River Wars

TRM will be in attendance

Hosted by Barony of Iron Bog - Williamstown , NJ

Event date: September 25th, 2015 - September 27th, 2015

Event Last Modified: September 20th, 2015

Event details

Once again the Barony of Iron Bog will be hosting Rivers Wars.  Be prepared for our usual weekend full of fighting, fencing, archery, thrown weapons,equestrian and youth marshal actives as well as A&S display and the chance to be Baroness Creatures A&S Champion.  The Barony will also be looking for its new Archery Champion on Saturday.  Come out to shoot for the honor of being Baroness Chreature's first archery Champ.  This shoot will be open to all archers not just those who desire to try for the championship.
Camping is open starting Friday evening with a non period dinner being served to our Friday campers. 
There will be a limited day board on Saturday as this event tends to have a large crowd and predicting food requirements for everyone can be difficult.  You can help us with this by prereging so we have an idea of how many people will be eating dayboard.  Feel free to supplement our day board by bring your own food.

SPECIAL NOTE:  This is the same weekend as the Pope's visit to Philadelphia.  Please check your travel plans.  Especially if your path takes you near Phila.
SPECIAL NOTE 2:  NO pets allowed at this site service anamials only.
SPECIAL NOTE 3:  Site is discreetly damp.  Please don't leave your emptys in the trash.  Cart them out with you.
SPECIAL NOTE 4:  Troll will be closing by 3pm on Saturday so those working troll can attend Court.  If you arrive after that time please find the Event Steward.

Here is the format for the A&S championship contest as explained by our current champion.

IronBog Baronial A&S Champs
I solemnly swear...

The time has come to choose a new Arts&Sciences champion for our Most Excellent Baroness Creature.  Bring your A&S prowess and devotion to the fair barony of IronBog in the form of your best historical shenanigans*.  The theme this year is "Medieval Mischief".  Do you have an illumination of questionable goings-on? Have you researched a period puzzle game or trick? A story or song based on a historic magician or trickster? Do you have something you've already crafted that you can trick the judges into making it fit the theme? Bring it on!

*Unfortunately, completely invisible entries will NOT be accepted this year, but barring that disguise the limit.  Merry mischief making all!

YIS Lady Marion Quyn
Baronial A&S Champion of

Also in the A&S side of things.
River Wars will once again feature an artisans' row.  Artisans will be available to demonstrate and teach their art to people who are interested in learning more about these arts or trying something new for the first time.  This space will also provide the artisans an opportunity to gather and learn from each other.
We will be also be working to integrate youth activities with the artisans row depending on the activity and age of the youth.  There will also a dedicated youth class in the afternoon (more details to come).
If you would like to be included as an artisan or if you have questions, please e-mail Lady Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin (Erica Janowitz), Artisans' Row Coordinator/Youth Coordinator:  erislp@gmail.com

Artisan Row details

Artisans' Row will officially open at 11:00, though Artisans are welcome to come and set-up their areas beforehand.  Artisans' Row will close at 3:00 to allow Artisans time to clean up prior to Court.  Artisans' Row will have bead making, sand casting, cooking, scribal arts, wire working and embroidery.

Youth are welcome to participate in some of the Artisan activities with parent supervision depending on the activity and the child's age.  There will also be family tables for families and youth to relax and play games.  A class for youth from toddlers to teens on making a pouch will be held in the Artisans' Row from 2-3.  The complexity of the project will increase by age.

Rapier activities for the day will have melee as usual run by the days MiC the Lady Katya Gordon.  But before she leads the fencers in the fun and games Don Thomas delbroc, will run a challenge tourney which he tells us about below


Start time will be approximately 10:45AM.

Every competitor that holds a rapier High Order of Merit (OGR, WS, etc.) or has been elevated to the Order of Defense (and wishes to so participate) will be provided with their own static list field.  Whereupon, they will stand and accept challenges from all comers *as if* they were fighting a Prize.  This means that the OGR/WS/MoD (the Challengee) will be expected to fight *three passes* with any form so dictated by the Challenger.  The passes need not be with the same or even matching forms.  (Cut and thrust allowed with the appropriate and usual caveats.)

The Challenger may NOT fight the same Challengee twice.

Both the Challenger AND the Challengee with the highest number of wins will receive a prize of my devising. 

So, if you would like to challenge yourself and the award-bearing rapier community, please be sure to attend River Wars in Williamstown, NJ.  The tournament format is subject to alteration, so be sure to arrive in time for review before the tournament.

There should be LOTS of combat and even more fun during this tournament and I encourage you all to bring your best, most honorable fight and enjoy the day.

If you would like to volunteer to participate as either a OGR/WS/MoD/etc.  or as list marshal/score keeper please contact me thusly: 
Thomas delbroc-e-mail:  delbroc@gmail.com

There will also be Youth fighting thanks to Lord Hrouldand who has offered to marshal a youth tourney from 1pm till 3.  Come out to see our future Kings and Queens in action.

I now have words about the weekend's Rattan activities from Iron Bog's Knight Marshal.

Heavy Info
Friday the 25th of Sept.  I am planning a Torch Light Tourney.  I am planning a 7pm to 8pm muster followed by a 8pm start.  Winner (over 21) will get a bottle of My personal stash of Lady Cassandra's Blood Orange Mead, runner up will get a smaller bottle of Gunnar's Personal stash of Lady Cassandra's Mead.

Saturday the 26th of September, I have the List opening at 10 am to check in , inspections, authorizations(if needed) 11am start of the Atlantian Speed tourney to find commanders....  I have a series of timed res battles field , town, spearless bridge, and a breech battle..

time flexible schedule.....

Friday Torchlight Tourney
List opens at 7pm
Tourney start at 8 pm
Tourney format is double elimination, weapons forms are random by chance of dice roll...bring all your toys..

Saturday lists open 10 am
tourney start at 11am
field battles start 12 noon
town battles start at 1pm
Spear less Bridge starts at 2pm
Castle wall breech battle 3pm

battle explanations and info

Field Battle
This is your standard open field battle, with 10 min time for respawn, then to the last man...  3 battles

Town Battle/ Broken forces battle
This battle we will have "haybale squares" representing buildings on the field and each force is broken up into 2 squads at different starting locations, all combat must take place inside the "town boundardies".  no res, 3 battles....  it may also include capture the flag....

Spearless Bridge
Just like a normal bridge battle, but without Spears...(those that do not have authorizations in other forms please see the marshals).  this is a timed res, then who ever is left on the bridge at cutoff can fight to last man.  3 battles

Castle Wall Breech Battle
Defenders must defend an open door from attackers, this battle is timed (20 mins max) but res is called by Commander , respawn for defenders will be outside like a force attempting to ease the siege.(2 respawns)

Attackers will be attacking the doorway , but also have a battering ram to make a second hole in the wall.  respawn for attackers is constant for 10 mins ( they must go to res point) or until the defenders use last re enforcement .

each side will get to do both attack and defend maybe more than once each if time allows

Lord Heinreich Wachter

Schedule (All times are approximate, SCA Times)
Friday September 25
4:00 - Troll opens for the day
7:00 – Dinner for campers is served while it lasts
8:00 – Torchlight Rattan Tourney
8:00 - Rapier Tourney or Pick-ups in gym
9:00 – Troll closes (if there is a line at this time Troll will remain open until it subsides)

Saturday September 26
8:00 – Troll reopens
8:00 – A continental style breakfast for the campers will be served
9:00 – Artists may begin setting up at Artisan Row
10:00 – Their Royal Majesties will be holding a morning Court (Location TBT)
10:30 – Or following morning Court all marshal activities may commence
11:00 – Artisan Row opens
11:00 – A&S competition set-up
12:00 – Dayboard will be available in the dining hall
1:00 - Youth Rattan tourney
1:30 – Dayboard closes
3:00 – Artisan Row closes
3:00 - Troll closes
3:30 – Marshal activities start shutting down
4:00 – Baronial Court
4:30 – Royal Court
7:00 – Feast
End of official activities.  Enjoy the camping or safe travels home

Sunday September 27th
Please endeavor to be off site by noon.  Anyone still on site might be handed a mop and put to work. 

Site Opens: 6 pm Friday
Site Closes: 12 pm Sunday those on site after noon have volunteered to help clean up the sit.

Event Location

Tall Pines Day Camp
1349 Sykesville Rd
Williamstown , NJ  08094
Google Map

Registration Fees

Day Trippers - $11 (Adults/Youth 14 and older)
$5 (Children 7-13)
Weekend Campers - $16 (includes a campers dinner Friday and Saturday/Sunday breakfast)(Adults/Youths 14 and older)
$8 (Children 7-13)

A feast will be prepared for 80 guest Saturday. 
Cost of this meal will be $10. 

Meistar Asa in Svarta has prepared the following menu, Lord John Marshall will steward the kitchen and manage the day-of preparations. 
Please contact Asa with any questions or concerns about the menu.  We can accommodate most but not all dietary
requirements, provided enough lead time. 
Many specifics will be determined closer to the date, as our gardens and the markets influence decisions. 

The Kitchen is open to any who wish to spend some time cooking with the Van Woerden Kitcheners. 

River Wars; An Italian Picnic

Welcome to the Hall

Bread, Butter, Salad, Pork,
Mustard and small things for the table. 
Pork; Pork, Garlic, Oregano, Pepper, Olive Oil, Salt
Mustard; Brown Mustard Seeds, Red Wine Vinegar, Honey

Hot Food for Tired Travelers: 

Seasonal Vegetable, Roasted with Salt Vegetable
(TBD), olive oil, salt
Papal Sauce, Neapolitan Recipe Collection. 
Carrots, ginger, sugar, olive oil, salt

Chicken risotto
ingredients list TBD. 

A vegetarian dish of beans
Final ingredients list TBD. 

Braised Beef Florentine-Style
Meat in a baking Dish, Neapolitan Recipe Collection.
Beef, sour grape juice, red wine, raisins, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, salt

Sweet Partings;

An Apple Dessert
Apple butter crepes TBD
A cherry dessert TBD
A cream dessert
Snowe,a dish of cream TBD

Make Checks Payable to: SCA, NJ inc.  Barony of Iron Bog

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Steven Stetser
Collin Monro of Tadcaster

Send Reservations to:

Lady Molly
140 Sunset Dr.
Mount Royal NJ 08061