Pennsic Themed Bardic and Performing Arts Circle

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Event date: August 8th, 2020

Event Last Modified: July 21st, 2020

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Unto the Performers, Bards, Skalds, Scops, Minstrels, Troubadours, Trouveres, Poets, Storytellers, Skomorokhs, Balladeers, and other entertainers of the Knowne World of the SCA (and those who aspire to be such,) greetings.

I am Grim the Skald, Crown Bard of the East Kingdom.  We cannot gather this year at Pennsic due to the Plague, and I know that loss is keenly felt by us all.  Prince Magnus Tindal, Heir-Sovereign of the East Kingdom, wisely suggested to me that we might have an Etherial Bardic Night where performers may regale the populace with stories, poems, songs, or other performances of Pennsic.  To this end, we have assembled the means to have a Bardic Circle from isolation, and invite all performers who can entertain us on this theme.  We ask that your performance be on the subject of Pennsic, but any aspect of Pennsic (i.e.  a poem of a Pennsic battle, a song in praise of the Pennsic workers, a story about a gracious gesture by a Queen at Pennsic, etc.) is fine.
All else are welcome to attend, watch, and listen to performances about Pennsic on our over-long Town Run.  Performers are nothing without an audience!

In Service to the Society
Grim the Skald
Crown Bard of the East Kingdom

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Master Grim the Skald

East Kingdom College of Performers Chatelaine Lord Douglas Doan

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Ethereal East Kingdom
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