Herstory in the Making

Hosted by Barony of Ruantallan - Middle Sackville, NS

Event date: March 7th, 2020

Event Last Modified: January 23rd, 2020

Event details

Female visionaries, queens, scholars and warriors.  The Middle Ages were full of them.  It’s time to honour this important legion of medieval society, which happens to be the day before our modern International Women’s Day!


“Quest of Atalanta and Hippomenes”

Swift-footed Atalanta was a Greek goddess, favoured by the goddess Artemis for her courage, athletic ability, and survival instinct.  She was known for her equality to men as a huntress and athlete; Hippomenes, a disciple of the centaur Chiron, surpassed all other disciples in his eagerness to undertake hard challenge.  Based on the life of Atalanta and her courtship to Hippomenes this quest will challenge your dexterity, endurance, wisdom, cunning and strength, vying for the role of either Huntress or Hunter.  There will be two categories in which you can participate!

Who can enter?


**note that a portion of this quest involves participation in either Heavy Combat or Fencing.  Come the day of the event, everyone is welcome to participate in any, all or even only one of the challenges; but only persons who complete all the challenges (including Heavy Fighting or Fencing) are eligible to win.  To participate in Heavy Fighting or Fencing you MUST be authorized.  **

How do I participate if I'm vying to win?

- Choose which category you wish to participate in!  If you identify more closely with the title of Huntress please register for that category, if you identify more closely with the title of Hunter please register for that category. 

How do I participate in a single challenge?

- Show up to the event and sign up for your chosen challenge(s) on event day.

What are the challenges?

• Medieval Box Fighting
• Boar Hunting
• Foot Race in Period Attire (running shoes don’t count, so if you don’t have period footwear you must go barefoot!)
• Quest for the Golden Apples
• Participation in at least 1 of the martial activities (Heavy Rattan Fighting or Fencing) (bonus points for participating in both)

Do I need to win a fight for the Heavy Combat/Fencing portion of the challenge? No!  All you need to do is participate in 1 fight!  And remember, you only need to participate in one of the martial activities if you want to win either title of Hunter/Huntress.

*There will be separate lists.  One for those vying for Huntress and one for those vying for Hunter.*

All registrations/letters of intent can be sent to Lord Adhemar the Arbiter (Simon Bruhm) or his lady, Lady Sigrid Raudfeldrdottir (Emily Colin) via Facebook.

IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS OR QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS ACTIVITY OR ANY OTHER ACTIVITY AT THIS EVENT PLEASE PM Chris Hulme Colin or e-mail me at Christine.colin@ns.sympatico.ca.  Alternatively please feel free to contact our local Seneschals or Their Excellencies Baron Perceval and Baroness Admiranda.

**Herstory Research Project!**

Adult Challenge:
Your challenge is to research a person from the time period of your choice that was a woman, a person of non-binary orientation, or an ally of either. 
Produce a factual biography of the person including important events in their life.  Explain their influence on gender or gender identity and how they inspire and influence you. 
- No more than 5 pages, single spaced using the font “Calibri” at size 11pt with standard margins.  (Photos and references do not count towards page count).
- To be considered for judging you must submit your research project to Lady Sigrid Raudfeldrdottir (Emily Colin) by Saturday February 29th (1 week before the event).  You can send it to her on Facebook or via e-mail at emilycolin@hotmail.com
- References must be used when presenting facts and information about your chosen person, references from Wikipedia are not acceptable.
- For Rubrics/Judging guides, please contact Lady Sigrid

Youth/Children’s Challenge:
Your challenge is to research a person from the time period of your choice that was a woman, a person of non-binary orientation, or an ally of either. 
Research their life and compose a factual story about their influence on gender or gender identity and how they inspire you.  Bonus points if you include hand drawn pictures to go along with the story.
- No more than 750 words.
- References must be used when presenting facts and information about your chosen person, references from Wikipedia are not encouraged but acceptable.
- All participants must notify Lady Sigrid Raudfeldrdottir (Emily Colin) of their wish to participate by Wednesday March 4th, 2020 (3 days prior to the event).  You can contact her on Facebook or via e-mail at emilycolin@hotmail.com.

All Ages Craft Activity:  **Medieval Selfies**

Women are notable producers of self-portraits with a number of depictions of women painting self-portraits in manuscripts, often using mirrors to help them.  Self portraiture is a way to practice portrait art without having to find a model but it can also be an abstract form of self expression.  How do you see yourself? What is your identity? What are the things you like about yourself? Try your hand at a realistic drawing of your face or be as creative as you like in drawing what you think represents who you are.  Drawing supplies will be available for all ages.  There will also be a couple of mirrors available to use but feel free to bring your own.  And we will also have space to display your creation when you're finished!

**Return of the “Queen of Tarts” Championship!**

Our past winners, Lady Mawdlyn and Lord Garth will be running this delicious competition.  More details to come.  **We will be enjoying the fruits of the competitors’ labours following judging!**

**A Light Feast**
...  brought to you by Dame Sarra and Lady Ariadne.  Only **60** onboard spots are available so register early!
**PLEASE NOTE:  DUE TO THE EVENT OPENING LATER IN THE MORNING THERE WILL BE NO DAYBOARD SERVED...but you can enjoy the results of the Queen of Tarts Participants!

For more information or updates please refer to our facebook event page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/2938890582810026/

Site Opens: 11:00am
Site Closes: 9:00pm

Event Location

Registration Fees


Onboard:  $19.00
Offboard:  $11.00
*$5.00 discount per adult with valid SCA membership

Teen (13-17)
Onboard:  $13.00
Offboard:  $5.00

Child (5-12)
Onboard:  $12.00
Offboard:  $4.00

Child Under 5
Onboard:  Free
Offboard:  Free

Family (based on two adults, two or more children at same residence)
Onboard 2 adults + teens/children:  $60
Offboard 2 adults + teens/children:  $30
*$5.00 discount per adult with valid SCA membership

Deadline for reservations:  Midnight, February 29th, 2020.
**PLEASE NOTE** If you need to cancel your registration it must be cancelled by Midnight, February 29th, 2020 (On Board or Off Board) or you will still be required to pay event fees.

Fees As listed under PAY STRUCTURE

Make Checks Payable to: Barony of Ruantallan Inc.

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Isolda Fairamay AKA Chris Hulme Colin

Send Reservations to:

Please register by sending the following information of each person in your party to Isolda Fairamay at christine.colin@ns.sympatico.ca:

SCA name (if you have one)
Modern name
Contact info
Age of each person under 18 in your party

Registration payment may be sent to:
Christine Colin
68 Osborne Dr.
Eastern Passage, NS
B3G 1H4

Alternatively, you may fill in the registration information on the webpage:  https://www.ruantallan.eastkingdom.org/events/herstory-in-the-making/

Other Contact Information:

Assistant Event Steward:  Spurius Genucius Rutilus
Head Cook:  Ariadne
Assistant Cook:  Sarra Graeme of Birhnam
Quest of Atalanta Hippomenes Organizer:  Adhemar the Arbiter
Rattan Marshal:  Spurius Genucius Rutilus
Fencing Marshal:  Gaston Le Cordier
Herstory Research Project Organizer:  Sigrid Raudfeldrdottir
Queen of Tarts Championship Organizers:  Mawdlyn and Garth