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Hosted by Barony of Settmour Swamp - Stanhope, NJ

Event date: March 28th, 2015

Event Last Modified: March 13th, 2015

Event details


On this the feast of Saint Alkeld of Giggleswick, Their Excellencies Erec and Jehannine, Baron and Baroness of Settmour Swamp, invite the Known World to celebrate the Thawing of the Mud at our new location at Waterloo Village in Stanhope NJ.

Their Majesties will hold Curia at Mudthaw.  It will start promptly at 10am, ending no later than 11:30am.

Please join us on 28 March for tournaments of martial skill in armored combat and fencing.  We will also celebrate the arts and sciences with a grand display and competition, an artisans' row, and our traditional bread baking competition.  There will be shopping with some of the finest merchants from around the known world.  And to cap off the day, we will have a wonderful feast prepared by Lady Willa de la Mer.

The armored combat tournament will be fought in the traditional Mudthaw double elimination format.  The tournament will begin promptly at noon.  There will also be tournaments for fencing and youth fighting.  The fencing tournament will begin at 12:00 PM, and the youth fighting tournament will start at 2:00pm.

Lady Alana of Carillion will be running children's activities, which will be available from 12pm to 3pm.  Activities will be appropriate for children age 2-5.  Additional volunteers are welcome (and needed!) At least one parent or guardian must be present at all times.  Please contact Lady Alana for details - 732-277-9392, no calls before 10am or after 11pm.

For those needing local accommodations, we suggest either the Comfort Inn in Hackettstown ( ) or the Holiday Inn in Budd Lake ( ).


For those inclined to the Arts and Sciences, we will be hosting a display and competition to show off finished products, run by Lady Marion Quyn.  The theme of the competition will be MUD!  Please note that state park regulations prohibit alcohol from being brought on site, which unfortunately will prevent brewing-related entries or demonstrations.  Please contact Lady Marion at if you have any questions.

Mudthaw Arts and Sciences Competition:

This Competition is open to any and all who would enter.  There will be a Competition Winner and a Populace Choice Winner.  The site opens at 10:00 am and judging will begin at 1:00. 

1.  All entries must be mud-themed.
2.  All entries must have been created within the past 2 years.
3.  All culinary entries must include a full ingredient lists.  Modern sanitary considerations must be taken in their preparation.  Entrants are responsible for keeping cold food cold and hot food hot.
4.  Research papers must be sent in prior to Mudthaw to allow for proper review.  Please bring a hard copy for presentation amongst the other entrants.  Send Research paper entries to Marion Quyn at by 1 March 2015 to ensure sufficient time for review.

Entries will be judged as follows:
Theme:  Mud-related
Workmanship:  construction, attention to detail, presentation;
Creativity:  originality, interpretation;
Complexity:  complexity of the design, difficulty, research and scope;
Authenticity:  historical accuracy or interpretation;
Documentation:  thoroughness, use and citation of historical sources, ideas demonstrated.

There will be an A&S Display space laid out for those not wishing to enter the competition but still desiring to display.

Please pick up your entries and displays 1 hour before court.

Those interested in judging please contact Marion Quyn at  Judging sheets will be available on site.

We will also be holding an artisans row, run by Mistress Elizabeth Elenore Lovell.  Please contact her if you are interested in participating at or 732-207-9658 (calls between 10am and 7pm only please).

Those interested in participating in the annual Mudthaw bread baking competition should contact Lady Judith bas Rabbi Mendel (  All entries for the competition must include a full ingredient list and documentation.  Judges will give preference to those entries which could have been made in period.  This year's bread contest includes a new component:  if you don't want to compete, but would like input on your bread, bring it and engage the judges in a discussion of your bread.  We hope in this way to encourage more people to learn and perfect the art of bread-making.

Finally, Athena's Thimble will be holding a panel.  For information please contact the Guild Mistress:  Mistress Briony of Chatham


Please note that no dayboard will be provided at this event.  We encourage you to provide your own food for the day, and we are arranging to have a food vendor on site.
As noted above, state park regulations prohibit alcoholic beverages from being brought on site; however, a cash bar serving beer and wine will be open from 1:00 PM until 8:00 PM.
NOTE:  Bears are active in this area, so no trash cans or dumpsters are present.  All attendees must take responsibility for packing out their own trash.  Plastic bags will be distributed at Troll for this purpose.  Finally, please note that Waterloo Village is a historical site at which archaeological research is actively taking place.  Please be attentive and careful, especially during outdoor activities.


Feast menu:

First Course: 
Chickpea Puree - Hummus with ginger and cinnamon
Frutours - Beer battered apple slices
Chike Endored - Chicken breast baked in ginger, pepper and saffron coating served on skewers
Mushroom Tart with cheese and cloves in crust

Second Course: 
Mylates of Pork - pork with pine nuts and powder forte served in a double crust
Loseyns - Lasagna with muenster cheese and seasonings
Crusty bread with spread
Pears Confyt - Pears poached in red wine and glazed


Tentative Schedule:

10:00 Site opens
10:00 Curia – Pavilion
10:00 Merchants open – Meeting House
10:00 A&S Set-Up open – Pavilion
10:30 Armor inspections and authorization bouts
11:30 Youth fighting inspections and authorization bouts
12:00 Artisans' Row opens – Pavilion
12:00 Armored combat tournament begins
12:00 Rapier tournament
1:00 Arts and sciences
1:00 Bread Baking competition – Pavilion
1:00 Cash bar opens – Meeting House
2:00 (or immediately following rapier tournament)
Cut and thrust tournament
2:00 Youth fighting tournament begins
2:30 Webministry hour with the EK Web Minister
3:00 Artisans' Row closes – Pavilion
3:00 Marshal activities end
3:00 Accessibility hour – Meeting House
4:00 Troll closes
4:00 Baronial Court – Pavilion
4:30 Royal Court – Pavilion
5:00 Merchants close
7:00 Feast – Meeting House
8:00 Cash bar closes
9:00 Feast ends
9:30 Site closes (anyone staying afterwards, we thank you for helping to clean)

Site Opens: 10am
Site Closes: 9:30pm

Event Location

Waterloo Village
Waterloo Valley Rd
Stanhope, NJ  07874
Google Map


Take your best route to exit 25 on I-80 in New Jersey.  Stay to the right as you come off the exit ramp, following signs to Waterloo Village.  In 0.6 mi., turn left on Continental Drive.  After one mile, turn left on Waterloo Rd.  After 1.2 mi., turn left on Waterloo Valley Rd.  Parking will be on your right.  Alternatively, point your GPS to 40º 54' 52" N, 74º 45' 34" W.
Attendees are permitted to temporarily park vehicles at the event site (about 150 yards from the parking area), but they must be moved immediately after unloading.  As noted above, archaeological research is actively taking place on the grounds, so attendees are asked to take care in approaching the site to unload.

Registration Fees

Site fee:
Adult Members:  $10
Adult Non-Members:  $15
Minors (6-17):  $5
Minors (0-5):  free
Merchants:  $20 (includes site fee for one person)
Feast:  Feast will be $9 per person in addition to the site fee.

Make Checks Payable to:  SCA NJ Inc., Barony of Settmour Swamp, or register via ACCEPS at

The feast is closed. 

For questions about the menu or any special needs, please contact the head chef:

Lady Willa de la Mer
845-544-4010 (leave message)

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NJ Inc, Barony of Settmour Swamp

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Magister Galefridus Peregrinus
mka Loren D Mendelsohn
3 Morris Pl
Towaco NJ 07082
(973) 214-4957 (no calls after 10pm)

Send Reservations to:

Lord Miles Boweman
c/o Michael Iurilli
806 Benner Street
Highland Park, NJ 08904
908-307-8672 (no calls after 9pm)

ACCEPS credit card reservations are now available at:

Other Contact Information:

Merchant Coordinator:
THL Þórlæifr hvitskegg
908-406-0143 (no calls after 9pm)