entirely online via Zoom and be live-streamed on YouTube.  Due to current restrictions, an in-person competition is not possible.

Entrants are REQUIRED to send a letter of intent to Grim (grimtheskald@gmail.com) or Drake (drakethebard@gmail.com), NO LATER than 11:59 pm on Saturday, April 7, 2021 (TWO WEEKS before the competition).
With your letter of intent, please include the following:  A RESUME
each performer shall submit a brief "resume" (such as would fit on an index card) listing the performance types and styles (e.g.  songs, stories, jests, musical instruments, poetry, improvisation of diverse kinds, etc.) they are willing to offer upon request, should the performer reach the finals.  Competitors are encouraged to be specific.  This gives the performers a chance to display versatility as well as skill; and gives the Consules additional information as they "audition" their next bardic champions.

The format for the Consules’ Kingdom Bardic Championships will be similar to the last few years.

The competition will take place over three rounds.  All performance pieces should be appropriate for an SCA audience, and demonstrate how you, as a bard, would entertain and delight an East Kingdom Court, and represent East Kingdom royalty.  All performers must perform at least one period or "period style" * piece with brief documentation, in either the first or second round.  (You are free to perform documentable work for both rounds, but you are neither required nor expected to do so.) Performers’ understanding of what constitutes SCA appropriate material for this venue (which includes families in the audience) will be evaluated as part of their performance.  **

Round 1
Pieces may not exceed 4 minutes; and can be period, period-style, or SCA-appropriate.

Round 2
Pieces may not exceed 6 minutes. 
Competitors in this round must perform a period piece if they chose to do a non-period piece in Round 1.

Round 3
The finalists will receive a performance challenge from the Consules, guided by the performer's earlier works, as well as the information obtained from the performer via their resume.  Performers will have an amount of time (between 15 and 30 minutes) to prepare between the assignment from HRM and the start of performance.  To keep the preparation time fair, finalists will not be told their order of performance when they are assigned challenges.

* A period performance is defined as a song, story, or other performance that can be plausibly documented prior to 1651.  Original compositions based on period rules of composition, original stories based on period styles, contrafacta to a period tune, and other such performances can be considered a period-style performance with the required documentation**.  For example, a performer could sing a period song with lyrics that have been rewritten modernly, tell a story from the Decameron in English, play an original tune in a period style on recorder or recite a modern English translation of an Old English poem.  Note that original works need not be written by the performer so long as the style is documentable prior to 1651.

Documentation is required for at least one of your performances in the first two rounds and can be supplied on one side of an index card (or in an electronic document with the same length restriction).  For all questions concerning documentation, or assistance, please contact one of the current Champions.
** Regarding SCA Appropriate material:
From the Champions:  We believe performers competing at the kingdom level understand what constitutes SCA appropriate performance material that is respectful to the audience, but feel free to reach out to either of us if you have questions.  What are we looking for from your performances? Given appropriate material and comportment, your first and last mandate as a bard is to entertain and engage the audience.
The Consules have indicated that they are looking for pieces that will uplift and inspire our populace.  A heavy focus on the perils and pains of the current moment in the wider world is unlikely to bring joy or delight to this audience.  This does not mean that every performance must be sweet, funny, or tell a story that ends happily.  But we invite you to consider that a critical quality in a kingdom Bardic Champion is the ability to read the room, and create moments that will leave an audience wanting more.
Not sure what to include in your resume? Here are some Sample Resumes

1) Romanus Gaius Cantus (SC, OTC, Troubadour) - Roman-style boasts, filk on any topic to the tune of the Maltese Bransle or Greensleeves, good at extemporaneous speaking, can chant war-style marching songs in Latin.  Excellent at theatre-style reading of texts I have not seen before.

2) Skihald the Viking (King's Bard to John VIII, Troubadour, Order of the Maunche, Order of the Laurel) - Perform and write Norse-styled poetry in English, tell skaldic tales from 4 to 10 minutes in length from hilarious to morose, excellent teller of jokes, intermediate juggler, have several magic tricks I have worked into period settings.  Can perform Norse-style morose jokes while juggling and performing magic.

3) Ysibeau du Provance - Period pieces in French for solo voice or recorder, Latin sacred music of the 12th century, improvisational harp.  Can write small praise poems in French and English with some notice.  Familiar with some music from most SCA periods, and SCA-appropriate songs.  I am good at selecting music for different occasions.

4) Haven Fortnight (Bard to Baron of the Place) - I know a handful of period pieces, but my strengths are really SCA-appropriate non-period songs composed by others (traditional, folk tradition, SCA-composers) or by myself.  I also play guitar.  I can write pieces on commission with some notice.  I can play and stroll at the same time.  I can write in rhyming verse on short notice on nearly any topic and present it.

Site Opens: 10 am
Site Closes: when all is cone

Event Location

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Stay home and relax.  Perform in garb and look behind you to see what else may be in your video

Registration Fees

performers must pre-register as noted above by 4/7/2021

virtual feast information to be announced at a later date

Make Checks Payable to: send no money

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Event steward is Mistress Deonna von Aachen
mka Beth Gurzler 518-693-2098, best to call between 4-8pm

Send Reservations to:

Performers are required to send letter of intent and resume by 4/7/2021 to:
Grim (grimtheskald@gmail.com) or Drake (drakethebard@gmail.com), NO LATER than 11:59 pm on Saturday, April 7, 2021 (TWO WEEKS before the competition).