The Resurrection of Mangia Borgia

Hosted by Shire of Coill Tuar - Poughkeepsie, NY

Event date: April 13th, 2019

Event Last Modified: January 11th, 2019

Event details

Lucrezia Borgia’s father has just arranged for her to be married to Alfonso d'Este, Duke of Ferrara, in early 1502.  You are all formally invited to join the Borgia family for a day of games, merriment, festivities and, in the evening, a feast to die for.

When you walk through the gates to the event and check in with "The House" of Borgia, you will be handed a starting pile of tokens to be used for both the Piccoli Giochi, the Little Games, and the Grande Gioco, the Great Game, at dinner.

The Piccoli Giochi are the multiple games of chance and skill that will allow you to build your wealth.  At the feast that night, il Grande Gioco, the Great Game, begins.  Use the tokens you accumulated during the day to bribe your servers for help (or engage in nefarious dealings) throughout the meal. 

At any time throughout the day you will be able to visit "The House" and donate to various fundraisers in order to add to your amount of tokens.  At the end of the event, you may use your remaining tokens to trade for some period games for your own use at future events.  Due to state laws, there will be no conversion from the tokens back to any other currency. 

If you do not wish to try your hand at the Piccoli Giochi, we will need volunteers who wish to be designated servers for the tables during feast of il Grande Gioco.  There will be two servers per table, and we are hoping to fill the tables with hungry patrons which means there is a need for you!  In order to prepare servers for the evening, there will be a class given on "How To Poison With A Smile" because it will be the servers who are able to dole out the death, as well as give reprieve with antidotes, at a price.  Sign up with "The House" when you get in, and if you work as a Server during feast, the feast fee you paid will be returned at the end of the night.  The number of servers needed will be modified by the number of people staying for the feast as there will be the need for 2 servers per table of 8 people.

Additionally, if you are gaming and wish to take a break from your winnings, there will be different classes available throughout the day, hosted by the East Kingdom Assassins' Guild, to help you better understand their roles in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Piccoli giochi

Quinquenovum (Dice)
Equal with an ace (Dice)
Gluckhaus (Lucky Pig ) (Dice & Board)
Shut The Box (Dice & Board)
Game of Goose (Dice & Board)
Alquerques (Board)
Fox and Geese (Board)
Nine Men's Morris (Board)
Chess (Board)
Pitch-Pot (Skills)
Catapults (a Tradition of our Shire) (Skills)
Karnöffel (Cards)
Piquet (Cards)

il Grande Gioco:  The Great Game

There will be 3 Removes, plus Dessert.

There will be prizes at the end of the night including but not limited to:
* The first to complete a round of all the Piccoli giochi
* The one who won the most types of Piccoli giochi
* The best death
* The deadliest guest
* The most team/table deaths
* The highest paid Server/Server team
* The Patron of the Shire (whomever donates the most to the Shire for more tokens)

The children are not left out from our festivities for the day.  There will be activities available to the younger of our visitors and they are also welcome to partake of the available games, with parental supervision.  Youths ages 10 and up are invited to participate fully in all activities.

Site Opens: 11 AM
Site Closes: 9 PM

Event Location

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Poughkeepsie
67 South Randolph Avenue
Poughkeepsie, NY  12601
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Registration Fees

Registration:  Site Fee:  $15 with Paid Reservation postmarked by February 2, 2019
Site Fee:  $20 at the Door
Children 6-17 Fee:  $10
Youth under 6 Fee:  Free
Family Cap:  $60 with Paid Reservations
Family Cap:  $70 at the Door
Membership discount is $5 per adult with proof of membership or $10 total for family with proof of membership.  As much as we love our chosen families, Family Cap only applies to children for which you are their legal parent.

Please remember when bringing children that are not your own, nor are you their court appointed custodian, you must have a signed form from their parents before being allowed into the event. 

Feast:  Feast Fee:  $10
Children in laps:  Free
Children’s Table Limited Menu available by pre-registration only:  $5

Special Bonus for Pre-Registration

If you pre-register for the event by February 2, 2019 you will receive 5 more coin for playing the games during the day and to use during the feast to hire a Servant to do your bidding.

Make Checks Payable to: Make Checks Payable to SCA, Inc.  - NY Shire of Coill Tuar

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Lucrezia Franceschina Andreini
mka Jacqui Burke
235 South Riverside Rd
Highland, NY 12528

Willow Benoit
mka Willow Shamson

Send Reservations to:

J.  Robin Ward
67 South Chestnut Street
New Paltz, NY 12561