Saint Andrew Visits the Patron Saint of Estonia

Hosted by Barony of An Dubhaigeainn - Middle Island, NY

Event date: November 14th, 2015

Event Last Modified: November 8th, 2015

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Event details

After celebrating Wallachian Heroes in Transylvania, and Visiting his Old Emerald Isle for a Caber Toss, our own Saint Andrew travels by sea to help Estonian Patron Saint George prepare for his Festival days in the spring. 
Join us at the Estonia House in Middle Island as St Andrew Visits St George.  We will have our annual Heavy Championship, and activities in the gentler Arts & Sciences as they do in the far off reaches of Estonia. 
After the Fall Court of Their Excellencies, Baronness Suzanne Nueber de Londres and Baron David Vazquez de Valencia, there will be a marvelous feast Featuring the Flavors of Estonia.

Some members of the New York Estonia Society will be coming out to teach Estonian Folk Dance and traditional Egg Decoration in honor of the coming spring. 

The HEAVY LIST CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNEY at this year’s St.  Andrew event is sure to please fighters and spectators alike! 
Their Excellencies have charged their Heavy List Champion, Tycho Mikkelsen, with providing martial entertainment for the populace.
To that end, there shall be a brisk day of tournaments where the combatants shall be tested in four different weapon forms – mace and shield, two-handed sword, maul, and “sword and other list-legal one-handed implement”. 
The structure of the day’s events shall be formed so as to best accommodate the number of fighters who come to demonstrate their prowess and courtesy. 
Maces, polearms, great weapons, and gauntlets shall be available on loan for all authorized fighters who wish to participate.
Regardless of the event’s format, there shall be prizes! 
Prizes shall be won by the fighters who demonstrate the greatest prowess in each of the four weapon forms. 
In addition, there shall be four other prizes for winning the following titles of the day– “Gallery’s Darling”, “The Sojourner”, “Exemplar of Franchise”, and “Prince of Possums”.
Finally, the native of An Dubhaigeainn who best distinguishes themselves by their prowess and comportment during the day’s fighting shall be honored as the new Heavy List Champion of the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn.

There will be a Thrown Weapons Tourney run by our own Magnus De Londres, a Fencing Tourney run by Master Jean Xavier & an Archery Tourney run by Genvieve Vellman. 

Thrown weapons? Yes, there will be thrown weapons, there will even be a thrown weapons competition!  The Queens Champion of Thrown Weapons, Magnus de Londres, will be hosting a fun competition for all.  No matter your preferred weapon, bring it, we will throw for the best in each type of weapon, then with a little math, we will find who is the best thrower of the day.  Fun to be had by all, prizes for those lucky few…

Fencing Tourneys:

The first tourney to start the day off is test one’s prowess.
This will be a single elimination tourney. 
Each bout will be the best two out of three.
The fencers will choose their preferred weapons form(s).
Double kills will count against both fencers.
Two double kills within the same bout will eliminate both fencers.

The novelty tourney will be based on the autumn prior to St.  George’s Day and the coming spring including St.  George’s Day.
The list field will be divided into a checker board with brown and green squares.
Cards will be drawn to determine the seasonal effects on the list field.
Avoid stepping in the brown squares, for the land is poisoned and nothing grows there. 
Linen piled upon the list along the boarders may have poisonous or medicinal qualities based on the seasonal card drawn. 
Blades touching lines during an autumn season will be poisonous and will kill an opponent no matter where they are struck. 
Blades touching the linens during a spring season will be healed of all nonlethal wounds.
If a fencer collects the snake upon the field, that fencer is immune to all poisons from the linens and the brown squares.
Contracts and taxes collected from the list field will add points to the fencer’s final score. 
If a fencer is killed while carrying the contracts and taxes, that fencer still gets to keep the points.

Archery Details

Come to the most pun-tastic archery event the barony has ever had!  You'll cringe, you'll groan, you'll suffer, you'll moan.  And then, you'll shoot.  A very special prize will be given out to the archer who scores the highest and is still able to stand at the end of the tournament

Here's more about the Gentler Side of Estonian Society

There will be class on the ancient art of Estonian Marbleized Easter Eggs

Bring your dancing shoes (pastlad) and come learn a few Estonian Folk Dances.

Youth activities include Egg Hunt, Children's Egg painting, coloring activity based on Estonian Folk Tales

Full Menu:

Estonian Pirukad(meat pies)
Cucomber Sour Cream Salad
Deviled Egg Salad
Cheese and Bread

Hakklihakaste (ground meat in gravy)
Pork Kabobs
Sweet and Sour Saurkrut
Milk and Barley Soup

Kolosky(cream cheese cookies with apple compote).

Don't forget that there will be MERCHANTS including the Ducky Garb Sale, Jenna's SCA Yardsale, and Moonshea Botanicals

There will also be a BARTERTOWN gathering...  have SCA related "stuff" taking up space? Garb you no longer love? Feastware you stopped using because you got something you like better? Fabric for that Elizabethan gown you wanted to make...  except you're wearing Norse garb now...? Bring it along, you might be able to trade it for something you need! 

Watch this space or check our Website "" for more details

Site Opens: 10am
Site Closes: 10pm

Event Website

Event Location

Estonia House
20 Middle Island Blvd
Middle Island, NY  11953
Google Map

The event site is accessible per the East Kingdom Accessibility Porter's Checklist.


Best Route to Interstate 495 on Long Island
Take exit 64 toward NY-112/Port Jefferson/Patchogue
Merge onto Expy Dr S 0.4 mi
Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto NY-112 N/Medford Ave
Continue to follow NY-112 N 3.3 mi
Turn right onto Middle Country Rd 0.2 mi
Turn left onto Mount Sinai-Coram Rd 2.2 mi
Turn right onto Whiskey Rd 1.0 mi
Turn right onto Middle Island Blvd
Destination will be on the right 0.2 mi

Registration Fees

Day Trip Adult Member Fee $10.00
Day Trip Children 5 -17 $5.00
Day Trip under 5 (Babe-in-arms) Free

Additional charge of $5 for Adults without proof of current membership.

Feast per Seat add $5.00
Feastocrat Lady Herminia Pagan

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Event Steward:

Lady Sláine báen Ronáin
(Pamela Petritsch)
631 902 1003 6 pm -10 pm only please

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Lady Helena Lundonie
(Debra Pfundstein)
24 Skylark Dr
Holtsville, NY 11742

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Our Feast Events usually SELL OUT FAST. 
Please Pre-Register EARLY

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Youth activities include Egg Hunt, Children's Egg painting, coloring activity based on Estonian Folk Tales