BBM/Bergental Yule

TRM will be in attendance TRH will be in attendance

Hosted by Barony of Beyond the Mountain - New Britain, CT

Event date: December 5th, 2015

Event Last Modified: November 25th, 2015

Event details

Greetings, one and all!  As the days grow cold and the North wind begins its relentless pursuit, it's time to seek the warm welcoming halls of good neighbors and friends.  The Barony Beyond the Mountain and our Northern neighbor Bergental, have, once again, combined our efforts to provide such a haven to all who would seek it!  We welcome you to our hall for a day of feasting, marshal activities, classes, competitions, music, dancing, ceremony, and respite.  Merchants are also most welcome!  Our event will be honored by the presence of Their Majesties and Their Highnesses and we will be hosting a Curia meeting during the early part of the day. 

Our doors will open to the general populace at 9:00AM, but staff and merchants may enter at 7:30AM.
The site closes at 9:00 pm.  If you are still on site, thank you for helping to clean up.
Schedule for the Day:
7:30-9:00 Set-up
9:00 Site Opens
9:00 Archery Range Opens (weather permitting)
10-10:30am Morning Court
10:30-11:30 Middle-Class Elizabethan Women's Garb-TWCofTMJ
10:30-11:30 Cross Stitch:  Lady Mariot Carllein
10:30-1:30 A&S Class:  Making yarn dolls in period-Erszebet
10:30-1:30 Curia
10:30 Bergental Rapier Championship Tourney
11:00 Yule Spear Tourney
11:00-11:40 Make orange pomanders-Madame Perronnelle de Croy
12:00-2:00 Dayboard
12:00 “A Yultide Fencing Tourney”
12:30 Bergental Heavy List Champions Tourney
1:00-3:00 Youth Combat List
1:30 Plague Rat Game-Mdme Perronnelle de Croy
1:30-2:30 Blackwork Embroidery-Sybill Teller
1:30-2:30 Basic leather work-Mistress Camma da Daraich
1:30-3:00 Heraldic Consultation
1:30-3:30 Build a laminated English longbow-Axel B.  Boy
1:30-4:00 Athena’s Thimble Panel
1:30-3:30 Dancing
2:30-3:30 A&S Class:  Beginning Brewing-Max the Executioner
4:00 Afternoon Court
6:00 Yule Ceremonies
6:30 Feast
9:00 Site Closes

ARCHERY Weather permitting (no snow/rain, temps above freezing), there WILL be archery at Yule.  This will be a novelty shoot for fun only, not a competition.  Targets will range in distance, from 10 yards, out to 75 yards, so even if you don't plan to stay for the feast, come out for a day of archery, and take advantage of the opportunity to shoot at ranges beyond 40 yards, and inside 20 yards.  Royal Rounds will also be available.  The range will open at 9:00, or as soon after as it is ready and a marshal is available.

A&S Classes:
MIDDLE-CLASS ELIZABETHAN WOMEN'S GARB:  Show and Tell.  The Worshipful Company of Their Majesties Underwear (Cafeteria)Elizabethan garb can be fabulous, extravagant, and shiny -- for the upper classes.  But the rest of the populace needed something to wear too.  The Worshipful Company recently completed two middle-class ladies' outfits, and invite you to come learn about their design and construction.  This will be a combination of lecture and Q&A that will be tailored (ha!) to the class attendance, with the opportunity to take a close, hands-on look at all the layers of the outfits.  1 hour.  No maximum as this is a show-and-tell, not a hands-on class.

CROSS STITCH:  SCA myths and extant examples.  Lady Mariot Carllein
(Cafeteria)In the SCA, there are a number of wrong beliefs about cross stitch, so this class will explode those myths.  While doing that, we will look at the ways cross stitch was used in period with lots of photos of extant pieces, and there's a handout of my charts of some pieces.  You'll also learn when cross stitch was a matter of life and death.  Yes, really.  1 hour.  No maximum as this is a show-and-tell, not a hands-on class.

MAKING YARN DOLLS IN PERIOD.  Erszebet (Cafeteria)Make yarn dollies for yourself or to donate to the Kingdom toy chest.  3 hours.  Maximum 8, but people may drop in and out during the class time.

BLACKWORK EMBROIDERY.  Sybill Teller (Cafeteria)Learn the basics of this beautiful embroidery also known as Spanish blackwork.  1 hour.  Maximum 8.

BUILD A LAMINATED ENGLISH LONGBOW.  Axel B.  Boy (Cafeteria)A step by step walk through of the process.  People can try the tools and techniques 2 hours.

BASIC LEATHERWORK.  Mistress Camma da Daraich (Cafeteria)Learn one of the basic leatherwork stitches - saddle stitch.  A stong, ideal stitch for sewing shoes, pouches, etc.  1 hour.  Maximum 8 students

BEGINNING BREWING.  Max the Executioner (Cafeteria) An overview of supplies and techniques a beginner brewer needs to get started.  MUST BE 21 OR OLDER - YOU WILL BE CARDED.1 hour.  8-10 students.  Bring a drinking vessel if you wish to taste various types of beer.

Dayboard is included in the site fee and will be prepared by the very talented Izzy.  The menu is based on a period meal from preserved winter food stuffs and will include:
Celery, carrot, hummus, olives
Home made pickled veggies,
cheese, eggs, butter, bread.
Chicken rice soup
Lentil soup
Pork in kraut with noodle
and possibly a sweet hand pie (Apple)

We will have a most scrumptious feast planned and cooked by Mistress Elizabeth Vynehorn and staff.  Planned menu is as follows:
Butter / Honey Butter
First Course
Roast Chicken with Sauces on the Side
-- Lemon Sauce
-- Pomegranate Sauce
Roman Carrots
Lentils with Vinegar and Herbs
Cous Cous with Dried Fruit and Almonds
Second Course
Hazelnuts (Pork Meatballs with Egg Yolk)
Rice Casserole
A Dish of Spinach
Chickpeas with Onion, Sage and Fig
Food of Angels
Quince Paste

Site is damp.  Beer, wine, mead or champagne ONLY.  ***No spirits or spirit-based cordials are allowed on site.***

No smoking or vaping on site.  Not even in the parking lot.  You must go outside the fence to smoke or vape.

***NOTE:  All flames MUST be enclosed, as per Connecticut State Law.

No animals are allowed on site except Service Animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (guide dogs, signal dogs, or other animals individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability).

Site Opens: 9:00
Site Closes: 9:00

Event Location

HSC Community Center
370 Osgood Avenue
New Britain, CT  06053
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From the North, East or West, take your best route to I-84, Exit 36 (Slater Road).

From the exit, continue straight onto Sterling Road.  Sterling ends in a T with a wood straight ahead of you. 

At the woods, turn LEFT onto Corbin Avenue.  The entrance to the site is on your RIGHT.  It's a gate in a chain-link fence just before Osgood Avenue.  If you get to the traffic light at Osgood you've just passed it.

From the South, take I-91 to Exit 22N (Route 9 North).
Merge LEFT to Route 72 WEST towards Bristol.
Take the Corbin Avenue exit.  This is a right-hand exit off of Route 72.
Turn RIGHT onto Corbin Avenue for ~1.3 miles.
The entrance to the site is on your RIGHT.  It's a gate in a chain-link fence just before Osgood Avenue.  If you get to the traffic light at Osgood you've just passed it.

(If you miss the Corbin Avenue exit, then get onto I-84 East-bound and follow the directions above.)

Registration Fees

For those 18 and over, site fee is $10.00 until Nov.  21st after that, site fee increases to $12.00.  For all those under 18, there will be no site charge.  There is an additional $5.00 surcharge for all non-members.

Feast is sold out.

Make Checks Payable to: Barony Beyond the Mountain, SCA Inc.

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Event Steward:
Ciara McRobbie (Anne Akin)

Send Reservations to:

Ciara McRobbie
(Anne Akin)
29 Fowler Rd.
N.  Stonington, CT 06359

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