Ötzi’s Paradise

Hosted by Province of Malagentia - Pownal, ME

Event date: February 22nd, 2020 - February 23rd, 2020

Event Last Modified: October 29th, 2019

Event details

Winter in Malagentia is a glorious time of year for camping – you just have to have the right gear and skills.

Our Foresters and friends want to demonstrate this and help teach others how to appreciate a fine winter day, and night.

On Feb.  22-23, we will establish a camp at the Group Site at Bradbury Mountain State Park in Pownal, Maine.  We will share a group fire and work on communal food.  Depending on snow conditions, we will explore building snow shelters (quinzees) for those who are interested, or camp in period and/or modern tents.  For those not wishing to camp, day-trippers on Saturday, Feb.  22, are absolutely welcome.

We will do a voluntary ‘Gear Shakedown’ two weeks before the event (Feb.  8) to check out what people plan on camping with and ensure it is sufficient – this relates to camping gear, garb and skill.  The organizers (Mat Wyck and Col.  Christian Woolf) reserve the right to limit a person with dangerously insufficient gear to day-tripping.  While this is a middle-ages event, modern tents and personal camping gear (sleeping bags, pads, cots, etc.) are welcome.

In addition, to help prepare those wishing to camp for success, leading up to this event, we will facilitate robust discussion via our FB event page regarding winter camping tips and tricks, safety, gear needs, considerations, etc.: 


We will share online resources and promote the sharing of advice and wisdom.

This event coincides with a family-friend “get outside” event hosted by the state park; they are excited to have our medieval winter encampment as part of this.  The majority of this event is apart from the Group Site where our camp will be, but we can expect interested parties to come through, which is a positive factor for the promotion of the SCA.

During the day, we will be occupied with the fire, setting up camp, and ideally several crafting projects.  We will encourage and lead snowshoe/ski hikes through the woods, with animal tracking (if we have enough snow).  Day trippers are encouraged to participate, and will be welcome to share the fire for warmth and cooking.

There will be no fee for the campers; day-trippers would be expected to pay the nominal park fee for entry ($4/Maine Resident 12+; $6/non-resident 12+; children 5-11/$1).

We will have access to latrines; we will need to bring in water.

Site Opens: 8 a.m.  Saturday, Feb.  22
Site Closes: 11:30 a.m.  Sunday, Feb.  23

Event Location

Bradbury Mountain State Park
528 Hallowell Road
Pownal, ME  04069
Google Map


In Pownal, five miles from the Freeport-Durham Exit 22 off U.S.  I-295.  From Exit 22 head west and make a left onto Durham Road. 

Follow this road (It will become Pownal Rd., then Elmwood Rd.) to the blinking light at the intersection of Route 9 and Elmwood Road.  Turn right onto Route 9.  The park entrance is a few minutes drive; on the left (west) side of Route 9.

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Make Checks Payable to: State of Maine

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Matt Wickenheiser
Mat Wyck

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