The Great Quintavian Iron Scribe competition

Hosted by Shire of Quintavia - Berlin, MA

Event date: November 17th, 2018

Event Last Modified: October 28th, 2018

Event details

[Movie announcer voice]
IN A WORLD where the perg never dries right and the paint won't mix properly, one small Shire is out to change the world! 

Do you feel like the martial activities get all the tournaments?
Do you want a challenge and to stretch your scribal muscles?
Do you want to be considered a scribal superhero?
Do you want to help reduce the back log?
Do you have what it takes to prove that you are...  the ScribEast*?!?

Then we have an event for you!

[cue exciting chase scene music]
From the Shire that brought you Embroidery Schola, Scribal Schola, Schola in the Shire and many many Royal Progress Events, comes the silliest blockbuster event of the season.  IRON SCRIBE! 

One Scribe, One Scroll, One Day! 

Valuable Prizes, Multiple Winners, and Fun for All!

[high speed disclaimer]
More details will follow.  Description of the actual competition(s) and judging matrices in the works.  All feedback will be friendly and constructive.  Learning something new and useful is anticipated.  Bringing your own materials is recommended, but we will have some loaner materials available.  Batteries not included.  Void where prohibited.

All levels are welcome and depending on numbers, we will have multiple 'weight classes'. 

The competition will start promptly at 10 AM, with set-up time from 9-10am. 

This is a garb optional event, friends don't let friends get ink all down their fancy linens. 

Food will be done by potluck, there is a full kitchen for warming things up.  There are plenty of power outlets for crock pots and we will have a specific lunch *hour* when everyone will be forced to take a break. 

Spectators are welcome to come and hang out, see what we do and get inspired to work on projects of their own.  There is a room for children to play, but we will be very protective of the scribes' tables, pointy objects, and spill-able liquids.  On the other hand, if your kids would like to compete, they are welcome!

I hope to see you all there, it's going to be a fun event. 

Please sign up if you are at all interested in coming -

You can see the full rules here -

And the rubrics here -

If you'd like to volunteer, please sign up here -

A call for judges will also happen closer to the event.

*We will not be naming one Best Scribe, that's not in the spirit of the Scribal Community.  Think more Great British Bake-Off rather than Hell’s Kitchen.

Site Opens: 9 am
Site Closes: 9 pm

Event Location

Camelot Common House
69 Village Court Road
Berlin, MA  01503
Google Map


GPS units are good at directing people to this site. 

It's right off 495, just north of 290. 

Please park along the road or in spots marked visitor parking.  It can be a bit of a walk depending on how many cars are already there, so rolling carts to bring your stuff are recommended.

Registration Fees

This is a donation only event.

This event is potluck.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA MA, Inc.  - Shire of Quintavia

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Marieta Charay
MKA Stephanie Schanda

Send Reservations to:

Shire of Quintavia
c/o David Harvill
100 Wilson St.
Marlborough, MA