Falling Leaves 2020 ~Online~

Hosted by Barony of Carolingia - Your City, MA

Event date: September 12th, 2020

Event Last Modified: September 11th, 2020

Event details

Welcome to Falling Leaves in Exile!

This year we are unable to gather in person, but we aren't letting that stop us from gathering at the end of the summer and celebrating with a day of entertainments and activities.  Please join us and find links in the schedule to the right.  Please visit the Falling Leaves Online website to find links for meetings and videos!

10:00 am - Opening Welcome from Their Excellencies - Join Baroness Raziya and Baron Thomas as we begin our day with a few opening remarks.

All Day - Arts and Sciences Display - See and discuss the thoughtful research, incredible handiwork, and astounding accomplishments of members of the Barony

10:30 am - Carolingia's Test Kitchen - Join members of Carolingia's Cook's Guild as they experimentally recreate period recipes.  Follow along as they try things out in their own kitchens, and try them at home yourself later!

11:00 am - Low Company (Board Games) - Come together with the Low Company of Gamesters and Gamblers to learn and play a few board games from the era with your fellow event attendees.  Many board games from the period can be found and played online, and Master Justin will guide you in a chosen selection.  Games will be played on a new online platform called Congregate.  You can create an account on Congregate, or just use your Google account if you have one.  For more info, see the Attendee FAQ:  https://www.notion.so/Attendees-bfea58311d2d4f6c87144be71c891073

12:45 pm - i Sebastiani - il Postino (The Postman) - The Greatest Commedia dell'arte Troupe in the Entire World!  Sit back and laugh, guffaw, and wink as the players of i Sebastiani present their latest masterpiece.

1:00 pm - Crash Course:  17th Century Italian Cloak and Rapier - This hour-long online workshop is a crash course in how to wear, wield, and fight with sword and cloak in the Italian Rapier system.

2:15 pm - Performance by Vince Conaway - You may know him from Gulf Wars, Pennsic, Estrella, or from across the Known World, but even without events he's here to share his music!

3:00 pm - Music with Mistress Dreda - Come join Dreda in her expansive virtual living room; She will be making some music and perhaps telling some stories (send her requests to attempt!), and she welcomes anyone who would like to do the same, or just be present to listen.

3:45 pm - Carolingia Baronial Court - Baron and Baroness Carolingia will hold court.  All are invited to attend as they speak to all and share their words.  They would also choose to recognize individuals who have excelled at furthering the interests of the Barony.

5:00 pm - Low Company (Card Games) - Come together again with the Low Company of Gamesters and Gamblers to learn and play some favorite card games from the era.  Master Justin will lead you through playing games such as Laugh and Lie Down online with your fellow event attendees.  Games will be played on Congregate.

7:00 pm - Storytellers - Join Sir Michael for a special meeting of the Carolingian Guild of Storytellers.  Sir Michael invites everyone to come and share tales - both from the SCA and from the Medieval Period as you find them.  Note:  If you have tales from Early Carolingia (or even recent Carolingian history), then they would be ***especially*** welcome - please do bring them and share them!

Site Opens: Saturday morning
Site Closes: Saturday night

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Free to all

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc.  - Barony of Carolingia

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SCA Name:  Katla of Viborg
Mundane Name:  Aimee Harper
Email:  215028@members.eastkingdom.org

SCA Name:  Patience Faircloth
Mundane Name:  Sarah Pritsker
Email:  247200@members.eastkingdom.org

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