The Once and Future Shire Wars Event -- Shire Wars IX.i (Shire Wars Online)

Hosted by Shire of Blak Rose - Anywhere, PA

Event date: November 7th, 2020

Event Last Modified: September 25th, 2020

Event details

We're not dead yet.

Since the SCA Board of Directors won't be allowing any real events through January 2021, We're taking Shire Wars virtual this year.  There will be an actual Shire Wars event in 2021.  Watch the calendar for details as soon as we have them.

As to this year:
(for full details, check out our website: )

A&S Display:  “A Journal of the Plague Year”

Thanks to COVID, we’ve all had a lot of time this year when we weren’t distracted by such things as work or school or movies or restaurants.  Or other people.  So, what you did do to spend the time?

Show us.

Show us that Arts & Sciences project you finished since March 1, 2020.  Or that you started after March 1, but haven’t quite finished, yet.

This is a display, not a competition, so no one will judge your work.  But they do get a chance to comment on it.  If you’d like, you can think of our A&S Display at Shire Wars IX.i as a warm-up for the Crown A&S

* * * * *

Shire Wars Largesse Derby 2020

This is a Derby to collect a bounty of gifts for Their Majesties to bestow on worthy gentiles throughout their Reign!  Help fill the coffers and have fun in the process!  Gather together a group of friends for a Melee Team, or if you prefer crafting solo, there’s a bracket for you too.  SCAdians 17 or younger can get the young ones involved by joining our Youth bracket.  No talent is too big or too small! 

The populace will judge, and there will be prizes for each category of participants.

* * * * *

Shire Wars SCAvengers’ Hunt

Welcome to the Shire Wars SCAvenger Hunt!  This is not your typical scavenger hunt.  You will be asked to take part in a most unusual series of feats and game play.  While our normal event activities have been curtailed due to the Plague that has decimated our lands, we are finding new ways to be together and entertain one another.  This is a great way to get away from the computer for a little while and spend some time doing some creative and imaginative things. 

* * * * *

We're also planning on a day of classes and activities -- including a track of children's classes -- an A&S display, an archery competition, and a virtual feast in the evening.  What classes and activities? That's up to you.  People wishing to teach a class or run some activity online (be as creative as you'd like) should submit their ideas to: 

Arts and Sciences -- Mistress Tirza bithe Reaboughes --
Martial -- Sir Hashiji Morikatsu --
Children's Activities -- Lady Rosiea Posiea --
Anything Else -- Lord Eleazar ha-Levi --

Please include the following:
Your mundane and Society names, and an email we can reach you at.
What you're proposing to do.
When you'd like to do it:  morniing, midday, afternoon.  We won't mind two thing in the sate time slot -- we're hoping, actually,to have multiple tracks of activities, including a children's track.

We're still working on the platform -- probably Google Meeting, but we'll let you know as soon as we do.

And we are going to have a feast.  Mistress Tirza was scheduled to be our cook.  She'll be posting the recipes she was planning, so you can try one or more of them.  (You can cook your on recipes or even bring take-out; we won't tell.) We're going to set up a way for people to join us in the feasting, maybe even in small groups, so you can dine with friends.  Watch for more details.

Site Opens: 9 AM
Site Closes: 8 PM

Event Location

Any Site
123 Any Street
Anywhere, PA  12345-6789
Google Map


Turn on your desktop, laptop, or phone and come join us.

We'll post a schedule of activities times, and links.

Again, our website is

Registration Fees

There are NO fees.  Ideas for events or activities should be submitted by October 31 to give us time to work things out.

Like we said, no fees.

Of couse, if you have take-out, you hve to pay for it yourselves.

Make Checks Payable to: Checks...  we don't need any checks.  A nice plaid, maybe...

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Eleazar ha-Levi
Lew Wolkoff
2118 Penn Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110

Send Reservations to:

We'll let you know if any of the classes or events have size limits as soon as WE know.

Other Contact Information:

Again, send your ideas for classes, activities, or whatever to:

Arts and Sciences -- Mistress Tirza bithe Reaboughes --
Martial -- Sir Hashiji Morikatsu --
Children's Activities -- Lady Rosiea Posiea --
Anything Else -- Lord Eleazar ha-Levi --