Ffesty pen - A Welsh feast day and Eisteddfod **

Hosted by Barony of Settmour Swamp - Millington, NJ

Event date: November 3rd, 2018

Event Last Modified: October 2nd, 2018

Event details

Fiesty Pen

Blow the Corn Gwlad!  Let it echo through the hills to summon the people to the Fiesty Penn, to join the Baron and Baroness of Settmour Swamp in this traditional Welsh feast on Saturday, November 3rd.  Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of medieval Wales.  There will be thirteenth-century dishes offered all day long to delight the palate, with the customary noon tide feast.  A Welsh Eisteddfod, a bardic competition, will accompany the feast with song and story throughout the day.  Just as the celebration established by Lord Rhys in 1176, Settmour Swamp's Eisteddfod will hold contests for singing, instrumental music, and story-telling/poetry, with chairs, spoons, and harps as prizes.  There will also be a story circle for folk to gather and share their memories of the Society.  A brewing contest will be held for beers, meads, ciders, and wine (see below for details).  There will be dancing, as well as period gaming, the crafting of rushlights, fleece to shawl spinning and knitting, and a demonstration of cider pressing to round out the day's activities.  We encourage you to bring whatever project you might be working on; sewing, painting, whittling or whatever is your current fancy.  Bards wishing to compete must sign up for their preferred categories by contacting the autocrat, Orlando Sforza, prior to the event. 

We encourage our guests to adorn themselves in 13th-century garb to add to the atmosphere of the event.  Our feast hall will be lavishly decorated, paying homage to our Welsh theme, as befits the wishes of our Baron and Baroness, but we welcome personal banners to be hung in the lower hall.  The venue will be lit only by candlelight and so we ask our guests to contribute any candles, battery powered only, that they may have to add to the ambiance.  We also encourage all to bring out their best table wear and will be awarding a lovely prize to the best setting. 

As you are welcomed to our hall in the morning, a light repast will be set to break your fast.  The midday meal will be a full celebration of Welsh food and custom and we will finish out the evening with treats both sweet and savory.  See below for the full menu.  Please direct all questions about food-related matters to our chef, Charis Accipiter. 

The event site opens at nine in the morning and closes at seven in the evening.  The event schedule and activity details will follow. 

For this event, reservations are required.  Due to the structure of the event, there is only one fee of fifteen dollars for adult members that will cover all of the food and activities for the day.  Per site size and requirements, our numbers are limited to 100.  Reservations will be first come first served until we are full so please send your reservations in as soon as possible.  The site is fully wheelchair accessible for those with limited mobility.


Caws - Assorted Welsh Cheese,
Bara barlys - Barley cakes
Bara lawr – Laverbread – seaweed oatcake
Dowset - sweet jam filled pastry
Caws pobi - Welsh toasted cheese on bread

1st course -
Bara ceich - Oatcakes - flat cracker like bread over which the other items are served (trencher)
Llymru - Flummery - traditional oat porridge
Cwningen mewn llymru - roast rabbit with herbs – to be eaten over the flummery (served separate for vegetarian considerations)
Cawl - traditional cabbage soup
Cramwythen cregyn - Welsh pancakes with mushrooms and leeks
Pastai gocos - Cockel pie – egg tart with cockels, laver (seaweed) and bacon
2nd course -
Bara Planc - Manchet (white bread)
Tarten cacennau - Venison pie – tender pieces of venison marinated in red wine, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg and sealed in a pastry crust
Pwdin caws - Cheese pudding (bread crumbs, cheese, eggs and milk)
Tarten bwmpen - Marrow pie (marrow - Welsh zucchini - vegetarian)
Eog wedi’I ferwi mewn llaeth - Salmon in milk and herbs
Tarten cwins - Quince and bilberry tart

Drinks –
Haytime nectar Sweet drink made from water, sugar, lemon juice, and boiled raisins
Cider - mix of fresh pressed and local cider - maybe warm and spiced if cold outside
Hipocras - grape juice with spices

Harvest cakes - oatcakes with seasonal fruits
apple fritters
Trolis – pastry stuffed with currants and nutmeg

Brewing Contest -

With the blessings of their Excellencies Baron Jonathan and Baroness Teresa, the Barony of Settmour Swamp will be holding a brewing competition to mark the occasion of the first Festy Pen Celebration. 

Celebrate this day with any wines, meads, and ales that you may have.  As this is a historically immersive event, extra points will be given for a historically accurate libations.  Documentation is encouraged but not necessary.  THemed prizes will be given.  Come and share in great drink, great food, and great entertainment.

Sheep to Shawl demonstration --

Join us for an afternoon of carding spinning and weaving as we take a raw fleece into a finished shawl (we hope).
We will be running this as a demonstration, rather than a competition so all are welcome to join us. 
We will have pre-cleaned raw fleece there and we will be using hand cards to prepare it for spinning, and then use spindles to turn that fleece into thread that we will use for weft thread. 
The warp thread will be spun ahead of the event but warping of the loom will be done at the event.
We will provide the loom and the fleece, please bring hand cards if you have them and a spindle to spin on.  All our welcome to join us regardless of skill level. 
We will be spinning the fleece of a period welsh breed of sheep and there will be information available for anyone interested on the period methods of everything we will be demonstrating that day. 
We will start as soon as the hall opens and will finish up by the evening repast at 6pm.  Join us for as long as you like.  The more helpers the better chance we have of actually making a shawl.
Questions can be directed to Vivian de Dunbar (Heather Fox) at craftynara@gmail.com

9am - Site Opens
10am - Morning Repast
Crafting and demonstrations
Opening Bardic - this will be dependant on entrants
1pm - Afternoon meal
3pm - Continued Bardic
Brewing contest
5pm - Baronial Court
6pm - Evening Repast
7pm SIte closes

Site Opens: 9am
Site Closes: 7pm

Event Location

All Saints Episcopal Church
15 Basking Ridge Rd
Millington, NJ  07946
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All Saints Episcopal Church
15 Basking Ridge Rd
Millington, NJ 07946

Site is Handicapped Accessible

Our beautiful site encompasses two buildings both with handicapped access (ramps, a chairlift, and an elevator)

Registration Fees

Pre-Registration is REQUIRED!

Registration fees:
Adult non-member $20.00
Adult member $15.00
Children 5 - 17 $10.00
Children under 5 - free
Event registration limited to 100

Pre-registrations deadline by 10/25/18

Food will be served throughout the day with a light repast upon arrival, the main feast being held at 1 pm, and a final light board prior to the end of the day.

All food is included in the site fee.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NJ Inc, Barony of Settmour Swamp

Contact Information

Event Steward:

George LaVigne

Master Orlando Sforza


Send Reservations to:

Master Orlando Sforza

C/O George LaVigne
1798 Rt 57
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Must be post-dated no later than Oct 25, 2018

Other Contact Information:

Please direct all questions regarding food for the day to
Mistress Charis Accipiter
Head cook