The An Dubhaigeainn / Ostgardr Challenge

Hosted by Barony of An Dubhaigeainn - Middle Island, NY

Event date: May 11th, 2018 - May 13th, 2018

Event Last Modified: May 9th, 2018

Event details

Join the Crown Province of Ostgardr and the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn as we once again challenge each other in contests of prowess.  Both champion and populace will compete in contests of skill.  There will be contests for A&S, brewing, Bardic, Archery, Thrown Weapons, fencing, and armored combat. 
Campers are welcome and a feast will be served.  Any gentles from outside our boards may choose their side. 

Points system for the AnDub-Ostgardr Challenge.  Champion and Populace contests for Archery / Thrown Weapons / Heavy List / Fencing/ A&S / Bardic / Brewing.  (Except for Brewing), each area has 3 points assigned to them.  A point for who wins the contest between the champions, a point for who wins among the populace, and a point for which side had the most participants.  The brewers contest will only have two points for populace and most participants.  Contestants from outside our areas can choose which side they wish to represent.  There will also be youth combat, a Youth Arch building contest and an edible scroll eating contest.
FENCING:  Champions- Five passes Populace Melee-Five Passes
HEAVY LIST:  Lord Ozurr will hold the fields against all An Dub and Ostgardr, the gallery would select one of the fighters who fought best and most honorable.  They will become captains of the opposing teams, and there will be a small melee.
ARCHERY:  Champions and Populace will have the same challenge- Target containing both a Seahorse and a Duck.  Shoot the oppositions symbol and avoid your own.  A timed shoot
THROWN WEAPONS:  Champions and Populace will have the same challenge.  Three Targets, One with the AnDub Device, One which the Ostgardr Device and one with the EK device.  Points are given 2 for hitting the opponents device, One point for sticking the target and -1 point for hitting the EK or your own device.  Max +12 min -6 for champions, populace will not record negative scores.

A&S COMPETITION Champions and Populace will have the same challenge.  In celebration of the arms of the competing Province and Barony, the theme of the A&S competition will be nautical.  In order to allow for all forms of A&S skills, entrants are allowed to incorporate the theme however they wish, but we encourage the entrants to do honor to their opponent.  Entries will be graded using rubric:…/KQAS-Performance-Rubric-_8_28

BARDIC CHALLENGE:  The rules are simple, both sides can enter up to 5 per side and each has 5 minutes to perform a song, story, musical piece or small one act scene.
the scoring goes as follows:
1 point for entering
1 point if you are able to work water/the sea or islands into your performance
1 point if you are able to work a duck or seahorse into the performance (1 bonus point for doing both)
total of 3+bonus=4 points available per performer
For the champions the must each perform 2 pieces:
One must be the local "battle anthem " The second must be a piece of their choice which should incorporate water/the sea or island and ducks or seahorses
With agreement from both the Coronet and Il Khanate, and the autocrat if a current champion is unable judge the populace portion because of other obligations, then a prior champion can act in their stead.

BREWING CONTEST:  Judged by our Coronet and Il Khanate.
YOUTH ACTIVITIES:  There will be Youth Combat at the event.
YOUTH CHALLENGE:  Ancient Roman Engineering The Roman Empire made many great advancements that improved life for those living in the empire.  Arches added needed support to structures, many of which still stand today.  Aqueducts allowed the Romans to transport water to their citizens.
After a brief class on Roman arches and aqueducts, the youth will compete to build the best aqueduct out of the materials provided.
EDIBLE AWARD RULES:  Entrants must present a finished item that is recognizable as an award.  Projects will be judged based on overall appearance, taste/smell, documentation, and originality
Any medium is fine provided it is edible, and we are going to eat at least parts of them so please make sure it’s not something that is edible only once.

Site Opens: 5pm
Site Closes: noon

Event Location

Estonian House of Middle Island
20 Middle Island Blvd
Middle Island, NY  11593
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Long Island Estonian House is located 65 miles east of NYC in Middle Island, New York, north of NY Route 25.

From the West:  Take your best route to the Long Island Expwy (I-495) east, to Exit 64 North (NY-112) towards Port Jefferson.  Drive for 3.2 miles, then turn right onto Middle Country Rd.  (NY Rt.  25) for .03 miles and jog left onto Mt.  Sinai Coram Rd.  for 2.2 miles.  Turn right onto Whiskey Rd.  for 1 mile.  Then turn right onto Middle Island Blvd.  The entrance to Estonian House will be on your right.

From the East:  Take the Long Island Expwy.  to Exit 68 North (William Floyd Pkwy.--CR 46) to Middle Country Rd.  (NY Rt.  25).  Turn left and travel on NY Rt.  25 for 4.7 miles.  Turn right onto Church Lane, then take your third right onto Lake Terrace.  Turn left onto Middle Island Blvd.  The entrance to Estonian House will be on your left.

Registration Fees

Adults:  $15 Adult Member:  $10
**Proof of membership will be requested at Troll**
Minors (5-17):  $5
Baby in Arm (<4):  $0

Add $10 for adults/ $7 for children for feast
Camping spots Available $10 per tent

Feast is limited to 88 and will sell out.

Reservation Deadline -May 1st, 2018

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NY Inc.  Barony of An Dubhaigeainn

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Event Steward:
Scott Petritsch
Lord Ronan FitzRobert
631 648-8888

Send Reservations to:

Send Checks to:
Lady Helena Lundonie (Debra Pfundstein)
24 Skylark Dr
Holtsville, NY, 11742
646-391-8888(before 9pm)

Other Contact Information:

Those wishing to merchant or camp, contact the autocrat.  There is no addition fee to be a merchant.