The Feast of John Barleycorn - The Shenanigans of John Barleycorn

Hosted by Canton of Northpass - North Salem, NY

Event date: September 6th, 2019 - September 8th, 2019

Event Last Modified: August 29th, 2019

Event details

This year`s plans are nearly fully formed.  As we are approaching our 30th year we are proud to continue our tradition of hosting one of the longest-running events in the East Kingdom.  Thanks in advance to everyone who has been working to make this possible!

We will offer contests of Heavy Armored combat (sadly this year without our traditional Sir Edward`s Challenge), Thrown Weapons, Fencing, Youth Combat, and the Provincial archery championship.  There will be Dancing, Brewing and A&S contests, A&S display, period table and lawn games, many varied classes, and a grand feast with a Masque in the honor of our patron, Sir John Barleycorn.

There will also be a general test of armored mettle available and run by Marx Grob Von Appenzell and Ervald the Optimistic.  I don`t imagine you will possibly find a lack of chances to show off sword and shield.

The fencing will be run by Æsa Sturludottir and as is right there will be a tournament in honor of our patron. 

The Thrown weapons will again be run by a good friend of Northpass, and a gentle of great renown in the Thrown Weapons community - Leon the Navigator.  He has helped us recently with thrown weapons at Blood and Axes and you may remember his cheery self from last year`s Barleycorn.  (Watch out for the chickens thrown as weapons!) You will never find it dull on the TW list.

Youth combat will be run by Eikaterine tin Elliniki and several other marshals assisting her to provide much happiness (and loaner gear.) The youth of the East have had the privilege of competing at Barleycorn for the last 5 years and each year has been better than the last.  As of this writing, there are already 7 youths registered to attend!  I expect much honor and glorious fun from the energetic youth of the east!

This year we will host the Provincial Archery championship.  Details from Catelin Straquhin - Crown Province of Østgarðr Archery Champion (who will run the tourney for a successor.)

"The theme for this year’s tournament will be “An Archer’s Coming of Age”:  exploring the many ways in which archery is applied through a person’s life and livelihood.  With the aid of Lord Friderich Grimme and Lord Francisco de Braga, we anticipate this year’s tournament will be a great one.

I implore all archers of the populace, regardless of skill, to participate in this year’s tournament. 

For those who are not of the province we also encourage you to participate so that we may recognize the best archer from far off lands.

The winner of this year’s Archery Tournament will receive:
Bragging Rights
A Baldric/Tabard with the Østgarðr Provincial colors
The Østgarðr Archery Bracer, representing your status as Archery Champion to all who see.
A scroll to commemorate your victory!

To recognize the best archer from far off lands, we offer to the victor:
The Stag of Østgarðr!

A glorious and nimble creature, The Stag of Østgarðr is a prized possession of the Khan and Il-Khanate, residing in the greenly woodlands of Northpass.  The Khan is known for his kindness and generosity when recognizing great skill, and has taken great pains to capture this elusive creature so that he may present it to the victor at The Feast of John Barelycorn."

The food will be provided by a team of numerous gentles.  The Saturday breakfast and midday dayboard will be authored by our very own beloved Friderich Grimme.  The evening feast often imitated but never copied Mistress Brigitte traveling in from Nordenhalle with her team of able helpers. 

Barleycorn Feast

First Course
Mixed Greens
w/ Strawberry Vinaigrette
Assorted Cheese

Second Course
Assorted Pasties (chicken, beef, mushroom)
Chopped Spinach
w/ bacon and cream

Third Course
Pompys (meatballs w/ sauce)
Losyns (noodles with cheese)
Green Peas
w/ herbs in broth

The arts will be celebrated greatly!  There will be classes (details shared asap) and games and a Brewing contest run by Richard the Poor...  The evening feast will contain as has become tradition, a masque containing another story of the continuing (and absurdly anachronistically challenged) tales of our Patron John Barleycorn.  The evening will conclude with a grand ball for dancing in the hall and will be followed by a bonfire revel.

I should add that there are (in addition to space for tent camping) great yurts where people can stay.  We do recommend bringing bedding and pillows but they are cozily shared (12 per yurt) structures that are a good place to collapse at the end of the day`s fun.

I should share that dogs are welcome on-site (but we ask all to keep them on a leash and under control to follow all park rules.)

This will again be a time to remember old times and great friends as well as a chance to learn something new or to meet new friends.  Many, many of us had this as our first event in the SCA and it is a great chance to invite someone new.  (We always have loaner clothing for those with need.) This event has something for almost all to enjoy and we hope to make it open and inviting to all who would join us. 

Site Opens: 5 PM Friday
Site Closes: Site Closes:  11:00 AM Sunday

Event Location

Sal J. Prezioso Mountain Lakes Park (aka Camp Morty)
201 Hawley Mtn. Road
North Salem, NY  10560
Google Map


Take Route 684 to Exit 6 for Route 35. 
Go east on Route 35 for 4.4 miles to Route 121 North. 
Go left on Route 121 N for 4.5 miles then take a right onto Hawley road. 
Follow the signs to Mountain Lakes Camp (take the left by the sign and then a left at the fork). 
Go to the entrance and take a left into the campground.
The feast hall will be on the left but we will be waiting for you a bit farther in after you travel over a bridge by a lake.

The GPS coordinates are 41.309299, -73.569167 for your reference.

Registration Fees

Site fees
$15 Adult day
$25 Adult day with Feast
$55 Adult Weekend with Feast
$45 Adult Weekend offboard (no food)

(Adult members receive a $5 discount from the above and are enumerated as such below)
$10 Adult member day
$20 Adult member day with Feast
$50 Adult member Weekend with Feast
$40 Adult member Weekend offboard (no food)

(Teenage rates are from 13 through 17)
$5 Teen day
$15 Teen day with Feast
$25 Teen Weekend with Feast
$15 Teen Weekend offboard (no food)

(Preteen is from 5 through 12)
$5 Pre-Teen day
$10 Pre-Teen day with Feast
$10 Pre-Teen Weekend with Feast
$5 Pre-Teen Weekend offboard (no food)

(Child under 5 - Those not eating at the feast are free even if attending the feast.)
$0 (Free) Child day
$10 Child day with Feast
$10 Child Weekend with Feast
$0 (Free) Child Weekend offboard (no food)

Late Fee:
All adult feast reservation received after September 1st (day without feast or youth fees are not hit with this late fee) will cost an additional $5.  Apologies for the need here but this is to allow us to plan the feast.

Note:  As the question was asked, there is no additional fee for staying in a yurt.  It would be helpful if you indicate Yurt or Tent on your registration.  If one has a group that wants to reserve an entire yurt, please contact the event steward to make arrangements.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NY - Canton of Northpass

Contact Information

Event Steward:

William Bornander (Wilhelm Larrson)
845 800 2407
8 Clark Place
Port Chester, NY 10573
Wilhelm Larrson <>
845 800 2407

Erika Zamek (Meadhbh O'Gairbhith)
159 S Highland Avenue
Ossining, NY 10562

ph:  518.207.5604

Send Reservations to:

Erika Zamek (Meadhbh O'Gairbhith)
159 S Highland Avenue
Ossining, NY 10562

ph:  518.207.5604

Other Contact Information:

Merchants welcome.  There is no additional fee for merchanting but we request you contact the event steward ahead of time so space can be allocated in "merchant row".