Feast of Fools : ** CANCELLED**

Hosted by Shire of Mountain Freehold - Essex Junction, VT

Event date: April 25th, 2020

Event Last Modified: March 16th, 2020

Event details

Based on the CDC's recommendation to halt group gatherings of ~50 for the next 8 weeks as of March 15, 2020, and expecting that number to change based on current predictions, I have decided to cancel Feast of Fools.  This decision was not undertaken lightly, but I feel that it is the best decision for the health and safety of our people.  I intend to look at rescheduling if possible later in the year, or, get ready for 2021.
Stay safe and healthy. 

Feast of Fools!

This year we are embracing CARNIVAL, begun in Venice in the 11th century.  You do not have to dress in this particular time period but we are encouraging masks and color!

As always, Silly A&S and Kelpie Crest Combat return and we have plans for even MORE Foolishness!
A Foolish Feast will be included for all. 

Lady Corotica merkka Senebelenae (Clovis) will be the Autocrat. 

-Site will open at 10 AM
-Fun stuff throughout the day (Times TBD)
-Feast (Time TBD)
-Site closes at 4:00 PM(ish)

-Kelpie Crest Combat
-Silly A&S (won by populace vote)
-14 and under Silly A&S (also won by populace vote)
-New this year!  FOOLISH HUMAN TRICKS!  Show off your jesters best in a jesters/entertainers competition, winner will be declared by populace vote.  You may preform whatever art you prefer, please do not set yourself or anyone else on fire accidentally or otherwise.  Foolish Human Tricks will take place towards the end of feast (Time TBD)
- Also New this year!  Games will be run throughout the day, and we will have a game competition as well for boasting rights and prizes!

- No Open Flames
- Handicapped Accessible
- No Pets
- Discreetly Damp, Beer and Wine. 

Site Opens: 10:00 AM
Site Closes: 04:00 PM

Registration Fees

Registration fees at the door:
$20 Adults
$15 SCA members
$5 Youth (6-17)
Free Children under 6
The family cap for this event is $50 for two adults and two+ youth, before SCA member discounts.  (So a family who’s adults are both members will pay a maximum $40). 

N/A, Feast Included

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc, Shire of Mountain Freehold

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Jennifer Davis
Corotica merkka Senebelenae (Clovis)

Send Reservations to:

N/A, Payment at Door

Other Contact Information:

Rachel Phipps (Eleanor Grey) and David Gelineau (David Poirier de leLoup) will be overseeing children's activities.