Hosted by Barony of Buckland Cross - Levittown, PA

Event date: February 15th, 2020

Event Last Modified: January 3rd, 2020

Event details

In the cold days of winter comes the warmth of the Middle East and Mediterranean, as friends who usually have to wait until Pennsic to see each other gather once more to celebrate with live music, dance, and tasty food!

"Hafla" means party in Arabic, and this is a low-key event where socializing is the point, as well as enjoying music and dance, games and food.  Though the theme is the medieval Middle East and Mediterranean, all personas are welcome.  Bring your carpets, bring your cushions and stools—recline while you drink, dine and revel! 

For this Al-Hafla, we're planning something in honor of it being Valentine's Day weekend:  a love poetry contest!  Western notions of courtly love can be traced to Arabic poetry of the 9th and 10th centuries, with the Italian sonnet created in Sicily, where Arabs ruled for two centuries.  Show off your poetic skills in whichever form you're most comfortable with—a ghazal, a sonnet, or even a limerick.  Whether you dedicate your work to someone specific or anonymous, we'd love to hear it!  Prizes will be awarded.

Since music is also the food of love, musicians will be serenading us throughout the event!  Are you a musician? Do you play Middle Eastern music, or are you interested in learning? Contact the autocrats to get copies of traditional Middle Eastern, Persian, and Turkish songs before the event!  Bring your drums and join the circle! 

There will be a Principality Discussion Meeting at this event, as well as a short Baronial Court.

Dancers!  There will be open-floor spontaneous dancing throughout the day! 

Take a seat at the Games Table and try your hand at medieval games of the region! 

Shop!  Our Souk is small, but will include Turkish coffee, henna, and a host of items and accessories that will appeal to all. 

Food!  There will be a sumptuous “rolling dayboard” of fantastic dishes of the region to delight your palate!  Baron Aurddeilen-ap-Robet is expecting to revive his fantastic tea and coffee station, with medieval Middle Eastern sweets!  Please contact the Autocrats with any dietary concerns.

There will be a short Baronial Court at 3:00 P.M.

You may bring Beer or Wine to the event (no hard liquor).  You must take your empty bottles with you. 

Restrooms are small, though there will be a changing area.  We recommend that you come dressed for the event. 

Site Opens: 11 AM
Site Closes: 8 PM

Event Location

St. Paul's Episcopal Church
89 Pinewood Drive
Levittown, PA  19054
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Registration Fees

Site fee $20.00 per adult with a $5 discount for SCA Members.
For those 7-17, the site fee is $5.
Children 6 and under are free.

For those wanting to pay online:

A PayPal invoice will be generated within 24 hours of the online preregistration information being submitted.  Online preregistration is not complete until the PayPal invoice has been paid.  The final day to preregister online is Wednesday, 2/5/2020.

There will be no feast, but a rolling dayboard of items from 1 PM to 6 PM.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA PA, Inc.  Barony of Buckland Cross

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Christiane Truelove
Lady Adelisa Salernitana

Send Reservations to:

Christiane Truelove
657 New Buckley Street
Bristol, PA 19007