Artisans' Village and *Baronial Rattan and Rapier Championships*

Hosted by Barony of Buckland Cross - Point Pleasant, PA

Event date: May 31st, 2019 - June 2nd, 2019

Event Last Modified: May 30th, 2019

Event details

Artisans' Village is a place for all to gather and enjoy the arts and sciences practiced throughout the land.  Each area of the village will host a category of artisan, such as glass workers, cooks and brewers, fiber artists, metal workers, and many more.  Within each area, all are welcome to come and join their fellow artisans and work on projects in the company of friends. 

After discussion last year with those who have attended it was decided to try NOT having a schedule for classes.  Anyone is welcome to come, set up shop, and teach when they like.  Post your class, or wait for those who wish to learn to find you.  If you wish to take a class, secure your things as you see fit and stroll out into the village.  This more relaxed method proved more enjoyable for many who were able to join our rescheduled event in 2018.  Gentles found more excitement in learning this way.

We are proud to host our Premiere Baronial Championship tourney for heavy list and rapier! 

All authorized heavy fighters and fencers are welcome to participate.  Please note that each tournament has the potential for two winners; The contestant who wins each tournament outright regardless of the group in which they reside, and the highest finishing contestant who resides within the borders of Buckland Cross.  The outright winner will receive a scroll declaring them the Tournament Champion, and the highest finishing Buckland Cross Resident will be asked to serve as the Baronial Champion, stand in our court, and represent the Barony at all future tournaments for a period of one year.  In the event that there are no participants who reside within the borders of Buckland Cross, the Baron and Baroness reserve the right to ask the outright winner of each tournament to serve as our Baronial Champion, though they are under no obligation to do so.  Baronial Champions will be given a Baronial Cloak, and Ceremonial Sword or Rapier to wear and maintain for the year. 

Rattan Championship

Pending Participation, the tournament will either be a double elimination bracket, or round robin if participation is less than ideal.

Rules:  There may be two winners to this tournament – the fighter who wins the field and the fighter who will represent that Barony as Champion for the next year.  Baron Aurddeilen will be choosing his Baronial champion from among the combatants.

Finals:  When our finalists are chosen they will join His Excellency to play Viking chess, and this will be the first of five final rounds that will be fought to our Baron’s satisfaction.

The MOL will open the list at 10am and close it at 11am.  Fighting to begin at 11:30

Rapier Championship

Contenders for the rapier championship will enter a “Slippery Slope” or triple-elimination tournament.

The fencers start with single weapon, and if they lose, they add a defensive item.  If they lose a second time, they go to 2 offensive., If they lose a 3rd time, they are out.

As with the rattan list, there may be two winners – the winner of the field and the gentle selected to represent the Barony as champion for the coming year.

The MOL will open the list at 10am, and close it 30 minutes after the Rattan tourney ends.  The Rapier Tourney will begin 30 minutes after that.

The website will be updated regularly as we approach the date.

Feast details will be provided there as soon as they are available. 

Site Opens: Friday 5pm
Site Closes: Sunday 3pm

Event Location

Tohickon Valley Park
158-164 Cafferty Road
Point Pleasant, PA  18947
Google Map


For Google Maps, use this address: 
Tohickon Valley Park, Deer Wood Campground, 171 Cafferty Rd, Pipersville, PA 18947

If arriving from the east or south, Route 32 gets twisty just before you reach Cafferty Road – please take it slow!  Use the Group Camping entrance, not the main park entrance – watch for the signs!

Registration Fees

Adult= $20
Adult with SCA Membership= $15
Youth with SCA Membership (6-17) = $10
Children 5 and under= Free

$5 per person

Family Max not camping $50*
Family max camping $60*
(*Plus non-member service fee if appropriate.)

Feast:  $10
Feast Cap:  60 people

Make Checks Payable to: SCA PA Inc.  - Buckland Cross

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Event Steward:
Mistress Jenevra de Carvalhal
mka Christine Connors
910-874-8486, calls welcome after 8am and before 10pm please.

Event Co-Steward:
Lord Muireadhach Ó Cuileannáin
mka Bill Clarkson
Cell:  215-964-8763

Send Reservations to:

Artisan's Village
c/o Christine Connors
936 Roeloffs Road
Yardley, PA 19067

Other Contact Information:

Please contact Lord Muireadhach for heavy list and rapier activities.  Please contact MIstress Jenevra for all other questions.