Flying Cow Pentathalon

Hosted by Shire of Barren Sands - Margate, NJ

Event date: November 9th, 2019

Event Last Modified: October 15th, 2019

Event details

Not going to Crown Tourney? Need an activity to fill the long weekend.  Barren Sands is preparing a family friendly, non-martial event at the Shore.

Once, long ago, during the time of the Great Cattle Raids, the successful Quest for the Relics of Saint Bovinius gave the people of Barren Sands a mighty talisman against the ravages of those perilous times.  Alas, when the danger passed, people began to forget and devotion to the Shire's patron saint waned.  The Relics were put away and passed from mind.

Good news!  The Sacred Soup Bones of Saint Bovinius are not lost or forgotten!  On Saturday, November 9, 2019, Barren Sands will again honor its patron saint with a Flying Cow Pentathalon.

If mooooved to compete in the Pent, you must choose at least five activities or areas of participation.  Check the schedule on the day.  Depending on the number of participants, contestants may be grouped by age, height and reach, rank and/or experience, or by judge's whim.  Most likely by judge's whim.

1.  Craft stick catapult and toy cow.  Build catapult on site (materials provided).  Instructions will not.  Be creative.  Cow will be provided.
2.  Tabletop catapult.  Bring your own catapult, not to exceed 18 inches in height.  Cow will be provided.  This is an outdoor contest, weather permitting.
3.  Holey Cow.  Scored on accuracy.
4.  Put the herd in the barn.  Scored on distance and accuracy.
5.  Poem/song/hymn in honor of Cow to be performed during the meal.  Puns, soup references and cow jokes a plus.  Contact the autocrat for a copy of the Vita of Saint Bovinius before the event for inspiration if you think it will help.
6.  Convincing cow sounds:  teams of two, cow and caller.  Decided by popular acclaim.
7.  Recitation of the entire cow flinging scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
8.  Pin the tail on the cow.  Age limit single digits.
9.  Cow portraits.  a) portraits done previously.  b) portraits done on the day. 
10.  Cow herding
11.  Over the castle wall, inspired by Monty Python.
12.  Any other silly activity the judges come up with.
The decisions of the judges will be arbitrary and final.

*$1 discount for proof of membership in the Acolytes of the Golden Udder.  You know who you are.

Since cows are seldom present at noble occasions, this is a peasant style event with a simple, hearty meal between the preliminary rounds of the Pent and the championship.  IF NOTIFIED at least 2 days PRIOR to the event, the cooks will try to accommodate common dietary restrictions.

Note:  this is a silly, child friendly, non-martial event suitable for bucolic swains and those who want to go to an event, and still get home before dark. 

As always at SCA events, children must be supervised by their parents or designated adults at all times.  (There is an official wording for this, isn't there)

On street parking.  Please observe side of street parking notices.  The site is accessible by ramp on Thurlow Avenue and restrooms are on the same floor, although stalls are quite narrow.

Sample Menu
Beef and barley soup.  Soft cheese.  Bread.  Butter.Jam. 
Root veggies.  Lentil soup:  Vegetarian.  Boiled eggs.  Apples, quartered
Non alcoholic cider, mulled if the day warrants.
Shortbread to go - to be given out at the end of event as road food

Site Opens: 10 AM
Site Closes: 4 PM

Event Location

Margate Community Church
8900 Ventnor Ave
Margate, NJ  08402
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From the North - GS Parkway South to Exit 36.  Merge onto Tilton Road.  At five-point intersection, continue straight onto Margate Blvd.  TOLL bridge.  Cash only.  Continue through toll onto Jerome Ave.  Right onto Ventnor Ave.  Site is located approximately 10 blocks down on left.

From the West:  Atlantic City Expressway into Atlantic City.  Make a right onto either Atlantic Ave or Pacific Ave and take through Ventnor into Margate.  Proceed to Site location.  Corner of Thurlow and Ventnor Aves

Registration Fees

$20 Adult non-member
$15 Adult member
$10 Child
Under 5 Free

Dayboard guarenteed for all reservations received 2 weeks prior to event.  Dayboard limited to 50 gentles.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA-NJ Inc., Shire of Barren of Sands

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Autocrat:  Svea the Shortsighted, Constance Swanson, 237 W.  Wyoming Ave, Absecon, NJ 08201

Co-Autocrat:  Alexis of Woods End, Alicia Mattson, 553 S.  Seaview Ave.  Galloway, NJ 08205

Send Reservations to:

Genevieve Bertholet, Pamela Saunders, 9 East Faunce Landing Rd., Absecon, NJ 08201