Artifacts of a Life III

Hosted by Barony of Beyond the Mountain - New Britain, CT

Event date: September 30th, 2017

Event Last Modified: September 12th, 2017

Event details

The Barony Beyond the Mountain invites the populace of the East to join us on September 30, 2017 for Artifacts of a Life III. 

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to walk into a museum or an archive or an archaeological dig and see the things that your persona left behind? This is your chance to create that experience! 

Depending on the culture and time period, these could be grave goods buried with you, recreations of items mentioned in your will or probate inventory ("my second best bed to my wife..."), documents such as charters, indentures, or receipt books, or items that might be found in an excavation of your life context -- all the ways that we know about the material culture of the past and can reconstruct a plausible life.  Examples can include votive gifts found in a bog, the tools found in your workshop when they dug up the old town to put in a parking garage, and the cookbook passed down for 8 generations.  In short, the things that could have ended up in a museum that were associated with your life, or the life of a persona that you wish to recreate (it doesn't have to be your current SCA persona).

To add spice, there will be a contest and rich prizes will be given -- chests of goodies from artisans of the East, as well as materials for future projects.  The rules for the contest, as well as information about registering your entries, can be found at the event website, located at

More information will be added as the event comes closer.


9:00 Site opens
9:00-10:30 – Entrants check in and set-up
10:30 -- Meeting of Judges
11:00-3:00 – Judging
12:00-1:00 - Lunch Break
3:00-4:00 – Judges meeting and tabulation of scores
3:00-4:30 – Breakdown of entries
4:30 – Court
6:00 Site Closes

Site is damp.  Beer, wine, mead or champagne ONLY.  No spirits or spirit-based cordials are allowed on site.

No smoking or vaping on site.  Not even in the parking lot.  You must go outside the fence to smoke or vape.

No animals are allowed on site except Service Animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (guide dogs, signal dogs, or other animals individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability).

Site Opens: 09:00 am
Site Closes: 09:00 pm

Event Location

HSC Community Center
370 Osgood Avenue
New Britain, CT  06053
Google Map


North, East or West, take your best route to I-84, Exit 36 (Slater Road).

From the exit, continue straight onto Sterling Road.  Sterling ends in a T with a wood straight ahead of you. 

At the woods, turn LEFT onto Corbin Avenue.  The entrance to the site is on your RIGHT.  It's a gate in a chain-link fence just before Osgood Avenue.  If you get to Osgood you've just passed it.

From the South, take I-91 to Exit 22N (Route 9 North).
Merge LEFT to Route 72 WEST towards Bristol.
Take the Corbin Avenue exit.  This is a right-hand exit off of Route 72.
Turn RIGHT onto Corbin Avenue for ~1.3 miles.
The entrance to the site is on your RIGHT.  It's a gate in a chain-link fence just before Osgood Avenue.  If you get to Osgood you've just passed it.

(If you miss the Corbin Avenue exit, then get onto I-84 East-bound and follow the directions above.)


IF YOU CAME ON EAST-BOUND I-84 VIA THE SLATER ROAD EXIT - Note that the on ramp to West-bound I-84 from Slater Road (Exit 36) is closed for repairs.  To get onto West-bound I-84 from the event site, turn LEFT out of the parking lot and go down Corbin Avenue.  Pass the CVS and three gas station at the corner of Corbin and Main streets, go straight through the stop light at that corner and then, at the next stop light, take the entrance ramp to your right onto 72 West.  Move over to the left lanes, which will take you to I-84 West-bound (Staying in the right lane will take you to I-84 East-bound).

Registration Fees

The site fee is $10.00 per person.

Note the site will be open for set-up from 4pm Friday the 29th to 7:00pm and from 7:00am Saturday the 30th.  Clean-up ends at Midnight Saturday (Or, hopefully, MUCH earlier!) If you are still on site after 6:00, THANK YOU for helping with clean up.

A dayboard prepared by the talented Lady Sisuile Butler will be available for a separate fee of $5.00 per person.  Dayboard is limited to 75 people, but please pre-register (email the autocrat) if you are interested in purchasing. 

The tentative menu is as follows:

sausage soup
lentil stew
*beef & onion
*honey mustard chicken (the guter spise one)
*spinach & egg
*roasted root veg (onion/carrot/parsnip)
Apple crisp or similar, depending on what I dig up.

*gluten free

Make Checks Payable to: Barony Beyond the Mountain--SCA, Inc.

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Mistress Elizabeth Vynehorn
Susan Scoville

Send Reservations to:

Contest registrations should go to:

Mistress Elizabeth Vynehorn
Susan Scoville

If you wish to reserve the dayboard, please email Mistress Elizabeth at

Other Contact Information:

Those interested in judging, please contact: 
Baron Jehan du Lac
C.T.  Iannuzzo