Quest for Wit and Wisdom XXXIV

Hosted by Barony of Settmour Swamp - Pittstown, NJ

Event date: May 25th, 2018 - May 28th, 2018

Event Last Modified: May 23rd, 2018

Event details

Come join us as the Barony of Settmour Swamp celebrates the Thirty Fourth Quest for Wit & Wisdom. This year QUEST will have a Slavic theme.  "The QUEST" by Lord Turov Piskarev, is titled "Storytime with Baba Yaga". 

QUEST is Settmour Swamp's local camping event and includes competitions to determine the Barony’s champions for heavy weapons fighting, rapier combat, thrown weapons and archery.  There is also an Artisan's row (live displays and hands-on demos), a bardic circle and of course the Quest, where all our welcome to test their wit and skill. 

Baron Jonathan Miles and Baroness Teresa Ana Perez, welcome all to join in our weekend-long celebration. 

CHILDREN are most welcome, but please supervise your children at all times.  Anyone under the age of eighteen must be accompanied to the event by a parent or legal guardian.  The SCA youth waiver policy will be enforced.

POND:  There is a pond on site, this is not for swimming.

PETS are permitted, and must be kept on a leash at all times.  Certain areas will be off limits to pets.

ALCOHOL POLICY:  No alcoholic beverages may be brought on site.  There will be a site-run bar available, and open until 2:00am.  This policy will be strictly enforced by event staff.

Anyone in violation of this policy will be removed from the site.  See below for the Brewing Contest.

SCHEDULE (Preliminary and subject to change)

4:00pm Site opens, Troll opens
8:00pm Troll closes

10:00am Troll opens
10:00am Thrown Weapons Tournament
12 noon Archery setup
12 noon Armor Inspection
12 noon Kubb Tournament
12:30pm Heavy Weapons Tournament
12:30pm Archery Tournament
1:00pm Artisan's Row starts
3:00pm Brewing Contest
5:00pm Artisan’s Row closes, Troll closes
6:00pm Feast
8:00pm Bardic Circle

10:00am Troll opens
10:00am Artisan's Row Starts
11:00am Fencing Tournament
12 noon Silent Auction opens
1:00pm Artisan's Row closes
1:30pm Quest "Storytime with Baba Yaga"
3:00pm Troll closes
3:30pm Hurley game (after the QUEST ends)
5:00pm Court of Baron Jonathan and Baroness Teresa
6:30pm Pennsic Swamp Camp Meeting

Clean up
Site Closes at 11:30am

ARTISANS ROW:  Offered by Lady Sof'ia Zhirinskaia (
Artisan's Row includes live displays and hands-on demonstrations.  The Artisan’s Row is a particularly wonderful opportunity for Arts and Sciences that are too messy or time-consuming for usual events.  We are especially interested in woodworkers, blacksmiths, dyers, stone carvers, potters and any artisan who would avail themselves of a long weekend out of doors.  Our village-like atmosphere will allow you to demonstrate, teach, and peddle your wares. 

ARCHERY TOURNAMENT:  Offered by Ellynor Redpath.  Details to be provided on site.

HEAVY WEAPONS TOURNAMENT:  Offered by the current heavy weapons champion, Alexandros von Halstern.  Their Excelencies will be holding a tournament to find their next champion at Quest.  The format of the tournament will be a battle at the barrier first to three counted blows, best two out of three per pairing.

THROWN WEAPONS TOURNAMENT:  Offered by Douglas Henry.  Details to be provided on site.

RAPIER TOURNAMENT:  Greetings far and wide from Don Garrick Mapmaker (the Barony’s current Rapier champion).  At this Quest their Excellencies, as usual, will be holding a tournament to choose their next Rapier Champion.  This tournament is scheduled for 11 AM on Sunday, and I plan to start it as close to that as possible, with the hope of finishing it in time to allow all of you to participate in the Quest itself at 1:30.  All fencers are invited to play, just please let the MOL know which group you are in and whether you wish to compete for the Baronial Champion position.  I expect to use a round robin format, so everyone will get plenty of action, but there will be some themed details to help get you into the right mindset for the Quest.  Above all, fight honorably and well! 

KUBB TOURNAMENT:  Good denizens of Settmour Swamp the time has come to find a new team of champions for that game of games, kubb!  The first Annual Quest Kubb tournament will take place Saturday at noon hosted by Jon Renwick and Sitric Fitzgerald.  If you are interested in tasting the sweet ambrosia of victory then there are a few rules:
-All are welcome.  Beginner or expert.  Young or old.  Kubb does not discriminate and neither do we.
-All teams will consist of 2 or 3 members.  1 is too few and 4 is right out.
-If you have never in your life heard of the wonderment that is Kubb we ask that you show up a half hour early for a demonstration and rules explanation.  (It’s simple and fun!)

So come one come all and throw sticks at blocks!  See if your team can commit regicide and win fabulous prizes!  Let the games commence!!!

If you would like to submit your team before the event please send an email to with the header “kubb 2018”.  Please include all team members and a team name.

BREWING CONTEST:  Offered by Lord Serric der Grimmige & Lord Pippin a Bheithir.  All brewing contest entries are to be presented to Troll upon arrival on site and must be kept behind the bar until the contest.  Each bottle needs to be accompanied by the name of the item, the category (beer, wine, mead, cordial) and the name of the maker of said libation. 

Note:  Any unconsumed brewing entries must be removed from the site or they may be discarded after the competition.

BARDIC CIRCLE:  Offfered by Phelippe le Vigneron, our newly christened bardic champion.  Come tell us a tale, about your best SCA experience, recite medieval verse, sing songs and entertain fellow SCAdians around a roaring fire.

HURLEY GAME:  Offered by Sir Donnan Fitzgerald a'Bheithir.  Gather at the central field after the Quest finishes on Sunday to warm up and form teams.  The Hurley game will begin around 3:30 pm.

The Barony of Settmour Swamp calls you to appear upon the Hurling pitch to test your mettle in honorable team competition.  Heroes of the ilk expected have no need of previous experience nor do they need equipment as they will likely lift mature ash trees from the earth for their use.  Rules, such as they are, will be explained and stout footwear is suggested.  Hurling has been described as a cross between field hockey, rugby and a mugging.  While this is certainly true in some field positions, those who desire a less physical competition should not be deterred as there are other positions where dexterity alone wins the day.  We hope to see you on the pitch and if you have any questions in advance of the event, contact Sir Donnan FitzGerald at

THE QUEST:  "Storytime with Baba Yaga" by Lord Turov Piskarev
Details to follow.

"The QUEST" is a scavenger hunt and an obstacle course and a mystery to be solved all combined in an adventure!  Come and test your wit, courage and skill at a chance to win the Quest as well as wondrous prizes!

Each team of questers will contain either three adults or three children.  Children’s teams shall be accompanied by a parent.

SILENT AUCTION:  Vashni will run our silent auction under the pavilion.  Come and bid on fine wares gathered from across the lands!  If you have items you would like to donate, please reach out to Vashni (Wendy Happek) at 908-526-2393 or

Please do not be shy, anything remotely SCA-related is fair game!  Any funds raised will be donated to running our wonderful barony.

COURT:  Baron Jonathan and Baroness Teresa, will hold Court and present the winners of the tournaments, contests and the Quest. 

Immediately following Court, gather near the Pavilion for the Pennsic Swamp Camp meeting. 

FEAST:  Slavic Feast designed by Lord Emidio di Arquata

Rye Bread
Pickled Beets
Shashliki (marinated beef on skewers)

First Course:
Shchi (cabbage soup)
Sour Cream

Second Course:
Pierogi (2 variations:  potato & cheese; mushroom)
Onions sauteed in butter

Third Course:
Chicken Paprikash
Egg Noodles

Russian Tea Cookies

Registration Gate:  opens at 4 pm on Friday
Registration Gate:  opens at 10 am on Saturday and Sunday

The camping area will be open from 4PM Friday until 11:30am Monday.

Everyone must be off site by 11:30am or they will be thanked as they are put to work as part of the Clean-up crew.

For those of you who do not camp, there are two near-by hotels in Clinton, New Jersey.

Hampton Inn Clinton (near the Walmart)
16 Frontage Drive, Clinton, New Jersey, 08809
TEL:  +1-908-713-4800

111 West Main Street, Clinton, NJ 08809

A Walmart is approximately 3 miles from the site on Route 513.

Site Opens: 4:00 pm Friday May 25
Site Closes: 11:30 am Monday May 28

Event Location

Clinton Elks
211 Sidney Road
Pittstown, NJ  08867
Google Map


Clinton Elks Lodge
211 Sidney Rd
Pittstown, NJ 08867

Take your best route to Interstate 78, and follow that to Exit 15.  Turn left at the set of lights at the bottom of the ramp onto 513 South.
Turn left (up the slight hill) onto Sidney Road.
Continue on this road for about 2 miles, then the site will be on your left. 

Registration Fees

Adult rates:
$5 Friday "day trip" rate (members $5, no discount)
$20 Saturday "day trip" rate (members $15)
$20 Sunday "day trip" rate (members $15)
$35 Adult Maximum Fee (members $30)

Minor (age 17 and under):  FREE

$5 Merchant fee (members $5, no discount)

Reservations must be postmarked by May 11.
Site fees will be refunded if requested by Friday May 11.

Please include with your reservation:
Mundane and SCA names for each person on the reservation
Member numbers (with expiration date) for each person on the reservation
Weekend or day-trip (specify which days you plan to attend)
Contact information - (phone number and/or e-mail)

$8 (limited to the first 100 gentles)

Make Checks Payable to: SCA of NJ Inc., Barony of Settmour Swamp

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Hekja Hornabrjótr (Emily Brogan) [co-event steward]
(732) 266-4679
No calls after 9:30 pm

Lady Natal'ia Bolotnikova (Sarah Saladini) [co-event setward]
(732) 439-1785
No calls after 9:30 pm

Both event stewards can be reached at:

Send Reservations to:

Sarah Saladini
35 Hudson Street Apt.  3203
Jersey City, New Jersey

Please write "QUEST" on the envelope (lower left hand corner)

Reservations must be postmarked by May 11.

Feast fees will be refunded if the space is resold.

Other Contact Information:

Merchants are welcome please contact Lady Stephanie MacGregor via text at (908) 331-0682 for more details.  Email to come.  There is a $5 merchant fee.