The Quest for Wit and Wisdom XXX

Hosted by Barony of Settmour Swamp - Pittstown, NJ

Event date: May 23rd, 2014 - May 26th, 2014

Event Last Modified: May 15th, 2014

Event details

Oh, what a joyous springtime 'tis!  The Quest for Wit & Wisdom hath returned to the Barony of Settmour Swamp!  Our beloved Quest for Wit & Wisdom was mysteriously mis-appropriated from our Barony one year past.  Why would anyone wish to end our well-attended Quest after the number of 29? Be this the work of some nasty numerologist? Or, perhaps, 'tis the work of a malicious magician? What fearsome force hath made an entire Quest disappear from our Barony?

Erec L'Claire and Jehannine de Flandres, Baron and Baroness of Settmour Swamp, call upon all good gentles of unusual wit and uncommon wisdom who wish to go forth to discover and bring back to Their lands the Thirtieth Quest for Wit & Wisdom.  All such brave souls may assemble upon a new field located at the Clinton Elks (211 Sidney Rd Pittstown, NJ 0886) from May 23, 2014 to May 26, 2014 so that Their Excellencies may send forth these wise and stout-hearted knights-errant in search of our much-mourned and best-beloved Quest. 

CHILDREN are most welcome, but please supervise your children at all times.  Anyone under the age of eighteen must be accompanied to the event by a parent or legal guardian.  SCA youth waiver policy will be enforced.

POND:  There is a pond on site, this is not for swimming.

ALCOHOL POLICY:  No alcoholic beverages may be brought on site.  There will be a site-run bar available, and open until 2:00am.  This policy will be strictly enforced by event staff.  Anyone in violation of this policy will be removed from the site.  See below for Brewing Contest. 

PETS are permitted, and must be kept on leash at all times.  Certain areas will be off limits to pets.


4pm Site opens, Troll opens


11am Archery Tournament begins
11:30 Dancing
12pm Armor Inspection
12:30 Heavy Weapons Tournament
2pm Thrown Weapons Tournament
3pm Artisan's Row starts
3pm Silent Auction begins
4pm Brewing Contest
6pm Feast
6pm Silent Auction closes
8pm Bardic Circle

10am Hurley
10:30 A&S Display
11:30 Fencing Tournament
1pm Quest for the Talisman
1pm Silent Auction opens
4pm A&S ends
4pm Silent Auction ends
5pm Court of Baron Erec and Baroness Jehannine
6:30 Swamp Camp Meeting

ARTISANS ROW:  Offered by Vivianne Dunbar
woodworking hands-on and blacksmithing demos.  More details as they are available.  Please contact Lady Vivianne if you would like to participate.

ARCHERY:  Offered by Miles Boweman. 
The archery tournament will consist of 5 shoots, each relating to a quest from a different mythology - Hercules, Theseus, Robin Hood, Jason, and Monty Python, testing archers accuracy, and speed.

HEAVY WEAPONS TOURNAMENT:  Offered by Sir Mord.  Details forthcoming.

THROWN WEAPONS TOURNAMENT:  Offered by James of York
Spear:  "Walking the Wand" - at 10 and 20 feet, burlap target with the outline of a man and a strip from head to belly.  6 points
Knives:  "Off with his Head" - At ten feet who can cut the most kings or jacks heads off of playing cards.  Three playing cards affixed to the target six heads total.  6 points
Axe:  "Five Finger Discount" - At 10 to 20 feet.  Cut the fingers off a hand drawn on the target.  5 points.
Winner best total score of 2 of the 3 events.  The lowest event's points would be used only as a tie breaker.  You have to be good at two of the three.  Having all your points in one event won't cut it.

DANCING:  Offered by Baroness Ursula of the North Woods

BREWING CONTEST:  Offered by Yagyu and Serric
All brewing contest entries are to be presented to Troll upon arrival on site and must be kept behind the bar until the contest.  Each bottle needs to be accompanied by the name of the item, the category (beer, wine, mead, cordial) and the name of the maker of said libation.

FEAST:  Offered by Perote Gormal Campbell
First Remove:
Greens with citrus dressing
Tarts of cheese and chicken
Brown bread with herbed butter
Second Remove:
Bouf with red wine sauce
Lentils and barley
Roasted onions
Third Remove:
Macrows with citrus
Apple glazed Pork stuffed with onions/fennel
Carrots and parsnips roasted with honey
Please contact Laird Perote with any dietary conerns

BARDIC CIRCLE:  Tell us a tale, about your best SCA experience, or recite medieval verse, or sing songs, or whathaveyou.

ARTS and SCIENCES DISPLAY:  Offered by Judith bas Rabbi Mendel

FENCING TOURNAMENT:  Offered by Orlando Sforza.  Details forthcoming

QUEST:  Offered by Ursula of the North Woods, Caera and Merlinia
The Quest for the Talisman:  Can you gather sufficient "gold" to purchase the talisman? Capture a dragon, risk your "gold" with the gambler, determine if you have the one true chalice.  Win the acclaim of your fellows by mastering the QUEST for Wit and Wisdom.  Teams of three, adult teams or childrens teams.  Children teams shall be accompanied by a parent.

COURT:  Erec and Jehannine will hold Court and present to you the winners of the tournaments, contests and Quest.

The camping area will be open from 4PM Friday until 11:30am Monday.  Everyone must be off site by 11:30am or they will be thanked as they are put to work as part of the Clean-up crew.

RESERVATIONS should include both your mundane and SCA names, whether you are day-tripping (and what day(s) you are attending) or camping, and a way to contact you (phone #, e-mail, etc.) Include either proof of membership or $5 non-member surcharge.  If, after sending a reservation, you are unable to attend please contact the reservations clerk (Baron Erec).  Site fees will be refunded if a request is received before 8pm Thursday April 22.  Feast fees will be refunded if the space is resold.  Camp setup begins 4:00 on Friday.

MERCHANTS are most welcome, and there is Plenty of room.  We do ask that you bring your own tables and tentage.  To merchant, Pre-registration for the event is required and there is a $5 merchant fee. 

Site Opens:  4:00pm Friday May 23
Site Closes:  11:30 am Monday May 26

Watch this space for updates!

Site Opens: 4:00pm Friday May 23
Site Closes: 11:30 am Monday May 26

Event Location

Clinton Elks
211 Sidney Rd
Pittstown, NJ  08867
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Take your best route to Interstate 78, and follow that to Exit 15.
Turn right at the set of lights at the bottom of the ramp onto 513 s.
Turn right onto Sidney Road.
Site is about 2 miles, on the right.

Registration Fees

$5 Friday night camping - adult (kids free)
$15 Saturday "day trip" rate
$15 Sunday "day trip" rate
$5 per minor (age 6-17) per day
Children under 6 years old are free
$30 Adult Maximum Fee
$65 Family Maximum site fee
$5 Adult Non-Member Surcharge
$5 Merchant fee

Reservations must be postmarked by May 18th.

Feast:  $7.00 (limited to the first 100 gentles)

Reservations must be postmarked by May 18th.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA of NJ Inc, Barony of Settmour Swamp

Contact Information

Event Steward:


Aharon Ben Ze'ev
Aaron Cohen

Baron Erec L'Clair
c/o Eric Erb
28 Jerrico Road
High Bridge, NJ 08829
(908) 268-0725

Send Reservations to:

Eric Erb
Attn:  Quest
28 Jerrico Road
High Bridge, NJ 08829

Other Contact Information:

Merchants, please contact:

Baron Erec L'Clair
c/o Eric Erb
28 Jerrico Road
High Bridge, NJ 08829
(908) 268-0725