Spring Coronation of Gregor Von Heisler IV and Kiena Stewart II

TRM will be in attendance TRH will be in attendance

Hosted by Barony of Carillion - Allentown, NJ

Event date: April 6th, 2013

Event Last Modified: March 29th, 2013

Event details

Greetings unto all ye gentles of the knowne world.  Please join the Barony of Carillion in a magnificent celebration in honor of the coronation of Gregor IV and Kiena II.  Come and rejoice in the reign of Edward II and Thyra I as they pass on the crown to their heirs.  The event will take place at the Horse park of New Jersey where we will be celebrating with a Joust and a Sumptuous all day day board provided by Baroness Alesone Gray of Cranleigh. 

There will be a Fighting, Fencing, and Archery tournament pitting the King's and Queens champions in a duel at their Highnesses request in the main show ring for all to marvel at.  There will also be a Fighting, Fencing and Archery tournament that day also.  So, bring your weapons and show off your skills.

There will be a Silent auction held That day to benefit the EK royal travel fund hosted by Mistress Jovonne d'Esprit.  She has asked for SCA-usable donations and can be contacted at jovanpelt@comcast.net or her Phone at 413-427-4855 ( No calls after 10P.M.)

And then, as if that wasn't enough to whet your appetite to make your way to the fabled lands of Jersey.  We will be having a Grand Joust !! 

I have been informed by the site that they do not have many chairs and tables.  We will make available as many as they have to offer to the populace.  But, We suggest that you bring a chair with you for court and beyond if you wish to assured of having a seat.

0900 Troll opens
0930 Merchants open
1000 Day board starts
1030 Last court of King Edward and Queen Thyra
1230 Coronation Of Gregor IV and Kiena II
1330-1400 TBD Equestrian and populace martial tournaments start
1500 Champions tourneys start

Greetings most noble populace and friends!  His Highness and I are looking forward to Our Coronation day which is but a mere 3 weeks away.  We have a wonderful day planned with tournaments, champion bouts and a Royal Joust.

The day will begin with the Last Court of Their Royal Majesties, Edward and Thyra, followed by a mounted procession which will bring Us in for the Coronation Ceremony.  We will have Our First Court immediately following the Coronation Ceremony so that the games can begin and all can enjoy the day. 

Please stay tuned for details around the Rattan, Rapier, Archery and Equestrian tournaments that are being planned.  These tournaments will take place in designated areas around the beautiful site, Horse Park of NJ. 

In the main arena, Our champions will be testing their might in the Equestrian Arts, Rattan and Fencing bouts, Archery and then the finale will be a Royal Joust. 

In an effort to bridge the two active jousting communities in our area, we have partnered with the IJA/IJL Americas Representative, Sir Ankara, and in conjunction with the SCAs Society Equestrian Officer, Mistress Arabella, we have assembled the following jousters.  These individuals are not only renowned throughout the jousting communities that they participate in, but are dear and new friends that We look forward to getting to know better. 

Members of the Coronation Joust
East Kingdom SCA participants
- Sir Ankara lig Nikki (SCA and IJA/IJL)
- Master Jeffrey the Younger (IJA)
- Lady Claud (IJA)
Kingdom of Atlantia SCA participants
- Master Terafan Greydragon (SCA)
- Michael Englund (SCA and IJA)
- Krissi Englund (SCA and IJA)
Le Chevalier Erant
- Charlie Andrews (IJA/IJL)

In Service of the dream,
TRH Gregor and Kiena

Course 1
Rye bread, butter
Salat 20:  Cucumber salad (V, GF)
Salat 15:  Asparagus salad (V, GF)
Salat 45:  Radish salad (V, GF)
Soup 46:  New cheese soup(V, GF)
Beef 64:  Beef dumplings (meatballs)

Course 2
Lamb 26:  Lamb with sage and cherry (served cold)
Hen 2:  Hen made in the Hungarian way
Pottage 13:  Peas and barley (V)
Pottage 37:  Earth apples (potato) (V available, GF)
Soup 45:  Cheese onion soup (V, GF available)

Course 3
Indian chicken 3:  Stuffed Turkey (served cold)
Pork 34:  Roast pork (served cold)
Pottage 81:  Barley and chicken
Pottage 126:  Lentils and pea broth (V, GF)
Soup 42:  Rice soup (V, GF)

Course 4
Confect 1:  Apple confect (V, GF)
Turten 8:  Apricot tart (V, GF available)
Pretzels (V)
Comfits (V, GF)
Marzipan:  (V, GF)

Anyone who has and additional questions or concerns can contact Baroness Alesone, the Steward of the Meal, at alesone.gray@gmail.com.

Pet policy is as follows.  The Horse park is a pet friendly state park.  That being said.  Your pets must behave around the horses and there will be no exceptions.  Barking, lunging animals and their owners will be asked to leave immediately. 

If you wish to bring your horse or horses to this event, please contact the equestrian marshal-in-charge and the autocrat prior to the event.  All horses attending the event must have a current Coggins test, and horses traveling from outside New Jersey must have a current 30-day interstate health certificate, per SCA Equestrian regulations.  Equine health paperwork can be transmitted to the marshal-in-charge in advance via fax or email, or produced at the event prior to unloading the horse from the trailer. 

Site Opens: 9:00 A.M.
Site Closes: 7 P.M.

Event Location

Horse park of New Jersey
626 route #524
Allentown, NJ  08501
Google Map


Horse Park of New Jersey
626 Route #524
Allentown, NJ 08501

From the North, South or West...
Make your way to the New Jersey Turnpike.  Take exit 7A (Interstate 195) East towards the Jersey shore.  Take exit 11 North onto Imlaystown-Hightstown Road.  Turn Right onto Route #524 (New Canton-Stone tavern Rd.) Go 1.4 miles and the Horse park entrance will be on your Left. 

From the East...
Make your way to Interstate 195 West to Exit 11 and follow above directions.

Registration Fees

12.00 for SCA members adults and children
17.00 for non-members adults and children
Children under 5 are free
Family cap at $40.00 (5 or more gentles, Pre-reg only for discount)
Fees include Day board

Horse fee's:
Unboarded horse 15.00 per day
Boarded horse 45.00 per weekend
You must contact the autocrat if you wish to bring horses onto the site.

There will be no feast at this event.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA-NJ inc.- Barony of Carillion

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Lord Wulfgang Gruenwald
(Robert Betts)
No calls before 9 A.M.  or after 10 P.M.

Barony of Carillion Event Refund Policy:
Individuals requesting event pre-registration refunds must contact the Autocrat and/or Reservations Clerk for that event in some manner(by email, in writing, or a phone call), prior to the start of the event(that morning inclusive).
A Refund Request Form is to be filled out by the Autocrat, Reservationist, and the Requestor (if possible).
Partial refunds for a group reservation where one or more individuals were unable to attend can be issued:  i.e, one check sent in with reservations for four people and one or more will not be attending.
No refunds will be issued if the event does not make a profit.
Any refunds will be issued in the form of a check drawn on the Barony of Carillion checking account.  Refund checks will not be issued until the event books have been closed.
Post event refund requests will be considered on an individual basis and only in extreme or emergency circumstances, subject to approval by the Autocrat, Baronial Exchequer, and the Baronial Senechal.
All reservation checks are to be written to:  SCA-NJ inc.,- Barony of Carillion and be written in black or blue ink only. 

Send Reservations to:

Lady Luned Gwynn
(Tina La Sala)
23 Lincoln St.
Howell, N.J.

Pre-reg closes 3-23-13

Other Contact Information:

Merchants are Welcome, Please contact Lady Raffaela Mascolo smjayne@gmail.com (Shannon Jayne) for information.  Merchants must be Pre-registered no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.  (March 23,2013)
Merchants should note that this is an outside site.  Please come prepared for that.  There is ample room for pavilions and or EZ-Ups.You will also need to bring your own tables and chairs.  There is electricity available on site and should you want to use it the Horse park charges 25.00 per booth for the electrical usage.

There are multiple hotels and motels close to the Horse park.  Here are a list of a few that are close. 

A discount rate has been worked out at the Days Inn East Windsor.  Mention "Horse park of New Jersey, SCA" for the discount rate.  This Hotel is also pet friendly.
Days Inn, East Windsor, N.J.
460 New Jersey 33, East Windsor, NJ 08520.

Peacefields Inn – (609) 259-3774

Best Western – (609) 298-8000
Comfort Inn – (609) 298-9111
Days Inn – (609) 298-6100
Hampton Inn – (609) 298-4000
Ramada Inn – (609) 298-3200

East Windsor:
Hampton Inn – (609) 426-1600
Holiday Inn – (609) 448-7000
Quality Inn – (609) 448-7399

Hilton Garden Inn - (609) 585-6789