Return to Bear's Tavern

Hosted by Crown Province of Østgarðr - Peekskill, NY

Event date: March 7th, 2020 - March 8th, 2020

Event Last Modified: February 29th, 2020

Event details


Many of the fine denizens of the East Kingdom screamed, "What happened to Tavern? Where is that wonderful event we always went to?" And our answer is, "It's back!"

Tavern returns in 2020.  And by returning, we're going back to the original tavern.  Enjoy a day of eating and drinking and game playing. 

Watch your purse!  There are thieves about!  For when you are out of gold coin, you'll be put to work in our kitchen, or you'll have to sing for your next mean for some charity (or, maybe tell a story or juggle or--you get it!).

This event is not intended for minors!

Site Opens: 10:00am, Saturday
Site Closes: 11:00am Sunday

Event Location

Blue Mountain Lodge
435 Welcher Ave
Peekskill, NY  10566
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From East Westchester and Western Connecticut:  Best route to Route 35, to Route 202, to Bear Mountain Parkway Extension, to Route 9 South, to Peekskill's Welcher Ave.  exit.  At traffic signal, make left, go up hill and straight into Park.  Bear left after guard booth to lodge.

From Southern Westchester and Points South (NYC):  Best route to Saw Mill River Parkway, to Taconic State Parkway, to Route 9A North, to 9 North to Welcher Ave.  exit.  Make right, go up hill and into Park.  Bear left after guard booth to Lodge.

Registration Fees

Overnight spots are limited to thirty people.  And only twenty-five spaces for daytrippers!  If you don't get an overnight spot, we'll put your name on the waiting.  Cancellations do happen.

Overnight fee:  $40.
Daytripper fee:  $35.
Members receive a $5 discount!  Woo-hoo!


There will be no feast but, rather, a wonderful selection of foods through out the day and deep into the night.  Be sure to tip your wenches!

The menu is
Bagels for those who come early to help set up

Starting Saturday afternoon
Meat stew
Bacala chowder(kind a like Manhattan clam chowder) 
Pea soup with ham
Vegan friendly macaroni and beans
Vegan bulgar wheat (or rice)
Some kind of bakery bread and butter

The feastocrat would like people to compete to in the super secret desert competition.  Bring some type of desert they make at home.

Winners will get endless congratulations and hugs from the entire kitchen staff

Sunday Breakfast will be bagels with butter and cream cheese for those who can help set up or clean up or both which will again get you hugs from the entire kitchen staff

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NY Inc.  - Ostgardr

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Lord Thomas of Northpass
(mka:  Tom Martin)

Lord Oliver deBainbrig
(mka:  Phil Clarke Jr.)

Send Reservations to:

Phil Clarke Jr.
3176 Decatur Ave #2F
Bronx, NY 10467

please include apt number.

Other Contact Information:

Some merchant space is available.

If your pre-reg does not specifically say you are staying overnight (and include the proper fee) you will be placed in the daytrippers' list.