Bergental Virtual Campfire Bardic Champion Event

Hosted by Barony of Bergental - Any, NY, MA

Event date: August 1st, 2020

Event Last Modified: July 25th, 2020

Event details

***MOVED TO AUG.  1st.  - thank you for understanding!!!****

Greetings unto the great populace of the East! 

As we miss our friends, campfires, and gatherings, it is our intention to have a virtual event to alleviate our situation.  To that end the Baron of Bergental and his Bardic Champion, Sir Tomaz, are pleased to invite any and all that would compete for a chance to stand as the next Baronial Bardic Champion.  The plan is that Zoom will open at 1 PM and at 1:30 PM we will start competition.

Format and Rules are as follows:

- Anyone is welcome to compete for the title of champion provided:      
- You are willing to represent the barony in the discipline that you have become champion in.   
- You are willing to encourage others to try to participate in this discipline, especially newcomers.    
- You are willing to participate in kingdom events in your discipline as a champion of the barony.

- All competitors should come prepared with 3 pieces.  This includes one original piece of any format (song, story, poem, boast) written in praise of the previous baronesses (as a whole) of Bergental. These pieces can be pre-recorded and uploaded to a google drive posted in the performer form.  We ask that these files be named XXX_YYY where xxx is your SCAdian name and yyy title of the song. 
- This will be a 2 round competition.   
 - 1st Round - a poll of the audience on Zoom as to which choice the competitor will perform.  Huzzah for audience participation!          
- Bergental Baroness praise piece. 
        - Piece of the performer's choice.
          - The Baron chooses! 
 - 2nd Round - Top 3
          - Whichever piece (praise piece or artist's choice) was not performed in the first round. 

Audience participation: To be respectful of the performers everyone who enters the Zoom room will be defaulted to a muted setting.  We will unmute all at the end of each performance for applause and encouragement.  Feel free to use the reactions in the chat window, leave a comment in the chat, or use the ASL sign for applause as non verbal cheer options. 

There is a high probability that the performance portions of the event will be recorded for the artists and for posterity.  There will be a notification and disclaimer prior to room entry if this is the case. 

Site Opens: 1:00 PM EST
Site Closes: 4:00 PM EST

Event Location

Any, NY, MA  01571
Google Map


Zoom Meeting details will be posted 24 hours prior to the Event.  Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Registration Fees

Not Applicable - See Reservations Sent To section below for details.

Make Checks Payable to: Not Applicable

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Caroline Daniel
Perronnelle de Croy
774.563.0019 (please no calls after 8 PM)

Send Reservations to:

Audience Members: 
To access the event please fill out the form -
(Zoom details will be provided at the end)

Performers please fill out this form:
(Please note that the form will close 24 hours prior to the event start time - 1 pm on Friday, July 31st.  Zoom details will be provided at the end)