Hosted by Barony of Bergental - South Hadley, MA

Event date: March 14th, 2020

Event Last Modified: March 12th, 2020

Event details


It is with deep regrets that I must announce the postponement of this weekends event.  In the interest of public safety we will be moving this event to a later date.  Please watch this space for updates.  Thank you for your understanding.


Come learn something new, share something you know, or both!

Novice Schola is class-oriented event.  Aimed at new persons entering the SCA, as well as those members interested in learning new skills.  Classes in the past have been on a range of topics including embroidery, illumination, blacksmithing, armored combat, archery, persona development, SCA culture, bookbinding, and a plethora of other topics.  Come join us for the day and learn new skills and meet friends both old and new! 

This year the barony will be choosing its new Luminary (Arts and Science Champion) as well as our new Bardic Champion. 
Luminary Challenge:  Lady Eithne ingen Mael Duin, current Luminary (Bergental A&S Champion) hereby challenges the populace and friends of Bergental to a two-part competition to find the next Bergental Luminary.  The first part of the challenge is to display an example of your best work- be it performance or product.  As Bergental’s Luminary, it is important to be able to inspire others with your work and allow it to earn feedback.  The second part of the challenge is to display an art form that new to you within a year.  It is also important, as the A&S champion, to inspire others to grow as artisans- the only way we grow is to continue to push past our boundaries.  Good luck to all who take up this gauntlet!

Novice Schola fast approaches!  Therefore does the Bardic Knight issue this challenge to those who would strive for the honor of being the next Bergental Bardic Champion!  Many years ago, I was given a quest to write a poem in praise of our illustrious Baronesses of Bergental.  It is therefor in my mind to reissue this challenge to all who seek to become the focal and vocal point of story and song.  Each aspirant will perform three works in varying genres concerning the previously mentioned subject.  I will have a signup book, hopefully, available at troll.  The time of the judging will be determined by His Excellency.

The site is fully ADA accessible, there are accessible parking spaces behind the church.  There are a small number of parking spaces behind the church, most parking is along the main road (Route 116) and adjacent town square.  We will have short term parking for teachers to drop off supplies behind the church at the lower level entrance.  Gate is at the main entrance to the church on Rt 116.  (signs will be posted.)

Day board will be a potluck.  In order to provide enough food of various types we would ask you to follow the guidelines below.  Please use the first letter of your SCA Name (or legal name if you don’t have an SCA name) to know what type of dish to bring.  Please include a list of ingredients for each dish you bring.  Plan to feed approximately 8 per dish.  (New Folk- it is customary to bring your own plate, bowl, cup and utensils, known as "Feast Gear." If you do not have your own, disposable ware will be available.  )

First letter
A-E - Meat dish
F-K - Side dish
L-O - Appetizers
P-T - Desserts or fruits
U-Z - Drinks

In honor of Pi day, we will also be having a pie contest, judged by our Baron.  There will be four prizes, one each for the following categories
Best tasting pie
Best decorated
Most historically accurate
The best representation of Pi as a pie.

Gold Key (loaner clothes) will be available for those without garb.

Site Opens: 9am
Site Closes: 5pm

Event Location

All Saints Episcopal Church
7 Woodbridge St
South Hadley, MA  01075
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From the North:
Follow I-91 S to Damon Rd in Northampton
58 min (64.4 mi)
Merge onto I-91 S
Entering Massachusetts
From the North:  Take exit 20 to merge onto MA-10 S/US-5 S/N King St toward MA-9/Northampton/Hadley
Take MA-47 S to MA-116 N in South Hadley
Turn left onto Damon Rd
Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto MA-9 E/Bridge St
Continue to follow MA-9 E
Slight right onto Old Bay Rd
Turn right onto Bay Rd
Continue onto MA-47 S
Turn left onto MA-116 N
Destination will be on the right

From the South:
Use the left lane to take exit 11 to merge onto I-91 N toward Hartford/Springfield
Entering Massachusetts
Keep left to stay on I-91 N
Keep right at the fork to continue on I-391 N, follow signs for Holyoke Center
Take exit 5 for Main Street
Drive to MA-116 N in South Hadley
Turn right onto Main St
Continue straight to stay on Main St
Slight right onto N Canal St
Turn left onto MA-116 N/County Bridge
Continue to follow MA-116 N
Keep left to stay on MA-116 N
Destination will be on the right

From the East:
Follow I-90 W to MA-21 N in Ludlow.  Take exit 7 from I-90 W
Merge onto I-93 S
Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 20A-20B for Interstate 90 W
Keep right, follow signs for Route 90 W/Mass Pike/Worcester and merge onto I-90 W
Toll road
Keep left to stay on I-90 W
Toll road
Take exit 7 for MA-21 toward Ludlow/Belchertown
Toll road
Take Fuller St, East St and Pleasant St to MA-116 N in South Hadley
Turn right onto MA-21 N
Turn left onto Rood St
Continue onto Fuller St
Turn right onto West St
Continue onto East St
Continue onto Pleasant St
Continue onto Morgan St
Turn right onto MA-116 N
Destination will be on the right

Registration Fees

No fees or reservations needed.  This is a donation only event.

No feast

Make Checks Payable to: Barony of Bergental

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Angelina Capasso and Bartholomew Sharpe
email:  noviceschola@bergental.eastkingdom.org

Send Reservations to:

No reservations needed

Other Contact Information:

Teacher coordinator:  Kolfinna Gleðill

If you are intersted in teaching a class please contact Kolfinna at the email address bellow