Keeper of the Central Flame

Hosted by Barony of Concordia of the Snows - Scotia, NY

Event date: April 14th, 2018

Event Last Modified: October 18th, 2017

Event details

Calling all artisans!  Come enter the results of your hard work and research into the Keeper of the Central Flame competition in the Barony of Concordia of the Snows! 

Have you only been practicing your art for 2 years or fewer? You can enter in our Novice competition.  Have lots of practice and awards in your area of expertise? Enter the Experienced competition.  Laurels are welcome to enter the category in which they received their Laurel, but should enter as Experienced Competitors.

Novice and Experienced Artisans alike will be able to compete in 9 tracks of categories.  There will be a Novice and an Experienced winner for each category and an overall Novice and Experienced winner for each track.

The Competition Categories are:

Track One - Small Work/Cord Making:  Counted Embroidery, Non-Counted Embroidery, Cord Making

Track Two - Textiles and Fiber:  Weaving (includes tablet weaving), Non-Woven Material, Spinning, Dyeing

Track Three - Culinary:  Period Cooking, SCA Feasts/Dayboards, Confections/Subtleties, Food Preservation

Track Four - Costuming:  European pre 1300, European post 1300, Non-European, Accessories/Shoes, Headwear/Hairstyling

Track Five - Research and Writing:  Short Paper (8 pages or fewer), Long Paper (9 pages or longer), Persona Development, Book Report

Track Six - Scribal:  Illumination, Calligraphy, Book Binding, Papermaking

Track Seven - Smithing & Carpentry:  Metalsmithing, Woodworking, Leatherworking, Jewelry Making

Track Eight - Fine Art:  Painting, Pottery, Glasswork, Carving/Sculpture

Track Nine - Science & Miscellany:  Herbalism & Medicinals, Period Science, Heraldic Display, Miscellaneous

Competitors may enter more than one piece per category, however multiple entries will be judged as a single body of work.  For example, if three embroidered bags are entered in track one, they will be judged as a group.

Keeper of the Central Flame Arts Triathlon

Do you have entries in several categories over at least two tracks? Competitors who enter at least three categories over two or more tracks will be eligible for Keeper of the Central Flame Triathlon!  For example, an embroidered bag can be entered into Track One:  Non-Counted Embroidery with a drawstring entered in Track One:  Cord Making.  The bag can also be entered into Track Four:  Accessories/Shoes. 

The winner of the Triathlon will be named Keeper of the Central Flame and will hold that title until the next competition is held!


Judging will be face to face with a team of judges.  The Kingdom A&S Rubric will be used to judge all entries.  That rubric will be available on the event web site in September.

Written Categories

The deadline for submission of Track Five entries (Research and Writing) is MARCH 30, 2018.  Any written entries received after that date WILL NOT be judged.

Competition Sign Up

Competitors are strongly encouraged to send their intent to participate to the Competition Coordinator by February 28, 2018.  Those who do not submit advance notification MAY NOT have space to display their entries.

Chivalry Challenge

Master Dmitri Stephanovich has issued a challenge to authorized fighters to enter the arts competition!  Fighters will be eligible for a special prize granted by Master Dmitri.

Master of Defense Challenge

Master Jean-Paul Ducasse has issued a challenge to authorized fencers to enter the arts competition!  Fencers will be eligible for a special prize granted by Master Jean-Paul.

Service Challenge

Mistress Angharad verch Rees has issued a challenge for people who primarily do service activities to enter the arts competition!  Service folks will be eligible for a special prize granted by Mistress Angharad.

Baron's and Baroness' Challenge

Baron Jean-Paul and Baroness Lylie will also be recognizing their competition choices at Baronial Court.

Please note that Baronial Court will be brief and winners of the categories, tracks, triathlon and challenges will be announced there.

Do you have questions about your entry and in what category in which it might best fit? Any questions should be directed to the Competition Coordinator.

Site Opens: 9:00am
Site Closes: 6:00pm

Event Location

Scotia United Methodist Church
201 North Ten Broeck Street
Scotia, NY  12302
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From I-90 (NYS Thruway): 
--Take Exit 25 (Schenectady, I-890). 
--Proceed on I-890 to Exit 4C (Scotia). 
--Continue to traffic light, where you will turn left. 
--Continue over the long bridge and past Route 50. 
--Turn right onto North Ten Broeck Ave.  (Mohawk Tap Room and Stewart's on corner). 
The church is beige on the left at the second intersection (Catherine Street crossing).
Parking lot just beyond church and on street parking as well.

Registration Fees

Adult Members:  $15
Adult Non-Members:  $20
Children 13-17:  $10
Children Under 12:  Free

There will be no feast.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NY, Inc.  Barony of Concordia of the Snows

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Judy Canfield-Akers
(518) 785-031 before 9pm

Send Reservations to:

Lord Richard de Troye
Richard Nicholson
478 Morris Street
Albany, NY 12208

Other Contact Information:

Event Steward:
Lord Rhys Aiden Bifjord
Stephen Long
214 Catherine Street
Scotia, NY 12302
(518) 831-9279 (please leave message, no calls after 9pm)

Competition Coordinator:
Mistress Angharad verch Rees
Allison Sarnoff
32 Cheryl Court
Troy, NY 12180