Barony Beyond the Mountain/Bergental Yule

TRM will be in attendance TRH will be in attendance

Hosted by Barony of Beyond the Mountain - New Britain, CT

Event date: December 7th, 2019

Event Last Modified: December 2nd, 2019

Health Acknowledgement

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.

Event details

Greetings, one and all!  As the days grow cold and the North wind begins its relentless pursuit, it's time to seek the warm welcoming halls of good neighbors and friends.  The Barony Beyond the Mountain and our Northern neighbor Bergental, have, once again, combined our efforts to provide such a haven to all who would seek it!  We welcome you to join Her Majesty in our hall for a day of feasting, marshal activities, music, dancing, games, ceremony, and respite.  Merchants are most welcome!

Their Excellencies of the Barony Beyond the Mountain and Bergental are calling for a court of color and would be delighted by seeing all arrayed in their finery of GREEN.

There will be a LARGESS CHALLENGE!  Bergental, what can you donate to Their Excellencies Beyond the Mountain? BBM, what can you donate to His Excellency Bergental? Bring it and display it during the day!

Bring a nifty project to display.

We will have our traditional SILENT AUCTION.  Proceeds will benefit the Barony Beyond the Mountain, the Barony of Bergental, or the East Kingdom (as chosen by the donor).  BRING SCA-ADJACENT STUFF you no longer want in your house!  Bring Cash or Checks to pay for your new treasures!

We will have dancing during the day led by Domina Aelia Fortunata

There will be a photo booth where you can have photos taken.

We will have board games to play!

ATHENA'S THIMBLE will hold a paneling.

EMBROIDERY HANG OUT with Dyrfinna, our Minister of Arts and Sciences.

HAND SEWING HANGOUT with Baroness Tasha.

We are planning a round robin tournament starting at noon.  Inspections and authorizations will start at 11:00.

We will hold a tourney to determine the next Champion for Their Excellencies Beyond the Mountain.

Sir Tommaltach will hold his spear tourney where teams of 3 spears will vie against each other.

===== SCHEDULE ======

7:30 Site opens for Staff and Merchant set up
9:00 Gate opens
9:00 Merchants open
9:30 Silent Auction begins
9:30 Board Games
10:00 Court
10:30 Photo Booth opens
11:00 Fencing authorizations
11:00 Athena's Thimble Panel
12:00 Round Robin Fencing begins
12:00 Dayboard begins
12:00 Heavy authorizations
1:00 BBM Baronial Heavy Champion Tourney
1:00 Dancing
1:00 Stab and Stitch--Embroidery with Dyrfinna
1:00 Stab and Stitch--Hand Sewing with Baroness Tasha
1:30 Spear Tourney (after Champion Tourney)
2:00 Photo Booth Closes
2:30 Gate Closes
2:30 Daybard Closes
3:00 Dancing Ends
3:00 Silent Auction ends, please pay now
3:00 Merchants must have completed tear-down
3:30 Court
6:30 Feast
9:00 Clean up

===== SITE RULES ======
Site is damp.  Beer, wine, mead or champagne ONLY.  No spirits or spirit-based cordials are allowed on site, not even as gifts.

No smoking or vaping on site.  Not even in the parking lot.  You must go outside the fence to smoke or vape.

No open flames are allowed by CT law.  Enclosed candles and flames only.

No animals are allowed on site except Service Animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (guide dogs, signal dogs, or other animals individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability).
Connecticut laws on assistance animals and guide dogs are summarized here:
(This is a .pdf.  See Section 4, page 25.)

Site is accessible with ADA-complaint bathrooms and a ramp to get into the building.  There is ample designated handicapped parking.  All activities take place either outside or on the ground floor.  Changing areas are on the stage up a short flight of steps, but we also have an accessible changing area with no steps.

Site Opens: 09:00 am
Site Closes: 9:00 pm

Event Location

HSC Community Center
370 Osgood Avenue
New Britain, CT  06053
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North, East or West, take your best route to I-84, Exit 36 (Slater Road).

From the exit, continue straight onto Sterling Road.  Sterling ends in a T with a wood straight ahead of you. 

At the woods, turn LEFT onto Corbin Avenue.  The entrance to the site is on your RIGHT.  It's a gate in a chain-link fence just before Osgood Avenue.  If you get to the traffic light on Osgood you've just passed it.

From the South, take I-91 to Exit 22N (Route 9 North).
Merge LEFT to Route 72 WEST towards Bristol.
Take the Corbin Avenue exit.  This is a right-hand exit off of Route 72.
Turn RIGHT onto Corbin Avenue for ~1.3 miles.
The entrance to the site is on your RIGHT.  It's a gate in a chain-link fence just before Osgood Avenue.  If you get to the traffic light on Osgood you've just passed it.

(If you miss the Corbin Avenue exit, then get onto I-84 East-bound and follow the directions above.)

Registration Fees

Site Fees:
The Site fee is $15, with a $5 discount for members of the SCA.  Children 17 and under are free.  This includes Dayboard.

Please make checks payable to:
SCA Inc-Barony Beyond the Mountain

Site fee reservation by PayPal is also available through the following link:

A PayPal invoice will be generated within 24 hours of the online preregistration information being submitted.  Online preregistration is not complete until the PayPal invoice has been paid.

Note the site will be open for set-up from 5:15 pm Friday to 9:00 pm and from 7:30 am Saturday.  Tear-down ends at Midnight Saturday (Or, hopefully, MUCH earlier!) If you are on site after feast, thank you for helping to clean up!

Contact the Head Cook if you have questions regarding Dayboard or Feast:  Lady Sisuile Butler -

Mustard Soup
Lentil soup
Beef Kielbasa
Chicken hand pies
Pickled carrots
Herb cheese



Julfest aus 1553

First course
Bratwurst & mustard
Genovese tarts (spinach and cheese)
Roasted root vegetables
Cooked apples

Second course
Rosemary chicken
Cheese buns (fried cheese doughnuts)
Venison meatballs

Marzipan tarts
Currant bread/fruitcake
Shortbread cookies with rings

Make Checks Payable to: Barony Beyond the Mountain, SCA Inc.

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Event Stewards:
Ciara McRobbie
Anne Akin
29 Fowler Road
North Stonington, CT 06359

Mesterinde Anarra Karlsdottir, OL
Terry Neill

Send Reservations to:

Ciara McRobbie
Anne Akin
29 Fowler Road
North Stonington, CT 06359

Other Contact Information:

Merchant Contact:
Ciara McRobbie
Anne Akin
29 Fowler Road
North Stonington, CT 06359

Merchants can set up starting at 7:30 in the morning on Saturday.  Break down must be *complete* by court at 3:30.