Southern Region War Camp and Curia

TRM will be in attendance

Hosted by Barony of Carillion - Manalapan, NJ

Event date: May 29th, 2020 - May 31st, 2020

Event Last Modified: March 31st, 2020

Event details

Event details
The Barony of Carillion has stepped forward to answer the call to War and will host Southern Region War Camp.  Located less than 10 minutes from exit 8 on the NJ Turnpike, there will be ample room for activities and camping.

On Saturday 5/30 at 11:00 AM Their Majesties will be holding their first Curia in the lodge.

Court Schedule:  TBD

Heavy Schedule:  TBD

Archery Schedule:  TBD

Fencing:  TBD

Throwing Weapons:  TBD

Arts and Sciences: 

Their Excellencies put forth the following challenge:

In light of all the event cancellations, we would like to see what projects people have completed in this time we now have off from events!  Extra points will be given to the oldest project.

Bardic:  TBD

Equestrian:  TBD


The pool will be open after 1:00PM for most of the afternoon.  Please check with troll for the precise time it will be open. 

Children's activities:

Helmet making, obstacle course, scavenger hunt and others to be determined.

Day board Menu:  TBD

There will be two Baronial fundraisers.  We will be having a "plague sale" of lightly used SCA related items to benefit the Barony, and a "Geeky Yard Sale" of sci-fi, fantasy, movie, comic memorabilia to help fund the Runnemeade Dinner at Pennsic 50

Site Rules:
The site is dry.  Violators will be expelled from the site.  If you have any site related questions please contact the site autocrat.  Day board will be available.  No feast is planned.  There is also a wide variety of restaurants within 10 minutes drive of the site, see the provided list.  Local dining and shopping information will be provided at the troll.

Can I bring another person's child to an East Kingdom event?
Yes.  The way our current policies are written, all youths at events must attend with a parent, guardian, or responsible adult designated by the parent or legal guardian.  If a person brings any child to an event, they are responsible for seeing to the child's safety, well-being, and behavior.
All children under the age of five should be supervised at all times by their parents/guardians or a responsible adult or older teen.  Youth between the ages of 5 and 12 must be within sight and sound range of their parent / guardian /responsible adult / teen supervisor at all times.  Walkie-talkies and cell phones do not extend the sight / sound range.

If I am bringing my niece, nephew, grandchild, or friend of the family what do I need to bring with me?
Any child attending an event with a person other than their parent or legal guardian must turn in signed copies of the following two forms at the Gate:  the waiver form for minors, and the medical authorization forms for minors.  Both of these forms are available on the East Kingdom Chancellor Minor website.

If a parent or legal guardian is not there, can the youth participate in youth combat activities?
No.  Youths may only participate in youth combat including fighting activities include armored combat (heavy weapons), fencing, combat archery, marshaling, scouting, youth combat, or banner bearing in combat if they have a parent or legal guardian present to directly witness the activity.

Camping Rules:
Camp only in designated areas.  Use existing fire pits or portable fire pits supplied by the camp.  No ground fires outside of an approved fire pit.  All fires must be attended and have properly filled fire buckets near the fire pit.  Firewood will be available from the camp at a cost, no cutting of live trees.  No liquid fuel or liquid fuel devices.  Motor vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas.  If you have special needs please contact the site autocrat.  At the end of the event fire pits must be cleaned and all trash must be sorted into dumpsters located in the parking lot. 

No cars in the camping area or on the battlefield!  Pickup and drop off locations will be posted.  Cars parked anywhere other than an authorized parking lot will be towed at the owner's expense. 

No pets are allowed.  Service animals are permitted; please contact the autocrat in advance.  No exceptions!

Site Opens: May 29, 2020 at 5:00 PM
Site Closes: May 31, 2020 at 11:00 AM

Event Location

Quail Hill Scout Reservation
56 LaValley Drive
Manalapan, NJ  07726
Google Map


From the North and South find your best route to the New Jersey Turnpike (Interstate-95 a toll will apply).  Take exit #8 (Hightstown/Freehold) Route 33, bear right onto Route 33 East for 6.2 miles.  Make a left turn using the jug handle to cross over Route 33 onto County Route 527A for .04 miles.  Turn right onto LaValley Drive.  From the East, find your best route to Route 33 Westbound.  Turn right on Route 527A North after the Mobil station (sign posted on traffic light at intersection says 527/Iron Ore Road) for .04 miles.  Turn right on to LaValley Drive.  Quail Hill signs are posted. 

Registration Fees

Adults $17.00 for non-member.
Adults discounted to $12.00 for members. 
Children 17 and younger years are free.

Limited cabin space is available for $5 per person.

Mail in deadline 4 weeks prior to event.

Barony of Carillion Event Refund Policy:
Individuals requesting event pre-registration refunds must contact the Autocrat and/or Reservations Clerk for that event in some manner (by email, in writing, or a phone call), prior to the start of the event(that morning inclusive).
A Refund Request Form is to be filled out by the Autocrat, Reservationist, and the Requestor (if possible).
Partial refunds for a group reservation where one or more individuals were unable to attend can be issued:  i.e, one check sent in with reservations for four people and one or more will not be attending.
No refunds will be issued if the event does not make a profit.

No feast is scheduled.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NJ, Inc - Barony of Carillion

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Myq LaSala
Baron Hrafn Brei├░skeggr
23 Lincoln Street
Howell, NJ 07731

Send Reservations to:

Lord Randver Kveld-Ulfer

Randy Plungis
1442 Route 9
Toms River, NJ 08755

Other Contact Information:

Merchant coordinator:

Eileen Evans Andreotti
856-661-8240 Email is the preferred method of communication.