Great Falls Balloon Festival Demo

Hosted by Riding of Ravensbridge - Auburn, ME

Event date: August 21st, 2015 - August 23rd, 2015

Event Last Modified: August 12th, 2015

Event details

Come join the Riding of Ravensbridge in a weekend long demo at The Great Falls Balloon Festival!

We have been invited to participate with the Great Falls Balloon Festival so that we may introduce the SCA to approx 100,000 festival attendants over the course of the weekend.

Please come and display your arts to the admiring public!

There will be heavy fighting and fencing!

Demos will be held at Simard Park up to 3 times a day Saturday and Sunday.

There is the option of having demos near our encampment.

Demo schedule:


10:00 am OPTIONAL at Festival Plaza -this is still undecided what we are doing

11:00 am Parade

2-3 Demo in Simard Park Fencing and Heavy

5-6 Demo in Simard Park Fencing and Heavy


9-1 Family Fun Day- This has it’s own set of activities

1 pm small Battle - The Vikings invade 12 on 12 battle

There will also be a Combat archery demo and Fencing again

For questions about Heavy contact MIC Syr Marcus Blackaert

For questions about participating in Fencing Contact MIC Jason Morton on Facebook

A working medieval village will be set up for people to walk thru Fri, Sat, and Sun.


Fri 4pm - 8pm

Sat- 10am -8pm

Sun- 10am-5pm

The working medieval village will have A & S demonstrations/stations set up for the public to view., ask questions and participate. 

So far the A & S activities are :

Spinning, card weaving, archery,brewing, games, heraldry, enameling, embroidery, Blacksmithing, soaps, medieval confections, Bardic.Stained Glass, and Scribal

On the hope to have list, this is where volunteers are needed
Medieval Foods
There are assigned spots for all of these A&S stations.  See Sara Larson(Lady Sigrida Arnsdottir) when checking in.

There are limited facilities and camping is available for period tents only.  Above ground fire rings only!.  .  Carry in, Carry out.  The camping is getting quite full.  This is a dry site as it is a public park.

There are 26 period tents coming to create the village.  Room for a couple more tents is availabe.  Tenting is assigned spots, so Please see Lady Sigrida to check in.

There will be a Port a Potty on site. 
You will need to bring your own food and cooking surface.  Of course you are at a festival that is going to have tons of “fair food” plus there is a bounty of local restaurants.

The earliest start set up can start on Friday is 12 noon.

There is access to the park from Newbury street.  It will allow one to two trailers, so unloading quickly is appreciated.

There will be parking available for trailers.  You may have a walk to get back to the park though.

Tear down of the village starts at 5pm Sunday.  Please be prepared to stay the entire time.

What I would like from the people in the village, be yourselves in your nicest garb for the weekend.  Answer the public's questions about displays.  If people come up to you while you are setting up your tent answer questions.  Most of all........Have fun!

Entrance to the Balloon Festival is Free!

While not educating the public in our village, we are encouraged by the Great Falls Balloon Festival staff to walk around and enjoy the sites and other entertainment in our garb.

Site Opens: 12:00pm
Site Closes: 5:00pm

Event Location

Bonney Park
294 Main Street
Auburn, ME  04210
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The event site is accessible per the East Kingdom Accessibility Porter's Checklist.

Registration Fees


Make Checks Payable to: no one

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Sara Larson
Sigrida Arnsdottir

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