Spring Schola: Foreign Exchange Ducklings at the Sorbonne MORE CLASSES have been added & FEAST DETAILS

Hosted by Barony of An Dubhaigeainn - Huntington, NY

Event date: March 21st, 2015

Event Last Modified: March 8th, 2015

Event details

The Ducks of the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn have really enjoyed travelling. 
Last year we went to the Far Off Lands of Russia to sample their lifestyle & culture. 
Where shall we go this year?! 
We are excited to announce this year's annual Spring Schola and Feast, inspired by a visit to the Sorbonne in the 13th Century. 
Learn to cook the "local" cuisine, take classes in various artistic and scientific endeavors. 

Our Friendly Neighbors in Lions End had their Schola just four short weeks prior, and many of their classes were PART I. 
Come on out to the Ducky Domain for the PART II's

Class listing below. 
There are a few spaces available to hold MORE CLASSES.
Anyone wishing to teach a class please contact the Autocrat below. 

BARONIAL CHAMPIONS Eanraig MacEanraig and Lady Saruke thugater Elmanos will be stepping down after a long hard winter, choosing new Bardic and Arts & Sciences Champions. 
All are invited and encouraged to participate in these annual competitions that welcome Spring's beauty back into the lands of our Barony. 

The Bardic Championship Challenge will be based on the 3 elements of bards:  storytelling, poetry, and music/song. 
I, Eanraig the Bonesetter, your current Champion, encourage anyone to participate, and wish to have those gentles who accept the Bardic Challenge perform any TWO out of the following THREE: 
First, an original piece of poetry, in the style of their persona if able, of any SCA member from whom they draw inspiration.  (4 min time limit)
Second, a short story:  Glory or chivalry of a baronial member at any recent event - you can interview anyone for details starting NOW.  (5 min or less). 
Last, a song or style of music played, preferred in your persona but any period culture is fine (3-4 min suggested). 
Anyone can perform one or two of the above without committing to serve as champion, and the populace will vote on those performers who have entered the competition. 
The winner of the day will be the new Baronial champion, and I will sponsor a special gift for the singular best performance of the day, chosen by the Baron and Baroness and their Champions.

This year the A&S competitors are asked to incorporate some aspect of snow into their piece. 
Pieces that incorporate an aspect of snow will be given three points. 
Pieces that are documented will be given up to 5 points based on the depth of documentation.
The populace will vote on their favorite. 
The piece with the most points will win an award.
The Baron and Baroness will take the points into consideration for their choice of the new Arts & Sciences Champion for An Dubhaigeainn.

There will be a delectable dayboard and a fantastic feast prepared by our own Lady Vetra. 

The feast will be served after the Spring Court of Baron David and Baroness Suzanne.

The menu has been finalized!!!
Cheese, cured meats, bread, honey butter, hard boiled eggs, pickles, hummus & carrots

salad, bread, honey butter, Rice with almond milk, Lentils, Honey glazed carrots, Roast chicken in must sauce, Cormary pork roast (Wine spiced pork), Apples and Onions

We have an over abundance of "Gold-Key" or Loaner Garb. 
In order to help cut down on the extra, there will be a display and SALE of many pieces. 
Please contact the Autocrat below with any questions.

A badge for the people, by the people. 
Try out your badge designing skills to help come up with ideas for the An Dubhaigeainn populace badge! 
Lady Violet Hughes has a few ideas to suggest, and can help you with sources for inspiration and rules for how it all goes together. 
This is not a formal class, and Violet will be available all day long.


FEAST CREATION CLASS...  You will learn to make a Dayboard and A Feast by doing just that for today's event. 
The theme of our Schola is spurred by the food which is 14th century French. 
See menu above.
This is an ALL DAY class.
Bring Your Own Apron if desired.


The schedule for children includes two 1 hour blocks, a 1 hour break to sample the Dayboard or your own food from home and the another two 1 hour blocks.  Well supervised children aged 5 & up are welcome, parents can participate too!!

Candle Making
Making dipped candles is a craft that dates back to ancient Rome. 
In this class, students will learn about the history of candle making.
All students will have the opportunity to make a dip candle that they can take home with them. 

French Knitting
French knitting is a form of knitting that uses a spool and a number of nails to produce a narrow tube of fabric. 
Spool knitting is a traditional way to teach children the basic principles of knitting. 
The craft dates back to Ancient Egypt, over 6 thousand years ago.
Many things can be made from the resulting tube. 
It can be wound in a spiral to produce a mat or rug, or if a larger spool with more nails in is used, a sock or a hat could be made. 
Spool knitting has also been used historically to make horse reins. 
In this class, students will make a simple French Knitting spool, and learn to knit.

Heraldry for Children.
Heraldry is the way in which families and knights could be identified through the use of symbols and signs, either on banners, shields or seals. 
By creating crests and coats of arms warriors could be identified on the battlefield when encased in armor and people could be seen as part of a family. 
It is a colorful way of identification, full of meaning which has evolved over hundreds of years and is still used today. 
In this class we will learn about different vocabulary used in heraldry. 
We will learn about the colors commonly used as well as some common heraldry symbols. 
Students will be given the opportunity to create a heraldic device and to make and dress a knight paper doll.

Medieval Games
The game Nine Men's Morris is known to have been popular in medieval England and France and probably shares a common origin with ancient versions of tic-tac-toe. 
The ancient Roman game of ROTA is easy to learn and quick to play. 
It is a great game that teaches planning ahead and the points of the compass. 
In this class we will make game boards for ROTA and Nine Men’s Morris.
Then we will learn to play.

The following are "Stand Alone" classes, they did not have a companion class at the Lion's End Schola on February 21st.

We will briefly discuss the history of the abacus, as well as various types. 
We will attempt to explain how to use an abacus for simple arithmetic. 
We will mainly be using the Japanese Soroban style abacus, (because I like base 10). 
Please bring your own abacus or abacus app and paper & writing instrument of choice
I will have a limited number available for in class use. 

- for the secret Viking in us all.
Class will demonstrate a quick way to warp a 2 color band, card positions for various simple patterns. 
You will leave class with a sampler of patterns, set of 10 cards, shuttle and handout.
Class size is limited to 4 gentles hands-on (or you can audit)
Class fee is $5 to cover cards, shuttle & fibers (to take home)
If you have an inkle loom, please bring it. 

Serti Resist Technique - Creation and Care of a Silk Painting
Materials Cost: 
1) $3.00 per attendee covers
a.  one 6" silk covered hoop
b.  use of resist (substance that limits the area in which paint can flow), paint, soft pencils, brushes, paint palette, plastic aprons, paper towels
c.  printed instructions on how to care for the finished silk-painting

2) For those who bring their own silk and stretcher or embroidery hoop
a.  $1.00 will cover the first silk item to be painted, up to 1 square foot.  If item is larger, each additional square foot will be charged at $0.50. 
b.  These attendees will have the same access to resist, paint, and tools as attendees covered in point 1.
c.  printed instructions on how to care for the finished silk-painting

We will brew my translation of the recipe from "Le Menagier de Paris",(France, 1393)
This is called mundanely a burnt honey mead. 
We will process the honey and prepare it for fermentation. 
There will be a continuous Q&A during the class (Bouchet does not have to be the only topic)
And there maybe some other previously brewed meads available for tasting.

Do you experience difficulty breaking the sound barrier?
Is there a deficit of sonic booms in your life?
Then you need THE WHIP! 
But before you plumb jungles for ancient artifacts, defend the poor from corrupt Mexican politicians or vie with batman, come learn how to
use a whip safely!
This class will feature a brief overview of the history of the whip,
but will focus on safe and correct forms of basic whip-cracking.
Teaching supplies are limited, please bring your own whip if you have one.
This class is weather dependent.

Just because the glass is colored, doesn't mean that it can’t be enhanced. 
This is open to everyone, you need not have attended Lions In Winter Part 1 to participate in this class. 
There will be a $5.00 materials fee for participation.
Please RSVP interest in this class to the Autocrat below to ensure enough supplies on hand.

We will cover construction techniques for Basic pants, Tunics, and tunic dresses. 
There will be discussion of appropriate Fabrics, as well as short-cuts by modifying modern clothes for those who are interested. 
Time permitting, we'll look at construction of simple skirts and chemises, as well. 
DETAILED Handouts will be provided

Learn about the different types of heralds and what they do.
There's more than just being loud and shouting "Oyez!"
This is a Discussion type format wherein the gentles in attendance get to ask everything you ever wanted to know about being a herald, but were afraid to ask. 

You see people with fancy names and really nice devices, you want one too! 
Something French, perhaps! 
But you have no idea where to begin. 
I'll help you with the first steps of what is allowed and what to expect in the process.

Learn how to cast on, do the knit stitch, and (possibly) knit in the round. 
This class will demonstrate and help the small group do very basic knitting.
More advanced techniques are possible if the group gets to that point.  I will provide needles and yarn. 
It will be wool yarn or yarn that has been in contact with wool, so if you are allergic to wool, please bring some of your own yarn. 
This class is limited to 4 gentles hands on (or you can audit)
This class is offered more than once so we can accommodate more students. 
Please RSVP interest in this class to the Autocrat below to ensure enough supplies on hand.

Come grab a mallet and bang on some cow!  Barigdashgui Uneg will show you the basics; from preparing your leather, up to tooling an image into your piece. 
Questions regarding dyeing and staining will be answered, but your leather will not be ready to dye the day of the class. 
This is for beginners, but if you are interested in getting a refresher or have some questions, I would be happy to help!

I will show designs of traditional Ottoman motifs and stitches along with shisha stitch which is from Rajasthan area of India which is generally thought to be the homeland of the Romani (Gypsy) people.
A materials fee of $4.00 will include materials to practice on and take home and a short history and instruction handout. 
Class size limited to ten hands on, but there may be space to audit. 

Spring has arrived, and the Drums of War begin to Beat.
You want to go to Pennsic! 
Everyone you talk to makes it sound like so much fun...but you've never done anything like this, so...now what do you do?
Come to Pennsic 101 to find out! 
Note that this is well *before* the pre-reg deadline, so if you're not sure if you want to go, you can attend this class before deciding! 
Pennsic is a most wonderful SCA event and attending this class will help you to both prepare and have the best time possible... 
We will discuss how to prepare for Pennsic, what you will need to do and bring. 
We will answer questions you may have on how to manage to get your things to Pennsic and what you can expect when you finally get there and get set up. 
If you have garb you've already made and are not sure it's Pennsic-ready, bring it. 
We can help you decide. 
Please bring a pencil - handouts will be provided. 
There will be time for Q&A, too!

Basics on shaping and balancing a rattan one-handed weapon. 
Thrusting tip discussion how to make and how to secure for it to last.  Taping a weapon. 
This is a lecture class, you will not be leaving with a new weapon, but rather a thorough grounding in the theory. 
This is a rain or shine class

SCA 101
Are you new (or new-ish) to the SCA?
Trying to figure out how things work?
What all those odd terms in an event announcement mean?
Or what there is to do that you might be interested in?
Come to SCA 101 to get the basic information you'll need to have the most fun you can have! 
This class WILL BE EARLY in the day so please be on time!

This class is meant for both non-combatants who want to understand what they are seeing when watching a heavy list bout and combatants who want to enter the list. 
We will discuss basic foot work, body position and mechanics. 
It will cover body voiding, how stepping into or out of a thrown shot can change the power & range, the advantages of different body builds and how they effect a standard tournament fight. 
This is a rain or shine class.

The King and Queen are coming and you have been asked to set and serve the high table. 
What do you do now?
But wait, help is on the horizon.
Join us for a class on how to prepare for, set and serve a high table. 
After this class you will not only be able to set a table worthy for the royals or your local nobility but be able to set an elegant table at home for holiday dinners. 
The class will provide the basics on setting a proper table, table decorations and floral arrangements, how to be a proper servant while waiting on the table and much more. 
After this class you too can pass the serving pieces test and know when to clear the soup. 
Students from the class could be asked to help at the next royal visit coming up this May.

Simple tunics based on actual evidence from Viking Age Scandinavia and evnirons.  May also include one easy version of the hangarok (now also called smokkr).

Gentles will be taught range safety and procedures before learning how to throw axes. 
The range will be open after the class for anyone wishing to learn more. 
There will be general open range time as well.
This class is weather dependent. 

We will be low relief carving a stylized overlapping leaf roundel. 
Instructor will be supplying the tools for a 6 class limit. 
No fee. 
This class will be offered once in an indoor space and once in a weather dependent outdoor space.
There is space to audit this class.

- taking the mystery out of calligraphy.
A beginners class on European calligraphy with a focus on holding and using dip pens. 
Pens, Ink, and Paper are provided. 


The following are to be considered Part 2 Classes, which had a Part 1 in Lion's End on February 21st.  Please contact Autocrat below if you would like to audit the Part 2

(Follows after STAINED GLASS at the Lions End Schola.)
Those who took the Lions End Stained Glass class will get a chance to learn the technique of decorative soldering.
This will be done using the sun catcher that was built in Part I. 
Gentles who did not take Part I can audit the class, but will not be able to participate.

SCRIBAL ARTS 102 (Follows after SCRIBAL ARTS 101 at the Lion's End Schola)
We will pick up where we left off from the Lion's in Winter and create a piece of calligraphy combined with illumination. 
We will go over design, layout and the actual creation process of a scribal piece. 
Then we will create a greeting card or thank you card/note or any other type of card using what was covered. 
I will have plenty examples of period art for you to work from.
Please bring any scribal supplies you have. 
Loaner supplies are available in limited quantity 1st come 1st serve.

(Follows after PERIOD TEAS OF ASIA AND EUROPE, 15TH & 16TH CENTURY at the Lions End Schola.)
We will go over different types of pottery, use of a gaiwan, yixing, ceramic teapots, early Delft ware, and doing a proper gong fu tea ceremony. 
The instructor will have some books available for sale, which cover all the above topics, and more. 

So, you've taken many basic spinning classes (perhaps at the recent Lions End Schola on February 21st)
and now you have all these singles. 
What's the next step?
We will discuss and try different plying techniques. 
Some singles will be provided, but bring your own if you can. 
CD spindles will be provided.

Site Opens: 10am
Site Closes: 10pm

Event Location

Universalist Unitarian Church in Huntington
109 Browns Rd
Huntington, NY  11743
Google Map


Northern State Parkway Exit 40 North 110
Depart RT-110 / New York Ave toward Fairview St
0.3 mi Turn left onto RT-25A / Main St
0.2 mi Turn right onto W Neck Rd
1.2 mi Turn right onto John Daves Ln
0.1 mi Turn left onto Southdown Rd
384 ft Turn right onto Browns Rd
0.2 mi Arrive at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington (UUFH) on the left

Registration Fees

Day trip Adult $19
Day trip Child 6-17 $8
Day trip 5 & Under (Babe-In-Arms) Free
Member Discount $5

Feast add per person $6
Seating for FEAST is limited to 60 gentles, and our previous feasts have SOLD OUT. 


Cured Meats (Ham or salami)
Bread (Baked yeast rolls from a package)
Honey butter (Honey, butter)
Hard boiled eggs (just eggs)
Pickles (Dill Pickles from a jar)
Hummus & Carrots (Sabra hummus and petite baby carrots)


salad (Salad mix of greens from Sam’s club)
bread (Baked yeast rolls from a package)
honey butter (honey, butter)

Rice with almond milk (Rice, water, salt, pepper, homemade almond milk)
Lentils (Lentils, salt, pepper, cumin)

Honey glazed carrots (carrots, honey)
Roast chicken in must sauce (whole chicken, burgundy grape juice concentrate, cinnamon, ginger, egg, brown sugar, salt, pepper)

Cormary pork roast (Pork loin, red wine, chicken broth, garlic powder, coriander, caraway, pepper, salt)
Apples and Onions (apples, onions, vegetable oil, salt, pepper, sage)

Questions...  email Autocrat below, who will forward to Feastocrat Lady Vetra (Lisa Soto)

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NY Inc.  Barony of An Dubhaigeainn

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Lady Slaine bien Ronan (Pamela Petritsch)
Email to CreativePamela@yahoo.com

Send Reservations to:

Lady Sorcha of Stonegrave (Pam Jaques)
16 Leonard Drive
East Northport, NY 11731
Please include a note with Legal Name, SCA Name, SCA # & Expiration Date. 
Please Note if Day Trip or Feast. 
Please Note if Adult, Child or Babe-in-arms

The ONLY pre-registration is a PAID pre-registration. 
We cannot accept e-mail or social media reservations. 

If you are crossing a modern National Border, please contact the autocrat for currency accommodation details. 

Other Contact Information:

Feastocrat:  Lisa Soto
Menu posted above


Merchants Welcome!!  Please contact Autocrat above