Arts & Sciences Salon

Hosted by Barony of Concordia of the Snows - Scotia, NY

Event date: September 12th, 2015

Event Last Modified: August 24th, 2015

Event details

On this day we invite all artisans and scientists to join Concordia of the Snows for a day-long salon.  This will be more informal than a competition or schola.  A dozen classrooms will be set aside for the various disciplines - for example fiber arts, music, C&I, bardic, culinary arts, embroidery, dance, etc.  In addition, an area will be set aside for children’s craft activities.  Teens will be welcomed at every activity, but will also have a space of their own.  Hot activities – glass beads, etc, as well as parchment making, will have a sheltered space to work outdoors.  Each room will have an ambassador to coordinate activities in the space, and to welcome visitors to the room.  Participants are encouraged to bring a project to work on, display or discuss.  A viewing library will be set up for those who are looking for research sources.  If you have books or resources you are willing to share, please bring them.  A librarian will watch over the room to be sure your treasures are safe and treated gently.
The morning will begin with informal gatherings and time to work on crafts.  This is a time to get help with problems, learn about new research, or a new technique, share your enthusiasm, work on a project, and generally talk about your craft.  Participants can get comfy in one room, or wander between rooms to learn about many things.  Some ambassadors may arrange informal classes in their rooms.  The break for a light day board will be a chance for everyone to come together.  Mid-afternoon will again be a time to gather informally.  The day will end with a grand display of everyone’s work, followed by Baronial Court.  Bring your tokens to show your appreciation.

Check the event notice periodically.  Information about the day will be added as ambassadors come on board.  If you would like to be an ambassador for a particular art or science, contact Mistress Ose Silverhair at

Culinary Arts, Lady Deirdre O Rourke:  Join us in the kitchen for a chance to explore medieval recipes, share a favorite technique, or get help with those sticky questions.  Some ingredients will be provided for all to use (including meats), but feel free to bring some of your own.  Contact Deirdre at if you can help plan recipes or ingredients to have on hand.

Childrens Activities, Lady Wentlianna ben Grek:  A variety of craft activities will be offered for children under 12, accompanied by a parent.

Dance, Lord Richard de Troyes:  Are you looking to learn a new step, to try out your reconstruction on willing dancers, or just kick up your heels? Come play with us!  There will be dancing all day.

Persona Development, Lady Pakshalika Kananbala:  For many of us, when we first started playing in the SCA we had borrowed clothing and a donated mug and bowl.  Over time, you find your niche, a time and place that sang to you.  What was it about that time and place that caught your imagination? Year after year you grew your kit to include more period appropriate items, and sometimes you crafted a story to round out your persona.  Come explore persona and how you can enrich your SCA experience through your research.  You do not need a persona to attend the room.  This is about exploration, and how one would develop a persona. 

Embroidery, Lady Ruth Baraskya:  Whether you want to learn a new stitch, get advice on a project, or just stitch with friends, join us for a relaxing day of embroidery.  We will have a panel in the afternoon.

Glass Beadmaking, Lady Elysabeth Underhill and Lady Aibhilin Inghean ui Phaidin:  Come learn more about those beads your Viking friends are wearing!  There will be lampworking demonstrations, historical documentation and the opportunity to make a few beads yourself.  Wear long sleeves, natural fibers and closed toes shoes if you wish to make beads.

Bookbinding, Lady Heather Rose de Gordoun:  Self-lead instruction stations will be set up to learn a variety of bookbinding techniques and styles to use anytime (vade mecum, single sheet binding, et al).  There will be instructor-lead classes throughout the day 10 students each max with unlimited audits.  10 am - bookbinding without a frame (blank book); 12 noon bookbinding with a frame (blank book); 2 pm adding covers to your new books (NOTE, this is an all new class not yet taught); 4 pm tips, tricks, and more advanced techniques (NOTE, this is an all new class not yet taught).  All classes and self-lead areas are free.  No one under 14 will be allowed in the bookbinding room without an adult with them at all times because of sharp objects.  Please feel free to bring your own paper for your books if you wish to have a more period look or style (I will only be providing modern heavy weight copy paper).  Most instructions require a 8.5" x 5.5" paper or 8.5" x 11" paper.  Also you can bring your own leather or fabric for book covers (I will only be providing fabric covers), thinner leathers work better and fabrics need to have double sided fabric adhesive attached to the back side of the fabric.  Any questions on size or prep email me for instructions prior to the event at

Calligraphy & Illumination, Lady Lorita de Siena:  Have you always wanted to try your hand at making an illuminated manuscript? This is the place for you.  Whether you have never picked up a pen, or have been writing or painting for years, you are welcome to join in.  Supplies will be available.

Woodworking, Lord Connor McAuliffe:  Wood was important in so many aspects of medieval life, from tools to treasures.  Are you interested in playing with wood? Stop in!

Fiber Arts, Mistress Brid nic Shearlais:  Even before written history the need to create clothing was a relaxing and meditative outlet for our creative nature.  Every culture, period, every fiber and dye, every technique provided its own unique expression.  Learning how to use them came from watching others, helping them, and experimenting with the techniques they shared.  In this salon we will do the same.  Relaxing together while we share our fiber experience, providing tools and an opportunity to learn and practice what we know, we will support each other in this joyful expression of our artistic come and play with us, even if you have never tried fiber arts before.

Lacemaking, Lady Barbeta:  Stations will be set up to allow you to try out several different types of lacemaking.

Health Sciences, Lady Jaquelinne:  Herbal medicine, battle-field medicine and surgery, other surgery, nursing care, town wisdoms, formal medicine (physyck) pharmaceuticals, hygiene, diet and nutrition, medical astrology, injury recovery (did they have anything like physical therapy?), and anything else related to the period sciences regarding living things and health - maybe even veterinary medicine and what every passed for dentistry. 

Performance Arts, Boyarina Katrusha Skomorokhov Negodieva 'doch:  Performance, in all senses, is a time tested tradition throughout the years, no matter where you look.  Everyone had a form of entertainment.  Are you interested in song, poetry, commedia, story telling, linguistics, the history of the art, or even just listening? Whatever style you prefer, join us for a lively day of tales and discussions of how we were led to such practices.

Music, Lord Udalrich:  Come together to learn about period instruments, practice with fellow musicians, and generally enjoy medieval music.

Metalwork, Lady Irene von Lassen:  No matter if your favorite style is Anglo-Saxon or Tudor, or anything in between, you know that some of the most exquisite artifacts are made of metal.  Whether you like jewelry making or working at the forge, there will be something for you here.  Bring your projects for show and tell; try your hand at wirework.

Parchment making, Baron Jean Paul duCasse:  See what it takes to make real parchment.

Heraldry, Lady Maria:  Are you looking to have your name, device or badge registered? Do you have questions about how to choose a name or device? Are you curious about how to interpret heraldry? Do you have an interest in period names and devices? Join the discussion.

Teen Ambassador, Emily of Rusted Woodlands:  This is a place for teens to plan their own activities for the day.

This is a dry site.

Site Opens: 9:00 am
Site Closes: 6:00 pm

Event Location

Scotia United Methodist Church
201 North Ten Broeck Avenue
Scotia, NY  12302
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From Interstate 90, take exit 25 (Schenectady, Rt 890).  Proceed on 890 to exit 4C - Scotia.  At the traffic light turn left.  Cross over the bridge and continue past route 50.  Turn right onto North Ten Broeck Ave.  The church will be a short ways ahead, on the left.

Registration Fees

Adults:  pre-reg $8 members, $13 non-members (pre-registration closes Sept 5); at the door $10 members, $15 non-members.  Children age 6-17 pre-reg $7, at the door $9.  Children under 6 free.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA New York, Inc, Barony of Concordia of the Snows

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Karen Nicholson
Mistress Ose Silverhair

Send Reservations to:

Richard Nicholson (Richard de Troyes)
478 Morris Street
Albany, NY 12208

pre-registration closes Sept 5